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  1. Does anyone know where I could find someone offering this 1 day course...?? Any help greatly appreciated....
  2. Could anyone tell me please where i can get a tree inspection kit suitable for a pti course..???
  3. Could anyone help me with a recommendation, I need to get a probe. I'm signing up for a PTI course and would like to get one asap. Any help appreciated David
  4. Just so you can see it here's a picture of the pond taken a few yards further along from the oak. Perhaps it was a hippo.....
  5. Thanks for the input lads, bacterial wetwood would seem to be the problem. I've just been reading up on the causes and symptoms and it seems highly likely that this is what it is. Perhaps the tree became infected with the bacteria through its roots and it's this that has caused the limbs that you can see in the photo to split, and then of course the slime appears. I couldn't get really close up to the tree because on the day it was blowing a gale, the tree's on quite a steep bank and I didn't fancy a dip in the pool. You learn something new every day..... Thanks again
  6. Sorry for the mistake, of course it's a small oak. I'm guessing that it's acute oak decline but it's the first time I've seen anything as bad as this, has anyone else seen an oak bleeding as bad as this one, particularly as it's only a small specimen. I see dozens of mature oaks every week and to date I haven't seen one showing any signs of infection. As I mentioned earlier this one is on the bank of a deep overgrown pool in the middle of a big field.
  7. I found this on a small ash tree near Birmingham a few days ago and thought I'd post it on here, I've never seen bleeding canker like this on an ash tree. The tree is on the bank of a deep pool in the middle of a field and I had to lean right out to get the photos, so I hope they are clear enough. There were other ash trees in an adjacant field but they they showed no signs at all. Is it Chalara Fraxinea or something else..?? any ideas...... David
  8. Thanks for the feedback Paul, I'll pass the info on to the Estate Manager. Regards David
  9. A couple of days ago I was in a woodland area on an estate near Pattingham and one of the guys there showed me a medium sized oak tree that had what looked like a long rust coloured streak on one side of the stem. He said that he had recently noticed quite a few trees with this discolouration and asked me if I knew what it was. The tree appeared to be OK, there were no signs of dieback an the crown appeared to be normal. The only thing I noticed was that there appeared to be a little bit of 'seepage' at a few points on the outer bark but there were no fissures or holes in the bark. I said I'd find out but I can't seem to identify it. Does anyone know what it could be? I'd really appreciate a bit of advice. It was raining a bit at the time and I didn't take a picture but I was hoping that someone might be able to help. Thanks David
  10. I don't have any cord in lengths at the moment but around March/April I'll be extracting a large quantity of Forestry Commission Beech/Ash/Oak all below 14" from the Bewdley area. I'll keep your details and get a price from my haulier for a 25 tonne load and let you know in a few weeks. What I have at the moment is about 50ms3 of assorted seasoned logs packed mainly in vented bags, with some of it in 40ltr nets, at my depot in Birmingham if that's of any interest to you. Regards David
  11. I've got about 50 to 60ms3 of assorted logs available at our depot in Birmingham, it's all indoors and we are situated about 5mins from either J5 or J6 of the M6. Most of it is packed in 1m3 vented log bags that we got from Bag Supplies and there's also about 60-70 40ltr nets as well, and some of it in builders bags/ Nearly all of it is between 18 to 23% MC with about 5 or 6 ms3 freshly split that is between 25 to 30% MC. I'm enclosing pictures so you can see for yourself, you can come and have a look as well if that suits you. The bulk of the logs are about 8 to 10ins with some larger ones as well that are useful for open fires. We have been netting and selling a fair bit of what was there so it looks a bit untidy but I'll have everything packed neatly into the 1m3 bags before moving it on, or if anyone wants me to I can have it all netted and sell it that way. We need the space now so I'm open to any reasonable offers. We have a JCB telehandler with either forks or a bucket so we can load any type of vehicle, and I also have a 18tonne flatbed with a hiab that can take about 12-14 ms3 a load if a delivery is required within a reasonable distance of Birmingham. I'd rather if possible load someone elses vehicle, a bigger lorry would make the haulage cheaper. If anyone is interested please get back to me. I put this post on yesterday and it got deleted, but I've sorted that out now. I'll put my link to the Firewood Directory on at a later date after I've got it sorted out properly, Steve Bullman has confirmed that it's OK for me to post.
  12. Try Bag Supplies, they stock and sell all types of vented log bags.
  13. I really appreciate the responses, I'm going to take a look at a Japa on Monday in Warwick and then contact the Farmi and Palax dealers to see if I can get a demo organised. I want to be able to process fresh 12" timber and then leave it to season through the summer in nets and vented log bags. I figure that if it's logged straightway it should season a lot faster than in the round. I've got a couple of blocks of beech mixed with ash and oak to fell and extract starting in March/April and as well as processing my own timber I want to be able to offer a logging service on a day rate or a m3 rate to anyone who wants to turn their own timber into logs which is I why I want a mobile processor. The advice that Gensetsteve gave about the powered feeder is very useful so I'll speak to the dealers about it. I own an 18 tonne flatbed with a hiab and I can have a towbar fitted for a processor or a plant trailer so I'll have complete mobile unit to log and transport at the same time. Hopefully I'll be able to get some customers by advertising and word of mouth, I figure that there must be a market if can turn 'timber waste' into logs on site. I also own a Volvo F12 articulated timber lorry for transporting poles. I live in Birmingham and if anyone is willing to let me come over to their place and take a look at their setup I'd be really grateful. I'd like to meet some of you because I want to become a wholesale supplier and I figure that if I've got the right kit myself there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to. If anyone is interested let me know.
  14. Hi everyone, I want to buy a mobile towable engine driven processor and I'm going to Fuelwood in Warwick on Monday to take a look at their Japa 300 that can process up to 10'', does anyone have any advice or experience with this type of kit...??? any info would be greatly appreciated David


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