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  1. I have some trees that need work as part of a larger contract. Would anyone from Bognor area with a 3 man team and chipper like to quote for me? There are about 4-5 trees to come down and be ground out.
  2. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I have a TB230, very impressed with it. Very powerful and very fast. Also find it quite stable too, dont really use the blade so much. Not been too impressed with JCB mini digger offerings to be honest. Highly recommend the TB230 though.
  3. Printed hi vis

    Does anyone know where you can get vi vis tshirts with long sleeves, printed on the back. Really want long sleeves for protection against stingers and for strimming etc. Any suggestions? Thanks Jim
  4. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    What would I expect to pay day rate for a 3 ton digger with a mulcher (operated etc)? Cheers
  5. Evening all, I'm looking for an experienced and safe team of guys to sub some tree work to across some sites in locations in a band from from portsmouth to southampton. Some of it is TPO trees so needs to be accurate careful work to spec. PM me for more info, some needs to be done ASAP then ongoing work. Thanks Jim
  6. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Ok awesome, thats good info. I might look at a kx71-3 as well then, looks like its just a touch wider which might be helpful. I'm on 35mm pins and the attachments are worth more than the digger so definitely needing to retain them!
  7. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    My Kubota is the original kx71 with the square cab, its very functional but I fid it all a bit slow. Isnt the Kx71-3 a bit heavy? Kx61-3 i think is equivalent to the Tb125, and I suppose the alternative. Maybe i need to look at specs on flow etc. Havent really heard anyone say bad about the tb125 though
  8. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Im just in the market to upgrade from my Kubota KX71, I really like the Takeuchi TB125, or are there any others I should look at? Want to keep it light enough to tow, but heavy enough to use the post knocker and grab effectively! Any thoughts?
  9. Oak fencing materials

    I have a post and rail job to do in oak, but the sawmill dont have the timber in to make the size rails I need. Does anyone know who can supply good oak timber near north Hampshire. 3x4" pointed posts 6' long 2.5x1.5" rails 12' long. Need about 20 posts, 40 rails.
  10. Spider crane hire

    Cheers guys, had a bit of a struggle getting a 6 tonner, everyone only seems to have the smaller ones. Its coming from GGR group, about £1000 for the day self drive inc transport. How did you get on operating it Al?
  11. Spider crane hire

    Does anyone have any contacts for hiring a 6+ ton spider crane. Like UNIC URW706 Need one monday ideally for an engineering project, 1 lift only!
  12. running a f/w processor from a teleporter

    WP30 fine and easy to do, just get the flow right. WP36 probably too much hassle to do, buy a cheap tractor and run it on the PTO would be my suggestion.
  13. Timberwolf 230Vtr winch problem.

    Hi Scott, I would have thought its to do with the wiring, the load from the winch causing a voltage drop enough to kick the shut off solenoid off
  14. running a f/w processor from a teleporter

    Johny, is this your WP36? Or did you have a WP30 cant remember. WP30 will run fine on it, needs about 37lpm. The flow from the tele goes into the pipe that used to come from the pump. The return pipe is the one that goes into the filter on top of the tank. You still need to keep the oil tank on the processor full for the bar lube A WP36 is more tricky because it needs 2 seperate hydraulic flows, hence why it has 2 pumps. One flow rate is 37lpm and the other is 10lpm off the top of my head, so you would need to find some way of dividing the flow to get that right otherwise they do very weird things!
  15. Timberwolf 230Vtr winch problem.

    Hi Scott, make sure both positive and negative run back to the battery. I think the battery neg lead is normally attached to the engine on these, so it doesnt earth to the frame very well. You could test with some jump leads if you wanted to try it before getting extension cables. Is it cutting out the winch motor or the actual chipper diesel engine?


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