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  1. PMR radios would likely be better than CB version - less chumps interfering! No licence requirements either. Commonly used by off-roading types. Obviously come in handheld and vehicle powered types.
  2. I've got 26" spot/flood combo eBay specials on both my tractor and mini-digger. With the tractor, been perfectly lit for running around fields (I have a couple of small 6" ones on the rear as well for reversing/PTO stuff) and using as a mobile lighting rig. I don't bother with the headlights that actually came on the tractor! With the digger, its fine for digging at night - was doing foundations and loading a dumper, though I might get an offset spot to shine off the boom. I've seen the same sort of lights, CE marked and "UK supplied" from traders/websites but at 10x the cost. There's a lot of snake oil seemingly involved but the cheap eBay ones work perfectly well. Someone would really have to prove the extra value of a multi hundred pound one over a similar £40 eBay version.
  3. Er... good point! I had one in Ireland and the others in Wales and I haven't got round to processing that I've bought the 135 over...
  4. Bought a 2nd hand Husqvarna 36 on eBay a few years ago. Since then its been reliable, easy start and great for brashing/chopping and general clearance. I liked it as it was light and allowed me to get on with the job. It started cutting out, so dropped it into my local mech, who is very good and knows his business (also a Husqvarna dealer). He's just popped it round and said its not worth fixing - he's tried crank seals, carb etc but he can tune it to start and be happy but then it gets hot and stops. He can tune it when its hot to stay running but then its tough to start when cold & so on. Anyway, guess the question is, what should I replace it with that is as reliable or more but maybe a bit more powerful? Would prefer to stay Husky, needs to be as light (lighter?) as the 36 or the 135 I also have. Spent this afternoon logging with a 455 and my lower back knows about it
  5. Inishowen - the land that Dublin forgot...
  6. I know nothing about anything. We own about 10 hectares on a couple of hills overlooking the sea that have essentially been left for about 40 years. No good for sheep or cattle, so we've left it. Used to be the fishermen used to cut the sallies for lobster pots but no longer. Anyway, its probably 60% covered now in self-seeded hazel, with some hawthorn and holly - another 15 years and it'll all be covered. Rest is cooch grass, ferns and gorse. Can't build on it, so can't sell for plots, so would be nice to be able to get some return on it. Thanks for the advice, will look into ProSilva. More than happy to cut it all down to let it grow again!
  7. Anyone know anything about grants for planting trees/setting land aside for trees in Ireland? In particular hazel and other native species? I've several hectares of old fields that's been let go to growth and instead of clearing it down, would it be worth my while to keep it natural? On various websites it says its possible, just want to know how best to go about it and whether I can be retrospective in any way.
  8. This is my mini-dumper. Not fast but takes 1.5t almost anywhere. Dropped a shackle on it and it'll drag stumps & stuff around all day. Tempted to get it re-piped to take an attachment such as a splitter or post knocker on it.
  9. Hey, no worries, I thought it was an amusing response
  10. Nice idea but unfortunately not always possible with Welsh weather & I'd still have wet hands Does no-one have any recommendations for waterproof ones?
  11. Oh ye of great wit! Unlike the rest of you, I'm not a pro and just after dry and protected hands for when I do venture out. I also try and take care of my kit
  12. As per title - I have/had a lovely pair of Husky gloves but moving wet wood and they soon get soaked through. They've now, after 3 years, started to go at the thumb so need replacing and I'm after some equally as good but waterproof if such a thing exists...??
  13. 80 on the A75 (NSL) was a fixed penalty in 1998 82 on the A75 (NSL) in 2018 & they cocked up the NIP, so nothing... But, at 22 over the posted limit you are looking at the higher level of fine, which is some % of your monthly income I believe. You would likely have to be (I think) at 26 above or more to be facing a ban. However, depends on your situation/hardship in which case more £ and less ban if reasonable. I was lucky for that last one.
  14. Got it finished. Picture doesn't do justice to the slope I don't think. Traversing along the contour lines was challenging, a good upper body workout. I'll do the up/down with a strimmer... Only thing I don't really like about it is the exhaust, which seems to come out straight at your middle. My clothes stink of fumes now.
  15. Seen them - not sure my Christmas trees would survive!


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