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  1. ash_smith123

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    This turned up today! Will be doing some processing over the next few days! [emoji16]
  2. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    Biggest start to the winter for us, nearly 300 cube in the last 6 weeks and a few thousand nets of kindling, End of August/September has been nuts. First year selling softwood instead of seasoned hardwood and it's made no difference in sales at all. It's actually been far better as we are getting a different customer we've never had offering a cheaper alternative this year with the softwood.
  3. ash_smith123

    Whats the most efficient system to cut and split rings?

    That's would be ideal for me! The UK website doesn't seem to work though. Would definitely be interested in hiring him for a few days! Anyone got his number?
  4. ash_smith123

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Jasp just gave me £9.5k part ex on my 350. Didn't think that was too bad to be fair. I've seen a few around the £10/10.5k mark so wasn't worth the hassle selling privately
  5. ash_smith123

    So what caught your eye at this years APF?

    That japa processor is so slow and the logs coming out are no where near perfect. Most are slithers that people would moan about. With that sort of size log you would get better results on a 1/3 of the time with a 6 or 8 way knife.
  6. I know of 50 ton of Beech cordwood available in Chepstow South Wales if anyone's interested? All under 13" processor size. Wanted £55 a ton roadside. Pm me and I can forward on the guys number [emoji106]
  7. ash_smith123

    Bulk hardwood supplier needed-urgently

    We buy it in 2.35m tall crates and it works out at £75 a loose cubic metre for birch. Yes ash is now £40/50 more per crate.
  8. ash_smith123

    Bulk hardwood supplier needed-urgently

    You can get imported hardwood for about £75 a Cubic metre. The cheapest I've found in the UK of any quality is about £90-95.
  9. ash_smith123

    Kiln dried hardwood supplier needed Cotswolds

    Yea I second walkers, they seem like a very professional setup
  10. ash_smith123

    Kiln dried hardwood supplier needed Cotswolds

    It's not what he asked for is the main problem
  11. ash_smith123

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

    Very true! youve just got to wonder when the price rise is going to stop. We are also a timber merchant and decking/fencing timber and sheet material has also gone up around 50/60% at wholesale over the last year with no sign of it stopping. It will always be passed onto the end user but when does the end user just stop buying it. When we started firewood 6 years ago I was buying in hardwood for £40 a ton delivered, now its £80, in another 5/6 years is it going to be £160? Will people pay £200+ for a cubic metre? Who knows but I'm not keeping all my eggs in a firewood basket, try and diversify to keep the business sustainable
  12. ash_smith123

    Cordwood prices

    We went fully over to only producing the softwood about 2 months ago and it's already been a success. It's about 40% softwood to 60% kiln dried hardwood at the moment. Only had 2 people moan that we're not doing seasoned hardwood anymore so far but they both paid the extra £20 a went for kiln dried. We will see!!
  13. ash_smith123

    Cordwood prices

    I'm not sure, works out at £72 a loose cubic metre when buying it in imported. At £80 a ton your looking at £53ish a loose cubic metre before you've even touched it. When you add on everything else there's not alot in it I would say.
  14. ash_smith123

    Cordwood prices

    Importing most of my kiln dried in this year. Hardwood is getting very hard to find around south Wales and prices are getting up to £80+ a ton thanks to euro forest taking every scrap of hardwood from the south Wales area to Kent for biomass. I'm producing softwood as it's readily available, easier to process and quicker to kiln dry. Still burns very well and saving the customer 20% off our old "seasoned hardwood" prices.


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