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  1. You could look through the assessment schedules and see what the differences are? All available here The last one you mention is the old CS45 - it appears to be stuff you do as a groundie all day long - pass things up to the climber (1 saw, 1 rope); retrieve things from climber, set up a tag/pulling line (the grounds bits of it anyway), set up a bollard / capstan, clear the arisings, breakdown arisings for disposal (chipping etc) and raking up at the end. I reckon it should almost be an automatic achievement alongside the rigging course as you assist the other candidates so do all those bits.
  2. Same here. Arbrpo Jacky received from gustahrts. Awesome
  3. Awesome raffle, I won something. Thanks for all tha hard work steve and thanks to all those that donated stuff :-)
  4. This should do it https://www.facebook.com/groups/248611045540188/
  5. I'm looking for work around Bristol. Available Mon-Wednesday from 7th March . I have latest versions of CS30,31,32,38,39,41, LOLER'd climbing kit, saws, PPE and transport. I'm 42 so have pre '97 trailer licence. I can drive up to 7.5 ton including trailer, my trailer driving is fine but the reversing is taking some refreshing. I also have 25+ years worth of life skills (punctuality, work ethic etc). I was also a qualified mechanic, have experience as a welder fabricator and worked for an agricultural contractor doing fencing and maintaining his fleet of kit. I did spend 15 years as a Civil Servant so, whilst I may be a bit soft around the edges I've still got a few good years left in me yet. I've not got much experience, I've worked for Bath and North East council and just finishing a month of street tree pollarding in Bristol but I have got a lot of enthusiasm and I'm willing to have a go at almost anything. This thread was about my progress into Arb. Please feel free to contact me here via PM or email [email protected] and I'll be happy to PM or email back my mobile number and can send out a current CV Kind regards Matt
  6. The rain has eased off but its still bloomin windy. The boss has just cancelled today so looks like it's back to bed :-)
  7. For the climbing and aerial rescue course (old CS38) you won't need any chainsaw trousers - wear whatever you feel comfortable in. For the chainsaw part (old CS39) I imagine most providers would want type C full protection trousers. Some providers may be able to lend / hire you some. As far as working goes I believe that type C are 'safer' as they provide all round protection but they're *mostly* really hot. You can put a note in the risk assessment about the heat aspect and wear type A, obviously then taking more care of the saw in the tree with limited protection
  8. Stoatally

    Tiny echo!

    Sorry, yes. It is the Sugi bar and chain combo. Just trying to find out if I can run the stihl bar and chain setup from the 2510 on it as a spare or will I need to change the sprocket? Currently the only spare chain I have for it is the stihl I bar and chain. Guess I need to order spares!
  9. Stoatally

    Tiny echo!

    Its the sugihara .043 1/4 as supplied from Rob D. It was the little stihl pico chain 0.043 56 links
  10. Stoatally

    Tiny echo!

    Do i need to change the sprocket or anything to run the fancy little bar and chain from Rob on the 2510 so it goes on the 2511?
  11. The standards that apply to 'agricultural vehicles' are also different iirc, when carrying road checks. It's true though that it is the responsibility of the driver of any vehicle to ensure it meets road worthiness standards at all times, whether it needs an MOT or not. There are plenty of vehicles out there that are under the age of fist MOT that don't meet the standards because the owner / driver never checks.


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