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  1. Slight derail but I think the Cornavirus is going to have a bigger impact on everyone than prehaps we realise. Factories are shut / shutting which means that in 6months there won't be the availability of goods that we are used to.
  2. Has anyone got to the bottom of this and worked out what we should / shouldn't be doing?!
  3. Simon Holmes from Tree Surveys is good, based just outside Reading. http://tree-surveys.com/
  4. Going to be following this thread closely, having signed up to ArbPro at the show a couple of months ago I've just got used to using it!
  5. What type of trailer do people transport there skid steer on? Can't decide between a plant trailer or a flat bed?
  6. I think a big contributing factor to injuries is having to work fast on jobs to get them done on budget or within the designated timescale which leads to people taking short cuts / not concentrating. I'm sure we would all love to work to industry best practice but the reality is that it's slower. In an culture where everyone wants the cheapest price, including must Councils, Wildlife Trusts, etc companies are forced to keep pushing their staff to complete jobs as quick as they can to make any money.
  7. Anyone got any more experience with the Vermeers or Ditch Witch?
  8. Parker

    Log store

    Moving the yard around in couple of weeks and need to build a new log store. Any suggestions / good feedback for a solid roof? Will need to go over approx 10m x 3m.
  9. Knife crime in UK cities 'turning people into monsters' Knife crime in UK cities 'turning people into monsters' - BBC News I think violent crime is definitely on the rise!
  10. We lost one before Christmas ...... can't decide whether to replace it or not!!
  11. How much is the ditch witch ? PM if you would prefer
  12. Thinking of getting a mini skid steer and can't decided whether to get a Vermeer 725TX or a Toro TX1000 Anyone got any experience of either machine or is there another make that I've over looked. Not really interested in Avants etc as want it to be able to go through a standard pedestrian gate!
  13. Im based in Newbury and would be more than happy to quote for the work. Have a look at my website index.html, facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LParkerTreeServices or Checkatrade profile L Parker Tree Services - Garden Services, Tree Surgeon based in Thatcham, Berkshire. for more information on my company.
  14. Parker


    Does anyone use RatedPeople.com and if so do you find it leads to much work?
  15. New JCB promotional video - could be of interest.


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