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  1. Hi. I’m on the lookout for a PTO winch. Is anyone selling anything at the moment. Thanks
  2. How close to bath are you. Maybe try Somer valley tree services. He’s near frome
  3. Where in south west is it. Could try East Bros sawmills
  4. Small ammo box is the perfect size for chain boxes.
  5. I see it had been moved and then your post and put 2 & 2 together. Glad it’ll be put to good use. I assumed it would only be good for firewood
  6. Is that the tree that was fallen in the hedge on the side of the road just down from you?
  7. Are you looking for seasoned?
  8. Due to an increased work load I am looking for someone to work alongside myself on a self employed basis. The work would involve felling hardwoods and some hand stacking. Pay would be dependant on experience and ability. Please contact me on 07896016310 Many thanks Lewis.
  9. Where are you in South Wilts. I’m on the wilts/Dorset border and it’s looking terrible around here.
  10. I’m looking to replace my Sena unit which is no longer charging and I’m looking at the X-com ear defenders as a possible replacement. I don’t often use the intercom on the sena but when I did it was very useful. I was just wondering if the X-coms can connect to other intercoms, or should I just bugged the expense and get another sena?
  11. My new arb pup. Patterdale x Lakeland.
  12. I am very tempted to do just that.
  13. Alright chaps. I’ve got a 576xp auto tune which is running on. I’m not sure what the problem. It’s seems to be fine when started from cold but as soon as you make a few cuts it seems to start running on a bit. Not stupidly fast but enough to be annoying and dangerous.
  14. I may know of one in Dorset. In need of restoration.
  15. I didn’t initial but I did check that when I put it all back together and it wouldn’t start right. I have head of this being an issue sometimes.


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