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  1. No sap flowing as yet - thanks again for the advice.
  2. Thanks Guys for the info - so it will not die then if left to its own devices
  3. I had to take two large limbs of a Silver Birch last week and I know they bleed badly. My question is should i put something on the cuts or will it be ok just left. Thanks any advice appreciated.
  4. You will love it every bit as good as the CS100 and a lot easier to move about Wish I had not sold mine now
  5. None of the little chipper have hour counters - just buy a tacho and fit it yourself, easy peasy My under a grand chipper is proving its worth - only gets out once/twice a week but so far bleedin BRILL for the money.
  6. Just bought one AGAIN £999 inc vat and delivery. Sitting in my garage still on the pallet as arrived a hour ago. Looks decent + 2 years warranty. Had two CS100 in the past sold em as I was packing in - but keep getting asked by old customers to do jobs. So thought would give this one a punt at that price
  7. Link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Venom-13-HP-Wood-chipper-in-nearly-brand-new-condition/222886966500?hash=item33e51934e4:g:QKEAAOSwGltaoZT4
  8. There is a Rock chipper on ebay in very could condition for £1200, only 6 months old - I reckon you could get it for a grand cash
  9. Stump grinder and pressure washer - BRILL so far - 3 years in.
  10. Hi Padman, do you still have the rock chipper. Is it still going good? I'm looking at wee chippers at the moment. The CS100 initially and although I can fund it, it's alot of money. Was looking at the rock and Deleks do a very similar chipper to the CS100 with the same Briggs engine as the rock and around the same price. Both look good on video. Any input would be gratefully accepted. Thanks

  11. Yes - brilliant chipper for a third of the price of a CS100 and just as GOOD. I have had two over priced CS100's and I prefer the Rock one + money in the bank
  12. I am getting database error when i try to post in other sections
  13. I have owed the Rock chipper now for a while and have to say its every bit as good as the CS100 of which I have owed two off. Plus at under half the price. To me the CS100 is over priced. I sold the Greenmech after buying the Rock. I no longer have a tipper so chip into a box van these days. On the smaller jobs it fits in the van as well with just 4 bolts to remove, 5 minute job
  14. A huge than you to gardenkit. Stuff arrived this morning and all fitted Great service :thumbup1:


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