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  1. Did anybody see the one show last night, about even efficient stoves is like the equivalent to the same carbon levels to 18 diesel cars, I’d like to see the proof or facts to back this quote.
  2. We are I think even bonfire night nots looking good now
  3. Bri


    It's not the public buying these from the log guy, it's these stores some now are solid briquettes which each one will burn for two-three hours
  4. Bri


    I hope the information is wrong as they will be lots of log sellers going to the wall me included
  5. Bri


    They store them in garage shed etc or place in house they are in cartons
  6. Bri


    He says Well it's not me, but a few customers do they say to me thy pick these up from a well kwown store at there convience, so made me think when he told me this. Lees hassle to store logs and stacking them etc definitely food for thought.
  7. Bri


    He's saying in 1-2 years time, over in Europe these are a big seller now
  8. Bri


    Would appreciate people's views on this, I have talking to a guy who I know and he's sold his wood proccesssor and equipment and putting it all into making these briquettes, he is quite shrewd and reckons the log days are going to be gone with more and more buying these briquettes apparently some give off really good heat and last for a good few hours, easy to store too, it's making me think about putting much more money in buying timber in.
  9. Bri


    Sorry for late reply to everyone, I've managed to get some just my normal supplier not been very reliable so sourced some now last minute. Many thanks Brian
  10. Bri


    Looking for a good supplier for a few hundred kindling nets 600x450 if possible. Will be looking to purchase more if price & quality good. Kind regards Brian
  11. Bri

    Vented Dumpy Bags

    Your right alycidon ,best vented bags on the market I'm my opinion and Mca kingstone use proper materials to stop them fading or weakening due to Uvb rays etc. I had 100 and lasted really well 3years plus and being used ever wk for 6months of the year.
  12. Bri

    Billets or logs

    Some good feedback on this topic,I might try a cage of billets and a cage of logs in cage too, it's mostly the silver birch that starts to show signs of mould, but I appreciate trying to air dry during October through to march is a bit trickier. I don't have the kilns and need to still proceed during the winter months too to keep up stock levels. Kind regards to everyone who gave some feedback
  13. Bri

    Billets or logs

    Seems splitting in winter and storing them to season looks tricky to do maybe
  14. Bri

    Billets or logs

    Thanks for your thoughts I personally found billets more time consuming than just ringing and splitting The smaller stuff fine goes through processor Just last year I carried on cutting in winter too and found logs started to mould off and they were kept outside too. Wondering if billets would do that as more gaps for air flow Regards bri
  15. The purpose of cutting into billets 1m long Rather than just cutting into logs Interested in people's opinion on this


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