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  1. Too far north from Manchester? Id be happy to drive from Glasgow and that only takes Just over 3 hours from Glasgow to Durham. And as far as land north of Newcastle being a myth i can assure you Steve its not. Now as for southern "FAIRIES". Pretty sure fairies are a myth. Guess ill see some people at the AA fair then.
  2. Needless to say im guessing there isnt going to be a show in Scotland this year But im just wondering what shows are on and when? Just so i can try and get a few of us together to travel down. Cheers in advance.
  3. As said before mate, unless you have a trade to go along with your IRATA it can be very hard to find work. Having said that if you use your chainsaw tickets along with it you can land some nice jobs. I was lucky enough last year to have a few weeks descaling a quarry in Devon. Its a strange one in rope access, you dont need CS38/39 to work at heights with a chainsaw! Different guidelines etc. Good luck bud
  4. Last week whilst out working i was scared to climb due to very unpredictable gut movements and didnt want to get caught short whilst up the tree. This week im all better and ready to go! or so i thought. Went out to start the car up and scrape off any frost. Only to be greeted with a lovely festive sweet smelling white ploom of smoke from the exhaust! all arrows are pointing to a head gasket and an empty wallet! one thing after another!
  5. <p>Yeah man, whatever you think. Would be nice to find a big atlantic Cedar or Sycamore or something with a big wide crown. I can bring the dog for a walk as well. What time were you thinking? Whats you mob number?</p>

  6. <p>Hi mate, Its supposed to be nice tomorrow i think but cold. I would be quite up for a wee climb. Where did you have in mind? There aint much really down my way that isnt owned by the council and in full view of the public.</p>

  7. It cant just be Glasgow that is really quiet at the moment. Im really struggling to pay bills etc at the moment so anybody that has any days going please let me know. Anything from dragging brash to climbing. I know its a long shot and i understand everyone is in the same boat but just on the off chance that someone can help please P.M me and ill call you asap. Cheers boys and girls.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good Hilux dealership in Glasgow or know of anyone who might be selling one. Looking for a crew cab, tow bar, ideally no older than 2009. I know its a tall ask but just thought id put the feelers out. Cheers in advance
  9. You should look up the protipper. Its a small tip box that slots into the back of a pickup. I think the designer is a member on here but cant remember his name. Its proper n ice looking and is on my santa wish list.
  10. Hi mate, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately full time work is hard to come by in the area. Im just down the road from you next to Victoria park. I occasionally get jobs of my own which i do most of the climbing for but if you are looking for any sort of work then i may need a hand from time to time. Either ground work or perhaps climbing. Ill keep an ear to the ground for you mate in return for you doing the same. Happy hunting Paul
  11. Ringless honey fungus. Armillaria tabescens ?
  12. I did my CS30/31 with Jim plumber. Alan Plumbers brother i think. But Chris Simpson of informed tree services is an awesome teacher and i know tons of guys who swear by him. Check out his website for dates and courses etc.
  13. Also Border tree services. arbjobs.
  14. Hi mate, i used to live in Hay-on-wye not far from Brecon. It may be worth emailing Richie Jenkins and sons in Hay. They are one of the bigger companies in the area. Failing that mate, a trip into Hay and to the pubs may prove fruitful. Thats how i got most of my work down there. Best of luck with your search mate.
  15. Yeah the reason i ask is because i am using a friction hitch with pulley. Its nearly impossible to tend it when its jammed with sap. Tried some swarfega alcohol gel tonight. See how that works. Would be interesting to see what homemade concoctions people can come up with.
  16. reduced the height of a spruce the other day which was obviously worked on earlier in the year therefor was covered in sap. My question is how to get sap off a wire core flip line safely without damaging the core or sheath. Cheers in advance:001_smile:
  17. Haha yes sir it is one of yours which i might add you gave to me.
  18. Well that didnt take long! Just shows i still have a lot to learn. Iv seen them in books etc but never worked on one. It was quite a nice tree but the whole root plate was moving and the owner had a greenhouse next to it. Oh well on to the next one.
  19. was out on an interesting job yesterday. Had to take down a species i havent seen in the flesh before. Maybe its me still learning or it is actually quite rare. A lifetimes supply of Oxygen for the first one to get it. (Martyn and Elliot you arent allowed to answer )
  20. Ok dokey mate, ill give it a go. Cheers for the help. Can i also order a large black/navy blue "arborist apparel" t-shirt please. Ill put the £18 in your account now. (Think i still have the details saved). Ill pm you my address etc.
  21. Haha yeah that just dawned on me after i put the post up. My bad. What can i do about all the pictures missing though mate? I dont really want to have to buy it again and re-download it. All the info on the knot one is there just no pictures. Paul
  22. Ok so bought a new android phone yesterday and was looking forward to getting the apps for it. So i topped up by £15 and away i went. Or so i thought. Paid online for the Fungi ID app, downloaded it. Great. Then i paid for the Knot guide, got most of the way through the download and got a txt to say i only had 80p credit left. Bit shocked to say the least. So i topped up another £5 and tried again. Just finished it only to find that none of the pictures are there. Im all for these apps, they are a great idea but i wasnt expecting to pay 5 times more for the download than the things themselves. Anyone else had a problem like this or is it just my luck. P.S before anyone says, my orange package is a very good and cheap one. So not quite sure whats going on here. Cheers Pault


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