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  1. Its probably 50% processor work and 50% splitter. It's around £6500.
  2. Hi. Just wondered what peoples thoughts were on the horizontal splitter compared to the vertical. Is the model in the picture a good recommendation? Cant make my mind up so your feed back would be grateful [emoji108]
  3. Devon. Have you seen a change in the market for selling logs? Cheers
  4. Chris Reeve


    Hi. Do you think there will be a drop in the firewood market due to ash dieback? Thoughts please
  5. Hi. I know this question has probaby been asked a dozen times before but.... Sep 2019 - Apr 2020 How much do/will you sell a Ibc (1.2cube) of hardwood logs for and where is your location? Cheers [emoji106]
  6. Yeah it is a funny old game.
  7. Cheers. How much timber do you shift a year? Is it a full time business for you?
  8. Hi guys. Due to the increasing price of timber is the log business beginning to become more of a side line for people rather than a full time job? My main job is landscape gardening etc but wanting to do less of this and focus more on the firewood instead but is it worth the switch due to running cost and the price of timber increasing if you can find it [emoji17] ? I roughly sell 150 ton a year. Any opinions would be gratefully received. Cheers
  9. Sorry lads i meant Alder [emoji42]
  10. The reason i ask is because I've never sold it before. I ordered 27 ton of beech and they delivered 60% Elder....cheeky fxxkers [emoji109]
  11. Chris Reeve


    Who sells Elder mixed in with a hardwood load? Any complaints? Cheers
  12. Interested to know how you deliver your firewood. Im using a double cab pick up but looking for a better solution for time reduction and quantity per load. I sell by the cubic metre. Feel free to send us a picture [emoji106]Cheers
  13. Cheers. Do you make enough profit with those prices? Seems extremely cheap.


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