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  1. Hi all. Hope you’re all well. Seems an age since I was last here! Just bought a tp270k for the Valtra and need to change the blades. Have the gauge thingy but not sure where to measure from?! Not fussed on chip size at the mo as everything I’m chipping on a job is just being blasted back into the woods. Any help would be much appreciated Jonny
  2. Hi! sorry, not been on for a while! no it got sold to arborist Pete from here
  3. Evening all! I’m looking for a front mounted chipper for the mog. Have been offered a u400 and a ducker. I like the idea of having a ducker as currently have a tp200 so can use parts off that but have never used a schliesing. Could those that have please give me some feedback. Many thanks Jonny
  4. Need to have a clear out of a few bits and this framing is taking up space. £1000 (no vat) [emoji1303]
  5. Ours is still going strong, again, one of the original ones. Finally had an inner tube changed after 6+ years! Best bit of kit I own by far
  6. Maybe around 8-10 transit loads That bin is like a tardis!! [emoji23]
  7. Evening all. I’ve got a job coming up taking down two big Oaks. It’s all got to be rung up as access is not big enough for all the toys we have! I’m guesstimating at two big Botex chip bins full. If it’s any good to someone then please pm me. I don’t want anything for it except for a donation to a charity of your choice. If it’s not too far away(job is in Camberley) I’ll even deliver it for you. Cheers Jonny
  8. Loved mine too! As Stated, keep on top of the maintenance. [emoji1303]
  9. I’ve got this Guarding from my old 8050 and now don’t need it as I cant fit the Jake frame and this at the same time. It’s got a full belly plate too. Have no idea what it’s worth but if anyone is interested please pm me. (Apologies to mods if this post isn’t allowed. Please remove if need be) Cheers Jonny
  10. Morning all Recently picked up an 07 plate Ranger and want a hardtop for it. Can’t seem to find any on fleabay. Anyone know of one available or where’s best to look? Thankyou in advance Jonny
  11. Hi Paul Been a while since I’ve seen you. Fancy coming down south anytime soon? Be good to see you buddy JB [emoji1303]
  12. New toy collected today. Old toy off to a new home Wish I could keep them both
  13. From what I can see the difference in length is just 3” (I could be wrong) There seems to be enough on the guarding to allow for that. I liked the black panels so might get it painted/wrapped to look like a Decepticon again!


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