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  1. Hi all. I put an Igland 4501 winch on arbtrader for £1700 and got no interest. What do you guys think is a fair price for it? https://arbtalk.co.uk/classifieds/item/1216-igland-4501-forestry-winch/
  2. No, we are selling up completely. I have accepted a job that moves me to Bristol so I can no longer carry on the business. So anyone if anyone is looking for a hand processing in and around Bristol, let me know.
  3. The thumb is a kelfri thumb, same as the one in the link below. It’s only been used once so is in good condition. I will get pictures of it in the week. Grapple attachment for pallet fork with low frame. WWW.KELLFRI.CO.UK Grapple attachment for Kellfri's pallet fork with frame heigt 50 cm.
  4. Hope you've all had a good Christmas and a merry New Year! We are selling up a lot of our firewood processing equipment over the next couple of months and I am just seeing if there is any interest in the wire crate storage we have. We have approximately 150 crates shown the the below picture. They are made of 2 rings of stock fencing stacked on top of each other. All crates vary in condition from old, used fencing to new fencing. Other equipment we will be selling: Posch 280 processor Riko A11 log splitter Cone Splitter (will find out want make it is) Igland 4501 Hydraulic thumb for pallet forks
  5. Looking to restore this wood burner but can’t tell who the manufacture is. Any ideas?
  6. Sell it a bit cheaper to anyone that uses wood on a boiler. Bigger logs, less work, and you get your yard space back.
  7. An afternoons work on the cone splitter. I am not looking forward to processing this ☹️☹️
  8. Could you do it the other way around? Put the dried logs in the barn loose around mid summer and store all the seasoning wood outside.
  9. Had plenty of snow over the last 2 days. These are some of the drifts we had.
  10. Yes we felt it, thought a heavy truck was speeding down the road.
  11. Out of all we sell, just under 50% of the wood we sell is softwood. Our 50/50 mixed bag is the most popular.
  12. Needing more dry softwood either processed or roundwood if there is any about Let me know.
  13. We have been using a 11 ton Riko A11 for the last couple of years and there is only a few pieces of wood it wont split.


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