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  1. Craig Johnson

    Where can I buy extremely large potted trees?

    wykeham mature plant, on the way to scarborough from yours, good selection that you can wander round https://www.wykehammatureplants.co.uk/
  2. Craig Johnson

    Life of a climbing rope

    Did you read it? starts with manufactures give life expectancy of ten years and finishes with 'there's no hard and fast rules' 😜
  3. Craig Johnson

    fuel tank repair

    i spiked the side of the fuel tank on my 200t, not a big hole more a crack , but enough for it to weep. Any suggestions which glue/product i should use to fix?
  4. Craig Johnson

    Training to do LOLER assessments

    if you take its as written, then Every time you go to a new site and tie your climbing kit it needs a thorough examination by a competent person not using it!
  5. Craig Johnson

    Training to do LOLER assessments

    As long as you are up to date I can't see how they can have an issue, unless it's just another excuse not to pay
  6. Craig Johnson

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    in the loire, they have a 300 year felling cycle on the oak, which has pine and beech planted as cover crop
  7. Craig Johnson

    When do you really upgrade your chipper?

    i know a farmer in leeds who got a massive back dated VAT bill for using a Mog for hauling a 360 around and moving spoil, which in principle is similar
  8. i find taking the rope the opposite way round the tree more stable on small stems. so if (on side D's) you have your friction hitch on the left, pass the rope round the right hand side of the stem, round the back, and then from the left hand side to the right side D. this will give you a cross in front of you getting you closer to the stem and making it more stable without too much loss of mobility, or you could go the whole hog like in the picture
  9. Craig Johnson

    Wire core ring to ring

    reinventing the wheel and selling it back as something new😏
  10. Craig Johnson

    Best lightweight summer trousers.

    they are wearing really well, had them nearly two years. they are in a different league to sherpas with materials and build
  11. Craig Johnson

    Best lightweight summer trousers.

    sip canopy air
  12. Craig Johnson

    Rock exotica akimbo

    it will be interesting to see what standard it will tested to
  13. Craig Johnson

    Witley Parish Council V Cavanagh - Court of Appeal decision

    http://dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.uk/dealga/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Cavanagh-Judgment.pdf makes it more interesting if you read this as well
  14. Craig Johnson

    Testing on chainsaw trousers

    it would have to be a big bar so the chain was going fast 😆
  15. Craig Johnson

    Testing on chainsaw trousers

    who would keep the saw on full revs as it went through your leg


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