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  1. Ok so had my surgery yesterday to re-attach my ligament . Painful and itchy doesnt even cover it. What kills me most is that such a simple operation is going to result in 6-8 weeks in a cast and over a month of physio to get strength and movement back again. After all the UCL is the ligament that allows you to pick things up and grip. GUTTED!!!!
  2. So as the title suggests, i am just back from the hospital and it turns out iv completely ruptured my Ulnar Collateral Ligament in my thumb which requires surgery. At the moment i can hardly pick my phone never mind a saw! Im having the surgery next week some time. Im just wondering if anybody else has had this injury and how long was the recovery period? How long was it before you could climb again/pick up a saw etc? Also im no stranger to operations and general anesthetic but was wondering if the surgery was done under general anesthetic or local. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers in advance
  3. pault

    Glasgow tragedy.

    I was down there yesterday afternoon as well. So many kids around as well.
  4. As im sure a lot of you know there has been another tragedy in Glasgow just over a year on from the Clutha helicopter crash. BBC News - Six people killed and seven injured in Glasgow bin lorry crash As we all look forward to christmas and the festive season please spare a thought for the poor families that will be missing loved ones this christmas. Such a shame especially at this time of year.
  5. pault

    Bottled it!

    Like i said, they are usually great guys to work for and iv enjoyed every job and climb iv done for them. I reckon i just chose the wrong day to pussy out. Things are tough towards xmas as im sure everyone knows all too well and tempers and patience runs thin. I can understand why they were a bit pissed off and I really dont hold it against them and hope i can still help them out when im needed.
  6. pault

    Bottled it!

    Do you have an idea about who im talking about?
  7. pault

    Bottled it!

    I do agree with what you are saying and 99 times out of 100 i would have gone up it no questions asked. As i would with pretty much every tree that needs climbed. But having seen how easily the others in this woodland came over and the fact that the root plate was moving with every gust, something just made me think "not this time". Im sure it would have been fine and gone without incident but i made a call there and then and personally if im not comfortable doing something for whatever reason then ill be the first one to hold my hands up. After all, i was always told climbing should be used as a last resort when removing a tree. There was space to winch it over but they dont own one. Im not sorry that i made the call not to climb it. I am however sorry that the boss got so pissed off, and if it costs me work then you know ill be kicking myself:sneaky2:
  8. pault

    Bottled it!

    Dont get me wrong they are great guys to work for and usually very accepting of peoples opinions which is why i found it strange that he would act like that. I know i made the right choice by not climbing but theres always that feeling that youve let them down and run the risk of losing work in the future. Think he was just pissed off that he had to do it, thats why told me to leave. Oh well theres always another day.
  9. pault

    Bottled it!

    Yeah a risk assessment was done but it was an overall assessment of the woodland in general, not individial trees. Last i saw the boss was gearing up to do it himself. Any other day im sure i would have done it , but something was telling me not to. Its hard to explain. Having been in mountain and river rescue im very safety orientated in general and have seen what can happen when people ignore their instincts.
  10. pault

    Bottled it!

    Didnt have time to take one mate, the boss was fairly adiment i left. Heres a picture of a root plate of a lime right next to the on in question. You cant see very clearly but the soil underneath was very water logged and made up of very clay like soil. The saw on the bottom right is the 660 for size scale.
  11. pault

    Bottled it!

