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  1. kindlett

    Kindling machine hire

    Hi I have a auto split 250 ,240 volts from JP Wilson machinery I could hire you takes rings up to 9 inch round and 7.5 long does kindling and small logs ,I'll text your mobile number
  2. kindlett

    ibcs vs vented bags

    i b c cages are the best in my opinion
  3. hi could you send me a full price list delivery address 

    owen firewood direct






    thank you 

    wyn owen






    1. Woodbioma




      All info sent to your email.




  4. kindlett

    Value Softwood Cord

    hi that is a good price any chance you could give a contact for a phew loads
  5. kindlett

    self powerd processor

    I have a mobile palax machine very happy with it .
  6. kindlett

    57x37cm mono bags in red

    i use medalion get on with them they dont stock 57x37cm red bag supplies like you said not the cheapest ,they have only got them in green ,found some today nnz and john dowty ltd sell the green ones looks like im changing to green
  7. kindlett

    makita 7900

    had one new in 2004 used it for years spent on it maintained it regardless of cost it wont start now might be for sale soon as non runner .
  8. kindlett

    57x37cm mono bags in red

    can anyone recommend a bag supplier who has 57cm x37cm monofilement bags available. cheers
  9. kindlett

    60 x 40 cm mono green nets

    Hi all anyone looking for 60x40 cm monofilament green nets give rob a ring on 07771524178 mca
  10. hi what would you charge for 40 x 60 cm green mono we would supply the bags 8-11 log each net softwood cut to 19.5 cm.thanks 

    owen firewood direct 

    1. log man

      log man

      hi i will give you a call over the weekend thanks pete

    2. kindlett


      cheers 07875925857 wyn

  11. kindlett

    Wholesale Hardwood Nets Required

    would you collect how many do you want ?
  12. kindlett

    Farmi WP36

    sorry i mean the wp 36 just found them on riko website
  13. kindlett

    Farmi WP36

    how much is the wp30 new
  14. kindlett

    Kindling/ log splitting machine

    Hi rob i changed my kindllet 240volts for a autosplit 250 240 volts last march .i dont use it to do logs to much kindling and small bits come out with them when using dry wood .its ok if you use unseasoned wood ,as i only processs dry wood mainly i only use it fo kindling now ,its nothing better than a kindlet machine for making kindling ,we used it today and did 325 bags 57x37cm mono in 5hours we did same amount using the kindlet , doesn't matter which machine you use to make kindling ,you must have clean timber to process .I strongly advise you to buy a splitta 400 from fuelwood if you want a machine to do logs and kindling out of dry seasoned timber .good luck
  15. kindlett

    Wheelie bin log deliveries

    hi i have sold logs in wheelie bins since 2006 works well .


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