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  1. ash_smith123

    Selling a firewood business

    A farmer down the road from me has gone up from £80 to £135 a cubic metre for kiln dried hardwood in a year! 🤦
  2. ash_smith123

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    All our softwood is homegrown but last year with the lack of hardwood in the area most of the hardwood we had to unfortunately import. We've hopefully got a few good loads of hardwood lined up this summer but the wood will all have to be purchased before August I would say this year. We are just too busy in the winter to keep up with wholesale orders as well [emoji106]. Another person to try for hardwood is Walkers logs. They are Gloucester way and do home grown wholesale kiln dried hardwood by the artic load. Would be worth a try [emoji106]
  3. ash_smith123

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    I did give you a price last year if your still interested? we are now Ready to burn certified on hardwood and softwood. Only down the road and always happy to help [emoji106]
  4. ash_smith123

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Sounds similar to a cowboy company that only do wholesale I bought from in Penrith a few years ago.
  5. ash_smith123

    Cordwood ready for processor

    Just had a price for £95+vat delivered. You can buy imported for £70 a loose cubic metre at the moment.
  6. ash_smith123

    Log Drying Kiln

    No problem! The attack is plumbed into a 40ft container. Not the best in all.honesty! We rotate the tops in the winter as the bottoms don't dry properly in a week. We have an insulated timber framed kiln inside the unit with 2 X 50kw fans bolted to the ceiling facing down. This seems to dry far better and we can fit 30 ibc cages in there. We just used a tidy plumber for our second kiln. It's very basic stuff in all honesty. If they can fit a central heating system in a house they can fit a biomass boiler. The boiker manual will have all the specs and drawings of how it should be fitted so it should be a doddle! Anyone that "specialises in biomass boilers" will charge you a fortune and there's some real cowboys out there. I've only had the displeasure of dealing with 3 "renewable energy" companies over the last 5 years and they were all useless. The lack of knowledge was dangerous, but anyway that's another story! [emoji23]
  7. ash_smith123

    Log Drying Kiln

    If you're not on the RHI scheme I would stay way clear of the glen farrow, it will put you under trying to keep the thing going. I've got an Attack 95kw boiler that's very efficient. It burns very well and gives our good KW the other end. Your probably looking at about £15k all in if you get all the bits yourself and get someone to fit it. Our Eco Angus 130kw is ok but does eat wood, I would say around twice as quick as the attack but not doubling the KW outage that's why I would always recommend the Attack over the Eco Angus. Even still you want to be budgeting for about a cubic metre of 500mm chunky softwoods per 12 hours to keep it going.
  8. ash_smith123

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    The fees aren't based on tonnage.
  9. ash_smith123

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    CPL supply most of the main retailer (bnq, supermarkets ect) and all this ready to burn scheme seems to be set up to target those sorts of outlets so instead of trying to regulate the complete industry why don't they just sort out CPL.
  10. ash_smith123

    Another optimistic seller

    With ash prices as they are that's probably about right £400 for that [emoji23]
  11. ash_smith123

    Palax or Farmi

    I had the Farmi a few years ago and it is a great machine. It will fly through softwood. Get the towed honda engine one and you can take it anywhere.
  12. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    This is the little kiln Richard.
  13. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    Yes that's about right. I worked it out before at around £12 cost per M3 but softwoods gone up quite a bit since then. The biggest thing for us is getting rid of the "waste" as such. Kindling production produces a massive amount of what would be classed as waste. The rings that are too big/knotty/twisty could be put back through the splitter I suppose but it's not worth the time resplitting them.
  14. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    No we haven't put a boiler in the small one yet, it's just linked with a hole from the 30 crate kiln. We have a small 40kw boiler to put on it when we've got 5 minutes to fit it but it won't be on the rhi. Unfortunately I don't think you can dry firewood on any new rhi applications! [emoji30]
  15. ash_smith123

    Hows the log sales going now

    I will try and get some for you tomorrow. It's about 4.5m wide, 2.5m deep and 2.6m high. Just built off the side of our 30 crate kiln. I can fit 12 ibc cages with plenty of room.


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