    Ok so so before anyone judges me i have to make it clear i dont make a habit of pulling out of climbing a tree. There arent many trees i wouldnt climb. With that said, this morning we were at a job for the council taking down windblow and potential windblow. The tree in question was a 70 ish foot lime with a slight lean in a woodland. The first branches/ fork was about 50 foot up. Which on any other day would be fine. But yesterday at the same sight the winds were fairly strong and i noticed the root plate moving more than one would expect from a solid tree. I used to be a rock climbing instructor and an occasionally competitive climber myself so it wasnt the height that bothered me. It was the uncertainty of the integrity of the roots i was concerned about. As you can imagine the boss wasnt happy in the slightest and sent me home. I have 4 years climbing experience (in the arb world) and i know it would probably have been fine but there was something stopping me getting my arse up there. It could easily have been winched back over on itself due to the fork being so high but the company i subbie for doesnt have a tirfor. Im just curious as to how many of you guys have bottled climbing a tree and for what reasons? I firmly believe that your bodies self preservation mode has a lot to do with it. And why we as climbers are able to go home at the end of every day. Sorry for the rant guys and gals but surely i cant be the only one. Thoughts are very welcome.
  12. If anybody in Glasgow or surrounding areas is looking for extra hands to cope with the aftermath of these storms hitting us im free. CS30/31/38/39/Stump grinder/chipper/IRATA (rope access) and first aid. Also available on short notice.
  13. As the title suggests im in desperate need of work in or around Glasgow. I have CS30/31/38/39, chipper, stump grinder, mountain first aid, IRATA level 1 (rope access). Really looking for any work going. Anything from dragging brash to climbing. If anyone has or knows anyone with work going then please let me know. Cheers in advance guys and gals.
  14. I dont usually tow a trailer mate. If i do i use the company tipper to tow it. This is just for ease of getting the kit out the back without crawling in on hands and knees.
  15. After an evening and a morning tinkering around i came up with this. It extends right out without tipping when empty. But with the addition of a sand bag at the back it stays where it is even when full. Decided to add a slot for the vice. I know iv had days when a vice would save a lot of faffing around. Anyway, would be interested in what you guys think.
  16. Well the idea i had is something along these lines. Perhaps making it a bit lighter with thinner bits of wood etc. What you guys think?
  17. As the name suggests im just curious as to how you guys with pickups store all your saws, climbing kit, tools etc in the back. Im thinking about making some sort of a slide out tray with compartments for saws, climbing kit etc so that i dont have to climb in every time i need something from the back. Any of you guys have anything like this? Im just fishing for ideas Cheers in advance guys and gals.
  18. Hi all, just putting the feelers out there as i have this Friday free if anybody needs a hand. Also just trying to expand my list of contacts and companies to work for. I can send a copy of my c.v if anyone is wanting to have a look over it. Cheers Paul Sent from my HTC One mini 2 using Arbtalk mobile app
  19. Fair enough, the decking took a bit of a battering but the fell was spot on!!! stunt fell.
  20. Hi all, im looking for a full time job in or around Glasgow. I have CS30/31/38/39 Chipper and stump grinder tickets. I have about 4 years in this industry as a climber so always still learning. However i was an outdoor activity instructor (mainly rock climbing and ropes trainer) and white water rescue for years so i have a great background in ropes and rigging etc. I can send a copy of my c.v on request. P.M for details. Cheers for looking
  21. Ok so as some of you may know im off recovering from an operation and have decided to make a start on my coffee tables using Sycamore discs as the tops. What id like to know is how to best go about sanding and preparing them. They are now completely dry and havent split like i originally thought they might have. I have made a template of them both on thin ply to hold them together should they split at all. I have included a picture of the the 2 discs in question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  22. pault

    Is this the end?

    Hope she is well on the mend mate. I had the mastoidectomy and reconstructive surgery in 2012 Which left me with roughly 80% in my left ear. Its my right ear this time so fingers crossed. You can tell your wife that the reconstructive surgery got me from less than 10% hearing in my left ear to roughly 80% so it was well worth it. All the best mate.
  23. pault

    Is this the end?

    Cheers for the kind words guys. Apparently the vertigo only happens to about 5% of people and even then it could improve with time. Hopefully when i go for a hearing test in 6 weeks after the majority of healing is done it will be good news and i wont need hearing aids. Suppose its not the end of the world if i do. Like Dalton says i could get some discreet internal ones. Now ill just have to sit back and enjoy my 6 weeks off and the tramadol painkillers . Maybe even get a lego technic uni-mog to pass the time


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