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  1. Changes to Arbtalk forum app

    Steve As this thread is about Arbtalk this has just appeared on my of screen It's never happened before
  2. contaminated diesel

    these salso sell biocide ive just had to put in my mog as the filters were totally clogged seems to have worked so far Search Results for 'biocide' | Smith & Allan stock a wide range of oils and lubricants for car and motorcycle engines. Buy online now.
  3. Wanted towable chipper 750Kg max

    ive just put my 5 inch entec on ebay v twin kohler petrol engine still runs and chips well
  4. woodburners and heat reclamation

    i fitted a stove for friendswith a brand new eco house this has a whole house ventilation/heat recovery system of some sort fitted where it takes heat out of the say the kitchen when cooking filters the smells out and makes an even temp house
  5. Wood burner or multi fuel

    you might find a data plate on the back of the stove if its fairly new if not get a pic on here im sure someone will be able to id it
  6. How much to fit a flu liner

    if it is a large enough chimney then yes when putting a liner down an existing clay lined chimney its near on impossible as the liner fills most of it you dont have to insulate but it can make the liner work better if you dont use vermiculite but use a pot hanging cowl they have a small air gap allowing an un insulated lined chimney the vent
  7. How much to fit a flu liner

    my info came from the guy teaching the hetas coarse 4 1/2 years ago when fitting a stove you should use steelto close off the chimney (register plate) as if anything drops down the chimney it would break the hardi backer board and the use of a 5 inch liner is only permitted if using a defra stove with a 5 inch outlet if the stove has a 6 inch outlet defra or not it can only be used with a 6 inch flue you cannot go from 6 inch out of the stove down to 5 inch liner Im also a qualified HETAS installer and have never had any problems with stoves i have fitted when i have my yearly inspection
  8. How much to fit a flu liner

    hardie backer board is not suitable,register plate should be minimum 1.6mm thick galvanised steel also when fitting the angle iron use the plugless concrete fixings (thunderbolts or similar )as the heat from the liner could melt a plastic plug
  9. How much to fit a flu liner

    you can only use 5 inch flue if it is a defra approved stove
  10. Vacuum for sweeping

    the guy i fit stoves with is also a sweep i he uses one called a sturdy vac like the one on the left on this link chimney_vacuums
  11. How much to fit a flu liner

    chances are that if it was fitted to a boiler it will be the wrong grade of liner probably single wall flexi ,this is not suitable for solid fuel, twin wall flexi liner either 316 or 904 is what you need as this is rated upto 650 degrees
  12. Ranger MPG. What do you get?

    i can agree with you here i changed my 3 litre rodeo 2 years ago to a diesel dodge ram 2500heavy duty the last 2 years i have towed a 30ft trailer to southern germany the on board mpg gives a reading of 14
  13. PTI Cambs area

    Acacia tree surgery Acacia Tree Surgery
  14. mitsubishi shogun automatic gearbox dying ?

    theres a breakers i have used for parts for my shogun pinin that are pretty good at getting the parts out quick look up MITZY BITz heres a link Mitzy Bitz
  15. Rotary Chimney sweeper ?

    the guy i fit stoves with uses this system Home seems pretty good the rods even sweep some of the awkward set ups people have with AGAS


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