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  1. ash_smith123

    Value Softwood Cord

    We sold a few cubic metres of softwood to regular customers for £70 a cubic metre when we didn't have any softwood left at the end of the winter. If your thinking of selling to firewood merchants around south Wales by the builders bag your probably looking at £15/20 max a bag delivered. I've just bought a few loads of softwood cord for kindling at £35 a ton and he only got 21 ton on as it was so dry. I'm only in Pontypool and might be interested in it for £35 a ton delivered to put in the biomass boilers if you can't shift it
  2. ash_smith123

    Sawmill Wanted

    Look at the woodland mills. Speak to Chris at Woodland mills UK
  3. ash_smith123

    Domestic biomass heating.

    Depends on the size of your house but a big woodburner with back boiler can work well. We have a lot of customers that run a 15-25kw stove with backboiler and it runs their heating and hot water no problem
  4. ash_smith123

    Wholesale Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash in Net Bags

    I've bought a few nets off Glossop at the end of this winter to keep us ticking over and they've been top quality nets! Couldn't recomend them enough [emoji106]
  5. ash_smith123

    Your own biomass plant

    50% of the RHI would be fine [emoji6][emoji23] The only problem you might have now is that the domestic RHI has stopped I think! Worth a try though
  6. ash_smith123

    Imported firewood

    Why?! We ship every other timber product so why not firewood? We don't have enough hardwood to support the UK market so it's got to come from somewhere. I also sell a lot of lanscaping timber in the summer months and all the main sawmills are struggling to get timber in to process into landscaping timber. One big supplier in south Wales has 2 big mills and don't have a length of round timber in at the moment. BSW one of the largest timber companies in the UK have also just shut one of its big sawmills because they couldn't get enough timber in to keep it running. If you think a little island like ours with very little planting over the last 30 years can be self sufficient in timber you are also mad
  7. ash_smith123

    Your own biomass plant

    That's odd as I have 3 domestic customers with 65kw boilers and 1 with 80kw.
  8. ash_smith123

    Your own biomass plant

    Whoever told you it was too big for the RHI was lying [emoji848] Domestic would have run for 7 years and if it's a big net very well insulated house you would have got a good chunk on domestic RHI!
  9. ash_smith123

    Real World Processor Output

    have you looked at the Farmi for smaller diameter Bent stuff!? The wp36 I have before was rapid on small stuff with loads of space for bent stuff
  10. ash_smith123

    Real World Processor Output

    Timed 2 of us doing 12 cubic metres in 2.5 hours yesterday. Ranging between 6-12 inch diameter
  11. ash_smith123

    Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    No they aren't I'm afriad.
  12. ash_smith123

    Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    We supply them with your own branding If you want a pallet of 768
  13. ash_smith123

    Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    We sell to retail customers about 1000 boxes a year at £5 each if they are buying them with a cubic metre. Just ask with every order if they would like kindling and firelighters and a lot of people say yes, kindling £4 each or 3 for £10. 99% of the time they go for 3. On the website we put on the description of the cubic metre loads "we recommend 3 nets of kindling and 1 box of firelighters per cubic metre" and most people when ordering online also order them both.
  14. ash_smith123

    Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    I have our own branded ones I'm happy to sell you at wholesale. £3.20+vat per 50 box. I can get 30 boxes in a big box and they are £8+vat delivery.


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