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  1. Swampster

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Can anyone one tell me what this is please?
  2. Swampster

    L200 headlight upgrades

    Thanks, will look at those today, before it gets dark....
  3. Swampster

    L200 headlight upgrades

    What options do I have to improve the standard headlights, anyone with experience or knowledge? 2014 model Barbarian. Thanks
  4. Hi, looking to hire a small machine <1.2m wide (restricted access) with hedge cutter or flail, to reduce a hedge to 2m height, from 3m. Can anyone help or advise? With or without operator, job is one day, located near Aldershot, Hampshire. Thanks Adam
  5. Swampster

    Rescue from a single line

    In line rescue or industrial access single static lines are the norm. Rescuing a conscious or unconscious casualty is done by attaching the cas. to you (the rescuer), lower them onto your system with their system until they are completely reliant on your support. Then you release them from their system and descend. There are tiny haul setups available (casualty pully system) to allow one person to lift the cas. off their descender and allow a more managed transfer, but you need to carry this with you. Worth training for it as it is quite different, especially if your with people who don't do SRT.
  6. Swampster

    220mx infeed rollers

  7. Swampster

    220mx infeed rollers

    All sorted. Turned out to be the Dentex coupling doing its job, failing in order to prevent damage to the hydraulic system. Thanks to Dave at Overland, for his rapid and accurate diagnosis.
  8. Swampster

    220mx infeed rollers

    Hi, infeed rollers have stopped, proximity sensor is working as is everything else. Has anyone got any experience of this or advice to help diagnose the fault so I can get it running again? Before Monday....😬 Thanks in advance. Adam
  9. Swampster

    Failure of oil pumps

    We used food grade veg oil for a number of years but have now reverted to 'normal' bar oil. This was due to caking (like you get on deep fat fryers) and the resultant resistance clogging the pumps and knackering the nylon worm drives. This was with Stihl saws.
  10. Swampster

    Rigging line out of reach

    Cheap dog lead, works well for me. (Dated pic I'm afraid)
  11. Swampster

    I'd help please

    Thanks David. My suspicion was lead by the black parts on the sample. It is explosively brittle, ie push a pointed implement in and it shatters. Not sure what the small grian like things are either? They are approximately 2mm long and separate from the surface on which they're located, as individuals.
  12. Swampster

    Dutch elm disease

    Ophiostoma ulmi (fungus) carried by scolytus scolytus (beetle).
  13. Swampster

    I'd help please

    Same tree; this bit came from decay on the underside of a root buttress. I suspect that it may be kretzschmaria but I'm hoping to be wrong.
  14. Swampster

    I'd help please

    ....except the first picture.
  15. Swampster

    I'd help please

    Ash tree. Epicormic growth was not present two years ago. All pictures are from within .5m of ground level, which has not been changed. Thanks Adam


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