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  1. Hahahahaha, I’m not sure I am... I think I’ve lost the plot for wanting one! To be fair it’s more need than want
  2. Wanted - ideally U400 or U500 with linkage, pick up hitch and chip box. But would consider good condition square cab with decent horsepower. What’s about - message me with details. Thanks in advance [emoji106]
  3. Out hauling the excavator last week
  4. Looking for chainsaw operatives in Dorset (based near Wimborne), for wide range of forestry, estate and conservation work. Chainsaw cert and valid first aid + forestry essential. Machinery experience and FMOC a big advantage. Please contact me either via PM or email [email protected] Many thanks for reading, Pete.
  5. Very nice Pete. Been following you on instagram, looks like you have a great set up mate. Cheers Marc, we must get together for a cider soon mate
  6. It is fantastic, Eddie supplied it new for me. Its has been such a great addition to our kit.
  7. After a long absence from arbtalk, I thought I'd get back into the swing of things with a pic of my 8 tonner... Tree shear and rotator grab making life so much easier these days! Glad to finally have something to share on this thread - having been a long time lurker of 'show us your arb diggers'!
  8. I'll be going mate, it will be good to catch up ?
  9. Crikey, time flies... been about 5 years since I've posted on here too!
  10. Would this fit my Valmet 6600 or is the 8 series that much bigger that it wouldn't work?
  11. I've been really Impressed with my jo-beau... I bought it new and it's run like a dream for 5 years. It's very capable for its size and I'd say it punches well above it's weight. Narrow access and treads really lightly on rubber tracks. I'm actually about to put it up for sale due to a change in direction, so if anyone is interested send me a pm for more details.
  12. Where are you based In north Dorset Nick?
  13. If you fancy some extra bright spot lights have a look at cree lights on Amazon. Absolutely brilliant and very affordable. I bought two for winter mountain biking night rides and they've been awesome. From memory they were 25 quid each.
  14. I have a Pdf version as well as print, message me your email address and i'll ping it over (or dropbox it if its too big a file)


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