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  1. My new lanyard.

    Don't have an ART so I'm with the Zillon on some Tachyon. DMM swivel is a good call though.
  2. Supplier recommendation

    Thanks Gaz.
  3. Supplier recommendation

    A friend in Seaton, Devon, is looking for a supplier. Any local people on here? Thanks
  4. Erupting bark on semi mature ash

    Thanks Gary, seems spot on. Much appreciated.
  5. Can anyone explain what's going on here? These lesions are mainly within 4m of the ground and the canooy is in good order visually. Thanks. Adam
  6. Pleurotus?

  7. Pleurotus?

    Are these pleurotus?
  8. Pre-tensioning rigging lines

    http://www.abaris.co.uk/prod/Rescue Kits/Tractel-Evak-500-Winch.htm#description For synthetic rope, as opposed to wire.
  9. Strop/Flip line

    I've not used an ART positioner before so cannot comment, they seem a popular choice though. The rope is 11.5mm Tachyon, just the standard stuff, works well for all lanyard chores.
  10. Strop/Flip line

    6m Tachyon, the supplied stuff is too stiff and I couldn't get on with it. Use this all the time, yeah it's long but it is real versatile. I'm backing the Zillon, with an aftermarket customisation.
  11. Non PPE climbing boots

    Anyone with experience of the Stein Werewolf boots or Scarpa Pro Ascent?
  12. Non PPE climbing boots

    Which are good? Cheers
  13. MS150 won't turn off!

    As title, 150 starts fine and runs fine but won't turn off at the flick of the switch. Once the switch is in the off position, a squeeze of the throttle will cause the engine to rev, and then die. Short circuit terminals inside the handle are good and make good contact but the problem persists. Has anyone else had this issue? I've been hearing it's not unknown but what is the solution? Cheers
  14. Horizontal log splitter

    Log splitter Jansen HS-12L53 I don't know if this sort of thing would fit the bill? I have short listed it for myself and am wondering if you or anyone else as any experience or opion of it. Not meant to be hijacking your post, just adding to the mix.
  15. Eating amillaria

    Seems a waste not to, but is it worth considering?


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