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  1. Davescay

    Customer management

    Hi Thanks for the replies. I use freeagent and can add my customers on there. But have around 400-500 last time I checked and it would clog up the accountancy software plus I can't run sale reports from there. I'm text messaged based at the minute and export messages into excel. Then sort from in there to get unique numbers with logs/ firewood as key words. I'm dreading the day I have to manually input it all into a database. With regards to gdpr I think I'm fairly safe. Nothing too complicated about it for us. Keep things secure. Offer opt out ways if you're marketing to customers
  2. Davescay

    Customer management

    Hi Do you guys use any software to manage your firewood customers. I'm getting to the stage where I need to start recording addresses, orders etc which I can then search to help with marketing etc. I need something more advanced than a spreadsheet. I would create a access database but I use Macs and can't use it on them I've looked at various crm software but can't find any to suit my business. I do both online sales and phone. Most are done via text Many thanks
  3. Davescay

    Stihl HSA 86 fail.

    I've found that using spray grease in the gear housing seems to work best, have the blades running whilst spraying in the grease, you hear the noise change to something smoother. I tend to do this after 3-4 charges. I did have issues with one of mine from new as it was never properly greased when PDI'd it wore out the lobes and got replaced under warranty. Basically plenty of lube and you'll be fine
  4. Hi Just to give you the heads up that if you get a email from biomasaforestalsl50@gmail.com (Emilio Gonzalez) this is a scam They are offering cheap firewood from spain, Company is called Biomamsa Forestal, which does exist and legit but only sells pellets I made enquiries to go and see them. I spoke to the factory direct and they only sell wood pellets and confirmed that this is a scam and that Emilio is not connected with them in any way Hopefully no one has fell for this and sent money
  5. Scamans Ltd is looking to recruit a highly motivated individual to undertake Grounds Maintenance works on various retail, residential and commercial sites. You will be working on your own and as team leader. Must have experience Full time £9.50hr Based in Sunderland Call/text Dave 07789487698
  6. Davescay

    EU Imported firewood into the UK

    Sales are up this year. quality, consistency and availability is good of the imported logs. Just a shame the exchange rate is so crap but you can't have it all
  7. Davescay

    Anyone tried a panel van for delivering logs?

    I deliver all my logs on one of my vans, either a transit custom or Citroen Relay. I only supply nets and can get a good load each time. Around 100 nets a trip. I only sell Kiln dried so i think its important that the logs arrive dry. I saw one of my competitors yesterday with 4 dumpy bags on a bag of a dropside in the pouring rain, not covered getting wet. Although it won't effect the logs that much it doesn't make a good impression in my opinion.
  8. Davescay


    Anyone based in North East England. I get through about 2000 meets a season
  9. Davescay

    Arb Show Latvia October

    Hi First of all import firewood from latvia and know that the guys doing the cutting processing are poorly paid compared to us. However they still use the same equipment or very similar from previous trips I'm off to this show to see what and how they work across there and any further business opportunities. Just booked my flights from sheffield £35 inc baggage in cabin with WIzzair, i've flown with them before and found them excellent. Is anyone going or thinking of going and we could meet up? Cheers Information for Participants Dave
  10. Davescay


    This came up on my Facebook feed https://mobile.twitter.com/gmptraffic/status/765850928528367616/photo/1
  11. Just found this for anyone who has the cordless hedge trimmers. I'll be taking mine back for some new shiny ones HSA 65 & HSA 85 recall | STIHL
  12. Hi Do any of you guys look after willow structures in schools/nursereys etc? Here is the one i'm tasked with looking after. What would be your recommendations? Treat it like a hedge? Hard prune each winter? Any help appreciated
  13. Davescay

    RHI outputs realistic

    Hi Of those of you who've got gasification boilers/ farm 2000 etc do you find you clocking up the kwh on the heat metre as predicted? I'm looking at installing a small farm 2000 and just want to see what returns others are getting. Thanks
  14. Davescay

    EU Imported firewood into the UK

    I import. There may well be a trade tarrif imposed amongst other things. There's a 2 year negotiation before anything happens. What hurts me at the minute is the exchange rate. If I could buy local for the same quality and price then I would. If imports were restricted there would be quite the shortage of wood. The UK just doesn't have enough to be self sufficient
  15. Davescay

    radioactive logs

    I'm fairly sure that if the logs had any signs of radioactivity it customs would soon pick up on it. However if you were offered cheap glow in the dark logs from the chernobyl forest i might be a little concerned. On a more serious reply, look at this map. Basically don't buy from near the pretty colours. Latvia, Lithuania which are the main suppliers will be fine


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