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  1. osku

    Cousin Atrax Rope

    Are you using it whit hitch or mechanicals? Planing to use it whit ZZ
  2. osku

    Cousin Atrax Rope

    Any users feedback from this rope?
  3. osku

    Sena Headset Spares

    Chinese batteries can be found in AliExpress and eBay
  4. osku

    Battery climbing saws....husky or stihl??

    I have used husky about 2 years now and I like it a lot. Pruning goes with out any problems and some small fells too. There are still some problems too. About after a year we needed to replace whole saw after it didn't work any more. We found out that it got moisture inside and that broke electronics. Second problem is cold weather. In Finland winters are below -5 usually every day and that makes battery's last about 3 cuts. It helps little bit if you store battery's in cars warm side (cabinet) on workdays. After -15 saw usually doesn't even start, it just shows a red blinking light. No experience about Stihl.
  5. osku

    What's on your bench today?

    HVA 540 had really bad oiling for the bar. I took saw a little bit apart and found this. Oil pump intake and output tube was splitted in half. Having exactly same issue with second 540 so it's next on the line.
  6. osku

    Bluetooth Helmet Comms for Protos

    Using Sena S20 on protos. Works well but connections between unit and dock needs litle care sometimes. But 10r is probably best choice
  7. osku

    Throwline Query

    Zing it works great. Also used 200meter coil of notch acculine and it doesn't work well. Snaps almost every throw after few months of use.
  8. osku

    Bluetooth helmet kit

    What model are you using?
  9. osku

    gopro mount for helmet

    And use j buckle mount
  10. osku

    gopro mount for helmet

    I use GoPro in protos attached in front of ventilation plate with original GoPro curved tape mount. When filming visor needs to be down. Also try mount on to side but didn't feel so comfy.
  11. osku

    Air cannon

    I have built one about two years ago and been working with it almost every day. Now it's back to workshop to modify. Some pictures coming when work progresses more
  12. osku

    YALE blue tongue vs Drenaline

    I have been working with drenaline now about half a year and working really nicely. Some wearing but can't say is it more than in any other ropes.
  13. osku

    Teufelberger Drenaline

    Have using drenaline about 6months now with ZZ and works great. Also works fine for srt. Some wearing on a rope but nothing unusual.
  14. osku

    Cheap comms headset

    Androids have option of auto answering. Try to search from phones settings


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