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  1. JimE

    Buying a MEWP

    Nah, old school! Just line the bubble up!
  2. JimE

    Buying a MEWP

    Its a cmc, seem to be pretty basic in terms of electronics which im quite fond of!
  3. JimE

    Buying a MEWP

    just to follow up on this, against popular advice I bought a 15m tracked mewp, its been brilliant, made a load of money and made jobs way safer and easier
  4. A few from the last couple of weeks got a couple of grabs and rotators here that have done next to nothing if anyone is looking to add a little something to their machine
  5. JimE

    Buying a MEWP

    Normally I hire a 19m I think which is great, but I cant find one within what I want to spend (sub 20k). I can only find 15m unless its quite old.
  6. Im looking at buying a used MEWP to make life easier with tree works. Im a land management contractor, so tree works are a small part of the buisness. I sub most work out, do a small amount of felling myself and also hire in climbers occasionally. To be fair a bit of tree works we just do with shears on machines. Im considering buying a MEWP to carry out tree works for example crown lifting over tracks I cant help but think it will be much faster than climbing. My regular climber has relevant tickets. Effectively, if I buy say a 5 year old diesel MEWP about 15m lift, am I going to regret it and wish I never spent the money, or is it going to be as epic as I want it to be? Any anything specific to look for on a MEWP? Looking at Teupen as I have hired them before, and also a CMC machine has caught my eye.
  7. I had some absolutely shocking service from Engcon too to be honest, 4 months on from my enquiry its still not all wrapped up. I think they just take on way too much, soon as my money was paid it got a whole load harder to get anything done! The gear is good mind! Though Approved have always been alright for me.
  8. I have a Protech knocker that would go on an avant with a bracket easy enough. Or I can just come hit them in with the tractor, or hire you a digger and knocker! based just south of basingstoke
  9. Im not really sure where to put this, but are there any folks on here who are FSC certified selling timber products? I just want to talk to someone about the certification process and costs involved. The amounts I have been quoted are rather high and wanted to see if I was missing something!
  10. Did we meet on monday Khriss? If so thanks for the buisness!
  11. Ventura make machinery for Bomford Turner. Good gear. Sold some Ventura gear back in the day before they got in with Bomford
  12. JimE

    Fence removal

    Yeah the gripper is not supposed to take vertical load either, but they are pretty chunky so you can get away with it on that size machine!
  13. I know of an 8 tonner with the same (bigger) set up if you are interested PM me and I will check it out.
  14. Not directly but the engcon is about 70kg, but the 2.9 tons includes the standard quick hitch so its not massively different. Engcon is direct mounted but easy enough to take off. Its got an S40 hitch underneath, S30 is a bit small for a 3 tonner I think! Looking for about 25kish for the whole set up.
  15. Yeah its quite a tool! Lovely spec digger too its even got air con 🙂 2014, 2400 hours. 2.9 ton so just towable!


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