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  1. WTO tariffs for timber products in the event of “no-deal” Brexit - Timber Trade Federation TTF.CO.UK WTO tariffs for timber products in the event of “no-deal” Brexit
  2. Wrong! No tariffs on wood products on WTO or any other terms if we left without a deal [emoji106]
  3. Might be interested. Hauliers are coming from Kent back to South Wales empty so I might be able to sort a back load. I'll let you know asap
  4. 2 people, 2000 cube minimum. Our delivery driver does a minimum 9 cube and at most 15 (if all really local) a day in the winter 5 days a week and 6/8 cube on a Saturday. We also get quite alot of people collecting. We've got 2 vans so if it's busy we put a run of 3 cube on the second van. That's what I mean, if you just bought it all in and really pushed it you could have 2 drivers running out and not worrying about cutting it!
  5. I would probably get a little unit with a forklift and delivery truck and import everything. If you find a tidy supplier there's still good money in it if you can get the customers but again your right in a minimum of 2000 cube a year to make a good wage. Low starting and running costs.
  6. Yes it's a non starter at the moment with planning being a major issue and having the money upfront to do something like that! We would need a unit 14/15,000sqf minimum really and you probably wouldn't get much change from £100k doing a concrete base and putting up a unit that size maybe more, plus putting 3 phase electric into it. Land is also quite expensive around here, a nice plot with a few old barns on it came up last year for £375k. On a commercial mortgage we'd need the best part of £150k for a deposit. Plus your £100k+ to build a unit. I wish we had that much cash to throw at it [emoji23]
  7. Not easy.... Easier [emoji57]
  8. You're bang on. We started with a £6000 investment both working full time. Having to pay rent and finance any bit of mechinery we needed and built it from there but like you say even now having all the gear pretty much paid for it's still hard to make a tidy profit only doing firewood. I look at the 3/4 decent sized firewood producers in a 30 mile radius from us that have started up since we started and they are all on farms with massive investments (one in the region of £750k in biomass boilers and firewood equipment in the last 2 years) and I just don't know how they think they will make enough money to pay for the equipment let alone any wage. One thing is though they are all on daddy's farm, with daddy's tractor, telehandler, no rent, no business rates, insurance already payed for, woodland on the land and as much land as they want for storage. We are looking to move into a slightly bigger unit/yard and there isn't anything available in the size we need for under £50k a year rent and rates. So I can see when you take all the above out of your monthly outgoings you might actually make a profit not doing too much firewood on daddy's farm.
  9. Supply will be the biggest problem facing us all in the years to come. We have gone from producing 100% hardwood 2 years ago to now 95% softwood this year and import the rest as we can't find the 1500+ tons of hardwood we need. One of our haulers said the other day they had 3 loads of processor size ash 5 miles away from me but we couldn't have it as euroforest were paying them £900 per load on haulage alone to take it to the biomass plant in Kent (from South Wales) taking into account roadside hardwood prices are £60+ a ton we are at £100+ a ton delivered it. Bonkers. We have been going for 7 years now and would struggle to make a decent yearly wage for 2 of us on just firewood, the timber merchant side of the business is now bigger within 2 years.
  10. Jesus!! That's cheap! Softwoods £50+ a ton in South Wales
  11. A farmer down the road from me has gone up from £80 to £135 a cubic metre for kiln dried hardwood in a year! 🤦
  12. All our softwood is homegrown but last year with the lack of hardwood in the area most of the hardwood we had to unfortunately import. We've hopefully got a few good loads of hardwood lined up this summer but the wood will all have to be purchased before August I would say this year. We are just too busy in the winter to keep up with wholesale orders as well [emoji106]. Another person to try for hardwood is Walkers logs. They are Gloucester way and do home grown wholesale kiln dried hardwood by the artic load. Would be worth a try [emoji106]
  13. I did give you a price last year if your still interested? we are now Ready to burn certified on hardwood and softwood. Only down the road and always happy to help [emoji106]
  14. Sounds similar to a cowboy company that only do wholesale I bought from in Penrith a few years ago.
  15. Just had a price for £95+vat delivered. You can buy imported for £70 a loose cubic metre at the moment.


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