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  1. Looking for a hard top for a navara

    not sure if N and J do colour-coded tops but they are worth a look.
  2. Decent Tv series

    The last kingdom based on the books by the bloke who wrote Sharpe
  3. Followed a few surveyors like that doing the consenting:thumbdown:
  4. When I was doing resilience surveying I would definitely have noticed a tree growing a metre away from the pole. Sent from my E8QP using Arbtalk mobile app
  5. would it not be covered under a resilience programme with it being close to the pole?
  6. Chapter 8 HiViz decals?

    Where I work we do a lot of high speed roads and so we get memos from people like Balfour Beatty etc about this sort of thing and apparently if the vehicle isn't white then it requires the waist stripe and the beacon needs to be visible through 360 degrees.
  7. Sell your winches!!

    new addition to the fleet bob? its not aspen blue.
  8. landrover bowler

    road going version of the nemesis, the qxr I think; has 4 seats and a stereo.
  9. If I was to text you this.

    I presume I adjust the angle of dangle of the spigot spring in the foofoo valve?
  10. Tree inspection kit for pti course

    a clinometer is a good investment in case the laser packs in.
  11. Personal protective equipment

    the husky helmet I was issued with at work is basically a rebranded jsp helmet with msa muffs and visor.
  12. Tractor + chipper stolen - leeds

    the irony of this is that it was next door to the police station at weetwood according to the post paul put on facebook.
  13. Personal protective equipment

    your college will probably organise a trip to the APF and you'll be able to try on all the different makes and shop around for the best price.
  14. what to look out for on an old L200?

    Don't I know it. My 54 plate dc decided that it would drink all the coolant in the rad and then seize solid. this was after the turbo was replaced. Since then been a bit easier on fuel but not much (roughly 25mpg).
  15. Tattoos in the workplace

    not got any myself but have often toyed with the idea of blood group on arm or shoulder blade.


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