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  1. ash_smith123

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    The fees aren't based on tonnage.
  2. ash_smith123

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    CPL supply most of the main retailer (bnq, supermarkets ect) and all this ready to burn scheme seems to be set up to target those sorts of outlets so instead of trying to regulate the complete industry why don't they just sort out CPL.
  3. ash_smith123

    Another optimistic seller

    With ash prices as they are that's probably about right £400 for that [emoji23]
  4. ash_smith123

    Palax or Farmi

    I had the Farmi a few years ago and it is a great machine. It will fly through softwood. Get the towed honda engine one and you can take it anywhere.
  5. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    This is the little kiln Richard.
  6. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    Yes that's about right. I worked it out before at around £12 cost per M3 but softwoods gone up quite a bit since then. The biggest thing for us is getting rid of the "waste" as such. Kindling production produces a massive amount of what would be classed as waste. The rings that are too big/knotty/twisty could be put back through the splitter I suppose but it's not worth the time resplitting them.
  7. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    No we haven't put a boiler in the small one yet, it's just linked with a hole from the 30 crate kiln. We have a small 40kw boiler to put on it when we've got 5 minutes to fit it but it won't be on the rhi. Unfortunately I don't think you can dry firewood on any new rhi applications! [emoji30]
  8. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    I will try and get some for you tomorrow. It's about 4.5m wide, 2.5m deep and 2.6m high. Just built off the side of our 30 crate kiln. I can fit 12 ibc cages with plenty of room.
  9. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    Never enough! [emoji23][emoji23] 3 kilns now, 1 with 36, the other with 30 and the 3rd a little one with 12 in it. It fluctuates quite a lot but usually try and hold at least 80/100 of softwood that we dry ourselves and we import most of our hardwood now so try and keep a containers worth at least in stock, same with nets. Yes it has its perks but also it's frustrations! If the exchange rate was still 1.30/1.40 like it was a few years ago I would be selling all the machines and buying it all in!
  10. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    They seem to love it, we make sure it's bone dry and it burns lovely. Not really, we priced it low to start to get people onto it for this year at £80 a cubic metre when we sell kiln dried at £120, that's a big difference in price to most people. Hardwoods been a nightmare to find this year and we have expended more into wholesale kindling so kiln space has been a premium. Import all the hardwood and dry the softwood and kindling ourselves.
  11. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    Averaging 70/80 cube a week at the moment. We've stopped selling seasoned hardwood this year and started doing softwood instead and it's gone nuts, really pleased how it's gone. Kiln dried hardwood is still going as well as ever
  12. ash_smith123

    That's a first for me

    We had a woman on the phone shouting down the phone for 45 minutes last week because we delivered her firewood (she also paid for stacking) in nets and stacked it away rather than loose and then stacked it. We offered to refund the stacking charge, offered to come and empty all the nets and restack it or collect the nets and deliver loose logs and stack it but nothing would please her so I told her to leave them outside and I'll collect them when we are passing next. People are odd
  13. ash_smith123

    Kiln dried load

    You can burn alot of the "waste" as such as well. It's not actually waste but just the rubbish bits. we generate mountains of bits when doing kindling for example. We keep one of our boilers running all day on odds and sods that get produced from processing and doing kindling.
  14. ash_smith123

    Kiln dried load

    Because I don't have the space to store thousands of cubic metres of firewood for a year. Some people on here are dead against kiln drying and that's fine but I import and kiln dry and it works for me. I've been doing firewood for 7 years and not once has a customer ever said to me they don't want to buy kiln dried because of the environmental impact. You can harp on about the environmental impact but when in South Wales this year I've been able to get about 50 tons of hardwood when I need 1500+ tons where am I suppose to get it from? We are on a very small island that nobody has been planting hardwood forests on for the last 60 years. If everyone stopped importing (not just firewood all timber products) and using UK stock only it wouldn't last very long. Then what do we all do? So instead of importing Do I just stop selling it and fold the business? For whoever is so dead set against importing do you not buy other products because they were imported? I would like to know on a daily average how many products you buy/use were imported or grown//built/made in the UK.
  15. ash_smith123

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    This turned up today! Will be doing some processing over the next few days! [emoji16]


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