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  1. Man fined £112k for illegally felling trees

    Not harsh enough because my guess, he will never pay that fine. Will what he pays of the fine amend the damage he has done? He should be made to plant a 1000 acre wood as part of a community service FYI, the timber never left the site, NRW got there before it was moved.
  2. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Lorry curtain sides are another good option for covering logs.
  3. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Yes, we use stock fencing for crates and them put them on pallets to move around the yard. Only used it the once last week on some really wonky wood so the output wasn't the best, probably 6 bags in 5 hours. But I have some decent wood on the yard now so will have fun processing this stuff.
  4. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Having a go on our new machine today on some twisted ash and oak.
  5. Softwood Roundwood/Cordwood needed South Wales

    Cheers for that log man!
  6. Beech seed float test

    Ive collected more beech seeds this year, all have been take off the floor but still attached to the shell. Done the test again and all of them are floating. There are no visible bug holes but I have notice cracks where the seed attaches to the shell. Any my ideas why I have collected so many bad seeds?
  7. Hey, looking for an artic of semi seasoned softwood delivered to Talybont, Brecon. If anyone has anything near please drop me a PM. Thanks Sam
  8. log storage

    We have a very similar setup to you. We try and bring the logs into the barn a couple of weeks before we are going to sell them just to dry off the outside logs. If we cant bring them in, we find the outside logs get wet in the rain but just chuck the wet ones into another container and cover. They will be dry again in a few weeks. Generally, we don't have any issues storing them outside.
  9. Log Splitter hire West Wales anyone?

    Ill pass on your details, and then the guy can contact you. Its to busy and to far for me at the moment. Cheers!
  10. I've just had someone message me to do a log splitting job in Pumpsaint, West Wales. Anyone local to there that hires log splitters? Not sure the size of the job but I can pass any details.
  11. Oak ash trees felled for sale firewood

    Roughly how many tons have you got? What sort of lengths and diameters are they? Thanks Sam
  12. Poor Mans Skid Steer

    Have a look at this. Comes with plenty of attachments. Micro Arb Truc | Timber Transport | For Tree Surgeons | Woodland Owners
  13. My video thred by grey git.

    Ah makes sense.Better than having to take it away and disposing of it
  14. My video thred by grey git.

    Nice video Just out of interest, what would be the plans with the wood from the job?
  15. poly tunnel seasoning

    Doors open, and take them out the bags and leave them on a pallet. Risk them going moldy with the doors closed.


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