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  1. Re ISA comp, it's a compition with own set of rules and requires an entry fee, it is classified as a sport this is the only way it can get insurance to run, however they want.
  2. you don't need a firearms license as its not got a barrel ! the small one is a little heavier and quite accurate but very noisy
  3. anything over 12psi makes it a firearm.... just saying
  4. might have to change the name of the thread Two Rope Working - Assessor Statement Dec 2019.pdf
  5. No, broadley speaking other industries have one working system and a backup system that only come into play on the failure of the primary. these systems are designed to work on near/vertical ropes in 2D. they do not use two primary systems or work in 3D........generally and the whole thing falls down around anchor points
  6. your not supposed to fall in a work position harness
  7. Yes but not as a mandatory requirement. Fail to Safe, built in redundancy and the wider choice of options. I don't use two lines alot but the two bridges add a lot of stability when branch walking, as the two rings are usually apart etc. It's also nice to have that option as the work plan often changes once you are up in the tree.
  8. good job there's some designed with two or three independent bridges then😉
  9. yep. are you competent to tie that knot? has that knot been tested to work with the rope and hitch cord combination you are using? AND do the rope manufactures approve that whole set-up? yes there is the turtle burger CE climb, but 'they' have moved the goal posts and its impossible for any one else to do!
  10. so the biggest problem is lack of training and inexperience?
  11. just the thin edge of the wedge, knots will be band as each component in every system will have to be compatible ☕
  12. we use wooden potato boxes, can be picked up for £15, and have a covered porch by the back /side door where they fit. i trim the box's down a little so you can reach the back. change the box's in ten minutes if the tractors battery's not flat


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