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  1. Cheers, that would explain why there's no drive to the saw head!
  2. Thanks man, L&S are pursuing the warranty route so I'll see how that goes. A very kind offer though!
  3. Thanks Monkeybusiness, I'm down South. Aldershot, a long way from Cheshire 👍 If they're working and will fit an HT 131, would you consider a courier?
  4. Openspaceman, was the centre star shaped shaft one long piece or two parts?
  5. Thanks Lurkalot, I'm still not clear so will get a picture later, 1000 words and all that.
  6. The externally splined shaft is in two sections, the shorter part (power unit end) has a sprung ring around it, presumably to keep it in position? My question is; should there be two sections or has my one snapped?
  7. Can anyone confirm if the splined drive shaft that runs up the centre of the tube consists of one or two parts? Drive to the saw head has stopped and I cannot work out what the failure is, the extended tube will not fully house either. Any help or experience appreciated. Adam
  8. Swampster

    Arson ?

    Are you an FI in another life?
  9. Thanks all. These haven't caused any trouble for us yet in two years. One tune up, but that's been it until the throttle trigger snapped (thanks for the replacement Mark @ Skyland). They're like powered Silkys! Enough of this work stuff now....
  10. Stand down, the panic is over. The ball bearing is safely back home...... in the bit holder.....
  11. Replacing a broken throttle trigger and this is my first venture into the inner workings of this model. A tiny 3mm ball bearing has dropped from the handle assembly and onto the worktop. Where has it come from?
  12. Saw this today, a sycamore and an oak, that have grown very close! Looked properly fused but I couldn't be 100%, certainly be interesting to be present when/if they get taken down. ...or get the job taking them down.
  13. Good call on the cryptomeria Yorkshire Brummie, it's been confirmed! The cones are about 25mm, AJStrees. Thanks for looking, I haven't encountered C. Japonica as often as C. Elegans, so although it looked familiar, I couldn't confidently ID it!
  14. The picture is 2 days old! It's definitely not juniper and I'm relatively sure that is not cryptomaria.


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