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  1. Cheers stu, will bell him in the morn.
  2. Evening folks. on a little break down in Cornwall, stopping in a cottage with a wood burner, seems I can only get the little shity net of wet logs from the local coop at great expense!! anyone on here flogging hardwood logs around the Porthleven area? Cheers.
  3. It keeps signing me out! Don't you want me!,
  4. pete23

    Mag drill

    Where I work they have various mag drills ranging fro rotorbroach down to the evolution ones, rotorbroach are heavy kit, evolution a lot lighter. They all get used every day and do a lot of work, most of the blokes use the evolution because of the lightness. So they get a fair bit of abuse due to the amount of work they do and the fact that the blokes there don't give a f..k about them as its not there kit!! Which really annoys me, but that's a different story. So yes, they ain't a bad bit of kit.
  5. Done a joint of lamb the other weekend with a hacksaw out me shed, I'm still alive!!
  6. Got a 500 ton press where I work! Great bit of kit!!
  7. Nothing wrong with that saw bench, just idiots these days with no common sense!! Most certainly don't scrap it, plenty of people out there who know how to use such tools. Respect has a lot to do with it.
  8. Citroen champ, getting a bit long in the tooth, great van if you find a decent one, 60 mile to the gallon!!
  9. Think I've been cutting up a old apple tree today, the farmer seems to think it was, but I'm not sure. Will get a pic of the logs and bark tomorrow, for your opinions.
  10. Big coffee table or just a two cuppa?


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