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  1. log man

    Splitta 360’s For sale

    prices are on website on specials page
  2. log man


    looking for a rottabager for kindlet if anyone has one for sale, also a long shute manual bagger thanks.
  3. hi what would you charge for 40 x 60 cm green mono we would supply the bags 8-11 log each net softwood cut to 19.5 cm.thanks 

    owen firewood direct 

    1. log man

      log man

      hi i will give you a call over the weekend thanks pete

    2. kindlett


      cheers 07875925857 wyn

  4. log man

    Nets of logs

    yes give me a ring 07855030744 pete.
  5. log man

    Softwood Roundwood/Cordwood needed South Wales

    sam try kevin morris 07970394906
  6. log man


    hi give me call or pm , tel 07855030744 pete.
  7. log man


    yes i have
  8. log man

    shrub suppliers south wales

    mark taylor allensmore nurseries, very good.07803719167.
  9. log man

    Lots of straight trees must go

    pm sent

    <p>hi log man do you no any interested in 2000 nets hardwood end of march unseasond but </p>

    <p>cheap @£2.40 each</p>



    <p>Hi Lg Man, have you got any seasonned hardwood going spare?</p>

    <p>Looking to buy 15-25 tons. Really would like some Alder or Birch to mix in with my Beech and Ash before it runs out.</p>






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