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  1. Puffster

    Unhappy Ash

    Erm... prevailing wind from one would take out my woodshed and stone garage and the other probably the electricity and possibly corner of my house! Perhaps a few select branches might be removed.
  2. Puffster

    Unhappy Ash

    Thanks Stubby, that is my fear too. Is it worth pollarding and hoping to see some life in the future or should they just come down?
  3. Puffster

    Unhappy Ash

    I have a couple of Ash trees on my property and whilst others, typically the ones that were pollarded a few years ago, have all sprouted bundles of leaves, these two have maybe a few dozen new spouts each. I presume that they may have reached a certain time of their life... What is the best approach to them? Pollard and hope that will encourage sprouting or just take them out altogether? Typically, both are near enough buildings and powerlines
  4. Puffster

    Show us your fencing!!

    My first 200m, all done by hand with a post knocker, crowbar & a strainer - fuff my chest hurt after that...
  5. Puffster

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    My partner's bro-in-law would probably be happy to take logs off of you. He's forever looking for wood from local tree jobs (he's SE12 to your SE13).
  6. Puffster

    Welcome new members

    I've just found this thread 🙄 Wannabe tree person, been cutting things down/up since I was a kid with a late 60s Oregon 20" - absolute beast and still working. More recently have bought some land, which needs recovering from nature and planted some trees, so this forum is a very useful resource. Also like kit, which it seems many of you on here do too and look on enviously at some of the stuff you guys get to play with. If I hadn't fallen into my current career path 30+ years ago, the only other thing I had been interested in was forestry and tbh, wish I'd done that instead.
  7. Puffster

    Excavator Thumb

    I've an old Peljob EB12 which I got cheap and have been fixing up where necessary. Might be a 1.5t, not sure but starts easy and works well apart from left track being a bit lazy - need to fix the valve slice for it.
  8. Puffster

    Excavator Thumb

    You mean something like https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kellfri-Micro-Digger-Excavator-Grab-Grapple-215-00-vat-NON-QUICKHITCH-/122992676000 ?? Another something I knew nothing about before this forum...
  9. Puffster

    Excavator Thumb

    1.2 is what I've got and I cannot justify bigger but anything is an improvement on grunt work I reckon. I got the digger for drainage work originally but the land has a lot of over-grown hedge that has spread out everywhere. Max 10" diameter on the biggest trunks/branches but the rest has essentially just been spreading for the last 35 years, so grows big, falls over, sprouts/roots/shoots rinse/repeat. So I chop it down, remove/sort the smaller branches for chipping and keep/stack the bigger ones for firewood.
  10. Puffster

    Excavator Thumb

    My usual method of clearing woodland/copses before reading this forum was the ecky-thump grunt approach, where armed with a chainsaw, a hook and a can of spinach I would approach the task with gusto but as I'm sure you all know, its hard work. I now have a mini-digger and before I wade in to clear my next 1/3 acre was thinking about adding an excavator thumb to the arm. Whilst looking for suitable versions, I see they do hydraulic ones as well for not much more. Which one is best? Does the hydraulic one add much more versatility? Any recommendations for ones suitable for a 1.2t digger?
  11. Puffster

    Alpine tractor talk

    This is my Antonio Carrero Tigre 3200 Running the wider wheels as quite a lot of my land is boggy but have still managed to get it stuck a couple of times - hence the winch on the front! Only 26hp but quite happily runs the attached PTO chipper. Its been on 25 degree slopes sideways without issue though the driver was papping it. Only downside is that I can't run wheel weights on those wheels, so need to get my fabricator to run up a caddy for some nose ones, otherwise it can be a bit light at the front (with said chipper or a full tank for the sprayer for instance).
  12. Puffster

    Toyota Rav 4?

    My partner is selling her 54 RAV4 3dr 2.0 Petrol XT3 VVT-i with less than 50,000 miles on the clock. 2 lady owners, FSH. This car is 2-tone (dark grey with silver bumpers) and comes with full leather and a/con. She wants less than your budget. It has been faultless for her since she's owned it for about 3 & 1/2 years. Couple of small car park marks and alloys could probably do with a touch up - good tyres. Let me know if of interest.
  13. Puffster

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    This is mine & is certainly not a show 'n shine example :D
  14. I use a GD106 (I think), which has slightly higher sides and is generally a beast of a trailer. Can't see its like on google but mine includes a tray for the bucket (or anything else you fancy). Tows well but at over 7ft wide is a bit of a challenge when meeting oncoming traffic on a narrow lane. With the higher sides, its practical for using as a load carrier too and although its not currently, it can be caged for even more versatility. For someone who only has one trailer, its a very practical all-rounder.


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