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  1. Craig, I have used Google maps on all my applications in the last few years, Never had a problem with my local To's (Beds) Could understand if you have a large group of trees, But, as you have done, with a large pointy arrow and a good description of the tree, I cannot see why the TO would have a problem.... I thought they made a lot more sense then a line drawing and then trying to draw a top down scale size canopy, Plus easier to carry out the application with the Planning Portal. Hope the TO sees sense
  2. Better to look at it as an investment, Looked after, these chip boxes will last a long time, Had one on my transit for 13yrs, only needs a bit of TLC and it will go straight onto a newer chassis. Plus Hiluxs go on forever...
  3. Hi Andrew, Check out http://www.blsearle.co.uk/Pick-Up-Tipping-and-Arboricultural-Conversions.php Just done one for me, Great workmanship, And custom built to your requirements. Awesome! They did a tipper for my old transit as well. Still going strong at 13 years old.
  4. I had a good look at the harness at the show at the weekend, It has some excellent features, It looks very well designed and constructed, and i liked the idea of the full body harness that can be added for use in MEWPS. Really comfortable! Price seems very fair for a quality item thats made in the UK! One of the climbers that works with us has preordered one today I belive, and I will certainly be ordering one in the future. Good luck with this Craig I did not get a chance to chat, But i see you had a lot of interest Remember Guys its made here in the UK
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for the support on this, Just flew back late yesterday night so a rest day is in order. The GB team had a great time in Austria and finished a highly respectable 5th place, only losing out to a strong Canadian team who went on to finish 2nd. Everyone on the team had been training hard and the results are showing, Its building up to be an even better year in 2015, Big Big Thanks to Stihl GB for all the input towards the Timbersports and for Steve Bullman for posting this up. Look out for some photos of the event at: http://www.facebook.com/STIHLTIMBERSPORTS Work safe guys and thanks for the support Chris
  6. Square filing is worth it if your cutting clean wood and you know your not going to need touching it up a lot. As said above its pretty specialist most grind with a machine and carry spare chains, rather then field sharpen. Seem like most of the west coast fallers in the us use it but they might not be dealing with loads of wood that has been skidded through sand/gravel/rocks. As spud said we use it on some hotsaws in the Timbersports, But thats ultra clean wood. and you only do three quick cuts. Seems like its easier to just round file over here. Its cheap, Everyone carrys the files and its easier to do in the field. That said i may be looking at getting some square filled chain for my own personal work saw. I'll keep you posted Chris
  7. hi jon yep the 661 was used at the british champs
  8. Any idea why the TCIA are against the Two man minimum rule?
  9. Hey Guys and girls, are you thinking of getting a Spiderjack..? ...You are! Well thats just great! Why not pop over to arbtrader and check out my listing, You wont regret it Cheers Chris ART SpiderJack ArbTrader Arborists Classifieds
  10. Agreed, they are close fitting!
  11. In reply to original question, i"m a 34" waist but seem to have slightly larger thighs and i needed the XL to go over them, I tried the L and they looked like they had been sprayed on! the waist on mine is too large but i use the braces and belt approach. They are by far the best trouser i've had, In 19 years of tree work without doubt. IMO Hope that helps
  12. Little pic of my stock 660 and my "not so stock" 660 ; ) http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=151799&stc=1&d=1395355781
  13. Chris P


  14. Chris P

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  15. Very Clean Elf, Nice one, Are you keeping it?
  16. Hey Jon, Ha Ha 10 out of 10 for effort but no saw is not for sale. I would say a ported 660 is gonna be better, performance wise then a 661 due to the 661 being restricted for emmissions, Noise, Etc, But saying that, the stock 661 is going to be a good on fuel, emmisions, vibration, and it will still pull a big bar. we used a 18" on stock 661s for the world championships and they run great. Not sure how many mods you will be able to do to a 661 due to the M-tronic, Spud may know more ? Dont want to derail spuds thread to much but i'll try to get some vids of a stock 660 vs ported 660 and once the 661 shows up, we can race that! Hope that helps a bit
  17. Hi Steve, Great first impressions mate! Had a little run with her today she sings! and torque is way way better. Only some big willow today so not a real test but you can feel that the saw just wants to eat the wood!! Cheers Bud I'll try to have some vids up soon guys, comparing my stock 660 with the Spudded 660, they are running differant sprockets at the moment so once they are both on the same size we'll have a good comparision. Yep we'll have a day out with some saws sometime. I'll try and get some of the guys with hotsaws to show up
  18. Hey Mendip, Yep we ran 661s in Germany, They did go quite well, Lot lighter weight wise. Not really had much more of a go on one then that though, i"m sure Stihl will have it sorted soon
  19. Might be worth trying these guys, They have done numerous projects and are open to any ideas, I dont think the type approval will phase them, Chipping Bodies & Ground Maintenance Vehicle Bodies | BL Searle Ltd Talk to Steve, he knows us pretty well. Chris Marston Vale Tree Care
  20. Based on pics i would remove it. Too many possible future problems
  21. <p>Cheers Steve, I'LL pm you. Thanks mate</p>


    <p>Hi Steve, </p>

    <p>Bugger i'll have to write it all again,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I notice your in Herts, I'm just on the Beds/ Bucks border so your not a million miles away, I do have a Ms660 that i want to carry out some work on (as well as others), I wondered if it would be possible to meet up and talk about what i want to do, Thinking i might want to carry out some of the work myself (who dosen't like a bit of tinkering) but i am also aware that i don't want to ruin anything. Guess i want to know </p>

    <p>1 Prices for porting + Possible engine work. </p>

    <p>2 if your happy to work on saws that have been ported by others or if you would want to do all the work yourself.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I guess there might be more questions, More then i can type! </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Look forward to your thoughts, </p>

    <p> </p>





    <p>Hi spud,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Did you just get a message from me? Dont know if it sent or not</p>

    <p> </p>


    <p> </p>




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