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  1. Reductions

    This is the 'crap reduction that's not actually that crap' thread by the looks of it!
  2. Show us your website!

    When was the last time you used wordpress? Things have changed and they now have 3 package levels with the 'business' package costing £200 per year... this is the one that would remove ads from the blog and allow the extra customisation.
  3. Show us your website!

    You pay wordpress or whoever owns it... I'm using wordpress nothing else for my website. They give an option to upgrade which removes adverts and allows you to do a few more features one of which is custom META tags (this would be the main attraction but I'm not sure if google even relies on these anymore)
  4. Show us your website!

    Yes it is free, but I need to pay for the adverts to be removed (they are on my blog). Just want to know if I will benefit from the premium package ?
  5. Show us your website!

    Thanks eggs, I shall change that! Hope you're well?
  6. Show us your website!

    Morning arbtalk... I have been working on my website http://www.peterharttreeservices.co.uk lately and thought I might post a link on this thread for some extra traffic but more importantly some constructive feedback. As a side note does anybody pay for the premium wordpress package? My thoughts for doing this are that it removes adverts from your site and blog and apparently allows you to customise the META tags for your site. Many thanks in advance for any one that takes the time to click!
  7. What changed

    I grew up in the 80's and 90's and I guess I was the last to grow up with only having what was essential... todays life of luxury is a far cry from my childhood and I must say the amount of unhappiness I see now around me (friends, family, customers, social bloody media) makes me yearn for a simpler life - aspiring to have 'everything' is clearly not working for people.
  8. What changed

    This point is what I was trying to relay to my Dad recently... Also throw into the mix the fact that people with cash aren't getting any return from banks and have been buying property with it to achieve rental returns to replace what they would have earned from interest rates from days gone by (5% etc). I should imagine the vast overcrowding and over population in this country hasn't helped with wages either.... so many people happy to work for lower wages just to have a job. Just google 'Tree surgeon' in your local area and see how many there are!!!!!!
  9. Large pippy oak potentially for sale.

    looking forward to seeing some pictures...
  10. Peltor Bluetooth ear defenders

    Our record is 7 headsets linked on site with sena. As long as you keep pairing and 'tapping people in ' down the chain it seems to work! Does get very silly though with 7 - banter flying around non stop!!
  11. Bat survey work

    Interesting point.
  12. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    That's brilliant. Amazing to see the south Asian link
  13. Staying fit and improving your climbing

    I do a lot of stretching (derived from yoga moves I believe). My physio has given me a routine to do to help with range of motion in my back (which I was struggling with a while ago). It helps relieve tension and makes me feel a lot more flexible too.
  14. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Wow, it will he very interesting to find out the results mate. I think I've got Scandinavian, French, German and plenty of home nations in me according to my family!
  15. Best way to clean carabiners??

    Warm water and washing up liquid has done the trick with my hardwear. Just cleaned all my kit in preparation for LOLER inspection tomorrow.


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