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  1. Can I just add that there is no requirements to have everything on the list, climbing tickets obviously but the others would be nice.?
  2. Looking to add a couple of climbers to our squad, full time/part time. We are based in Glasgow but cover the whole of Scotland due to picking up various Scottish water, Amey highway and Railway contracts, if interested PM me with; Qualifacations Driver yes/no trailer licence yes/no PTS yes/no cscs yes/no years experience.
  3. As the post suggests folks, we are looking for a new groundie and possible 2nd climber, please call or txt on 07714343158.
  4. T4S land services are looking to recruit a new Groundsman, the job is based in the Edinburgh area. If interested please contact us via email or txt. [email protected] txt 07714343158
  5. Looking to add an additional climber to our squad, looking for 2-3 days per week to start with. please email me with your qualifications to [email protected] thanks for looking
  6. Looking to add 1 maybe 2 climbers to our teams in Glasgow area, anyone interested please email me. [email protected] cheers.
  7. Hi guys, Is there anyone on here with a free chip site in this area? Thanks in advance👍
  8. you can speak to any of the guys that work or have worked for me and if its my fault that they are working late then they get finished early or extra pay to compensate, So yet again for someone who only knows part story, Jimmy aint taking the piss.
  9. Guys, Let me put another side to this story to you, Ross came to me looking for work and at the time i was looking to add to my ground staff so gave him a trial as a groundie. He did ok so gave him the opportunity to work as a groundie sub contractor whenever he required work as I do with various other sub contractors, The rate of pay we offer for a groundie with only Cs 30/31 is £80 which was his choice to accept which he did. Yes Ross has climbing ticket CS 38/39 but was not employed as a climber but what was put to him was that if you wanted some climbing experience, then when we could we would get you on the trees. Ross chose to use his own kit and equipment for when these opportunities come up. Insurance is provided for all employees and sub contractors that work under us, ross was advised by myself that if he was going to carry our tree work for himself then he would require liability insurance. I have been branded on here as a bad employer who is taking the piss, So let me put my side to you. I spent 22yrs in the military, when i got out i retrained into this industry and started a whole new chapter in my life I put out letter after letter to try and get work experience and tried to get employment. I got one chance from a guy on here who offered £60 per shift which i was grateful for but after time decided to start out on my own. I have now built a successful business and have employed many people and have worked for many large organisation, Andy Clark on here can vouch for this. I have always given people a chance no matter how little experience they have as how else will they get the experience. I give work experience to a local charity organisation that helps underprivileged kids, I give work experience through the council for school leavers. I put Sub contractors onto courses that helps both the company and the individual, IE woodchipper,trailer towing, EFA+f,cscs, dumper,digger ext. I offer sub contractors that have worked with us for a period of time the opportunity to go full time onto the books, some have accepted this but most guys want the freedom to pick and choose when and who they work for. So to finish up I hope maybe you see me in a different light, I am anything but a bad employer or a piss taker. So in future before you decide to destroy someones reputation, remember there are different sides to a story. There have been various members of my teams wanting to get on here and put there views across on the employer that We are which i hope they do.
  10. Hi all, Looking for groundies for Glasgow and Edinburgh areas, climbers would be a bonus no matter how much Experiance you have. Please contact us via our website or face book. T4slandservices.co.uk Or call Jimmy on 07762716000
  11. <p>Hi mate if your still looking for work call me on 07762716000 t4s land services</p>

  12. Guys & Girls I am looking for sub contractors for various jobs over the next months, I need reliable trustworthy people with all relevant tickets, good work ethic and know what they are doing as we don't have time to hold hands. Please contact via 07762716000 cheers James @ T4S land services
  13. I'm looking for a price for mulcher hire a ith operator for a day the job if we get it is in mauchlin. Pm me for more details Cheers Jimmy

    <p>Hi Rich</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>We are always looking for additional guys if your interested give me a call you will get all my details from our website t4slandservices.co.uk contact the Glasgow side.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Hope to here from you</p>

    <p> </p>



  15. jimmyjnr


    T4S Land services are looking to bring on board a new climber and groundie, we also have a position available for a lead gardner. If this is of interest to anyone then please email me at [email protected] cheers james


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