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  1. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    No they aren't I'm afriad.
  2. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    We supply them with your own branding If you want a pallet of 768
  3. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    We sell to retail customers about 1000 boxes a year at £5 each if they are buying them with a cubic metre. Just ask with every order if they would like kindling and firelighters and a lot of people say yes, kindling £4 each or 3 for £10. 99% of the time they go for 3. On the website we put on the description of the cubic metre loads "we recommend 3 nets of kindling and 1 box of firelighters per cubic metre" and most people when ordering online also order them both.
  4. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    I have our own branded ones I'm happy to sell you at wholesale. £3.20+vat per 50 box. I can get 30 boxes in a big box and they are £8+vat delivery.
  5. Real World Processor Output

    I do like the look of a transaw! Was thinking of a posch 375 but think it's worth having a look at these too
  6. Real World Processor Output

    Yes it's very much down to timber. Even on the smaller stuff "loading" person never has 2 seconds spare, we run around like blue arse flys jumping from the JCB to the forklift, loading the deck and making sure that person on the processor doesn't have to stop for anything. Ive actually looked at the idea of using a robot arm (quite cheap on ebay) to do the processor part [emoji23] but there's too many variables unfortunately.
  7. Real World Processor Output

    How long is your day? 25 is easily achievable with 2 people and half tidy timber. 15/20 minutes per cubic metre is about right, on 12/13" with the 8 way I've timed a cubic metre in a tad over 5 minutes. On 10-13" logs the 8 way is perfect, sometimes depending on the shape of the log you need to resplit the top 2 but that takes no time. The 12 way would produce kindling on a 10" log.
  8. Real World Processor Output

    Like people have been saying the quality of what you put in one end massively determines what you get out the other. We've had some awesome loads of ash in this year, all 10-13" dead straight and you can easily do 30/35 cubic metres in a day with a few stops. If it's mainly below 10" your probably looking 15/20. On average about 25 is right on mixed hardwood.
  9. Buying a second hand RHI boiler

    And? I could do with another 2 or 3 in reality
  10. Poly Bags for Logs instead of Nets

    I did get a sample off a company a few years ago that looked quite good, I'll try and dig the details out for you!
  11. Buying a second hand RHI boiler

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully bought and changed over ownership of an already accredited RHI boiler? Thinking of buying a second hand kiln system but my past experiences with Ofgem haven't been great so just wondered if anyone has been successful before I take the plunge into the Ofgem abyss!
  12. Customer management

    I use QuickBooks for all my invoicing ect It's really good!
  13. Hi, we can help you with processed firewood. Unseasoned, seasoned or kiln dried. Give me a shout 07772280850 - AJ Firewood
  14. Delivering firewood

    Yes transit's are the way to go. So many people ask why don't we tow a trailer as well with a few cube on but some of the places we go in the south Wales valleys were made for horse and cart not a transit let alone one with a trailer on it! Someone on here did post a really nice low caged conversion and was carrying 4 cube a while back! We only carry 3 and being able to carry the extra one would be perfect!
  15. The science behind forced log drying

    Someone that finally talks sense! 🤩 I think there's definitely a difference between people that are trying to run a commercial firewood company to pay themselves and make money with budgets/cashflow to worry about and farmers with unlimited cheap finance to spend £500k on kit without worrying and space to do what they want but don't understand the day to day of running a business.


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