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  1. My HM130 is up for sale if anyone's interested? 2 years old, hasn't been used in the last year. 3 phase £2k
  2. Woodfuel Wales vanished around 5 years ago. From my experience of the last 6/7 years of trying if you are a retail business and not a farm you've got no chance. They seem to throw money at the farms around here, if you're a proper business that is looking to expand and employ people you may as well not bother asking.
  3. Sorry but commercially air drying makes no sense in firewood. The same way you see harvesters and forwarders in the forest doing the same job as a chainsaw and a horse. Big sawmills pumping out cubic metres of timber on big saw lines instead of one lad sat on a woodmizer doing a cube a day. Unfortunately anything on a commercial scale has an environmental impact. The end user is the one that decides on how the whole supply chain operates. If the end user only wants air dried firewood everyone will be selling air dried firewood but they don't so we will carry on selling kiln dried firewood. The industry has done this to itself. So many people have sold substandard firewood for years and the customers have finally over the last 5/7 years got used to buying quality kiln dried firewood. They will only buy it once and not go back to Dave the farmer that's scrapped a load of crap off the barn floor that he sold as "barn dried" that he cut 3 weeks ago.
  4. [emoji23] what a load of [emoji90] All I see is a biased comparison of 2 different products, one you like and the other you don't. I don't know what you need to carry on trying to justify to us that seasoned firewood seems to be far superior than kiln drying it. We are retail businesses, I supply what the customer wants and customers want kiln dried hardwood. If youve got the time, space and can be arsed you crack on processing and leaving firewood outside for 6-12 months then fine, but stop badgering the people that don't or don't want to. I supplied 2 products for the last 6 years, seasoned hardwood (25% that we actually kiln dried in our own kiln) and a kiln dried product that we bought in at 15% moisture. Sales were always around 70% kiln dried to 30% seasoned. This winter was the first time we stopped supplying seasoned hardwood and only sold kiln dried. Sales were up around 10% overall this winter.
  5. No one's arranged a time to "do the deal" he never replied so it's still available if trigger_andy wants it!
  6. Will have our 130 mill up for sale soon if you're interested??
  7. The last 3 weeks have been crazy. Contactless delivery with everyone paying when they order. We had around a 10 day wait at one point but 2 vans out all day every day the boys have smashed it. Getting 20+ cube out most days. Bulked a load of local deliveries together one day last week and managed to get 14 runs of 3 cube out.
  8. Bedmax ones are good. You can get good deals through wholesalers but I would try and go direct and get better prices
  9. We had this idea a few years ago to run our kilns overnight. We bought an old oil boiler but it never really got going properly and then they bought new rules out for waste oil burners (licences ect ect) so we didn't bother going further with it. If you can get free oil (hard these days as garages have to get rid of it "responsibily") and a cheap oil boiler it might be worth a try! We also had a cheap sawdust burner when we started 8 or so years ago. I think the company are still on eBay now, but the thing was amazing. You could start a fire, 10 minutes later fill it with wet sawdust and it would burn for ages giving incredible heat!
  10. It's bonkers at the moment. 2 vans full the whole of next week now, booking deliveries for Wednesday 18th onwards [emoji51] Won't be long and we'll be booked up for Christmas.
  11. WTO tariffs for timber products in the event of “no-deal” Brexit - Timber Trade Federation TTF.CO.UK WTO tariffs for timber products in the event of “no-deal” Brexit
  12. Wrong! No tariffs on wood products on WTO or any other terms if we left without a deal [emoji106]
  13. Might be interested. Hauliers are coming from Kent back to South Wales empty so I might be able to sort a back load. I'll let you know asap
  14. 2 people, 2000 cube minimum. Our delivery driver does a minimum 9 cube and at most 15 (if all really local) a day in the winter 5 days a week and 6/8 cube on a Saturday. We also get quite alot of people collecting. We've got 2 vans so if it's busy we put a run of 3 cube on the second van. That's what I mean, if you just bought it all in and really pushed it you could have 2 drivers running out and not worrying about cutting it!
  15. I would probably get a little unit with a forklift and delivery truck and import everything. If you find a tidy supplier there's still good money in it if you can get the customers but again your right in a minimum of 2000 cube a year to make a good wage. Low starting and running costs.


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