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  1. we use wooden potato boxes, can be picked up for £15, and have a covered porch by the back /side door where they fit. i trim the box's down a little so you can reach the back. change the box's in ten minutes if the tractors battery's not flat
  2. a friend has a massive one, size of two filing cabinets, looked great worked well until the stone cracked
  3. bind the cord with electrical tape before you cut it, cut in the middle of the tape and dont forget to mark it up for your LOLER records ( use white tape and number with a sharpie)
  4. could be, but the idea been if its a sport its not work so you could use no ropes and free solo it 😆😆
  5. like the doors of hell, what are you heating an outside olympic pool, it most be a full time job feeding that many logs a day. autumn and spring run the wood aga for 2-4 hours cook tea and charge the UFH, in the winter may be up to 12hrs but dont keep it in all night. use about 15m3 a year
  6. if you had a preinstalled access line and backup, it would be 6 lines, all requiring different anchor points, plus lanyards and H2H connectors, i think that there is upto 14 connection points/carabiners,
  7. update, i called the TO after getting little scene from the admin assistant. glitch on their system, but the application is ok and i have the receipt from the Planning Portal so they except the dates and that 6 weeks has passed. crack on. result and thanks for the feedback guys
  8. very very little. italy is the only place that you need a second line, but only when accessing the tree ssrt
  9. what Timon said, plus no one will mind if you have a little wobble or you voice cracks, eyes leak or anything like that, I did when i gave my best mates eulogy, i shows emotion and compassion. don't over think it
  10. How do i stand, submitted a CA on the planning Portal and received a conformation that it had been sent to the council, checked the council website as they are now out of time, before we start work(light pruning) and its not there? crack on or ring the tree officer?
  11. but there only attached to one body, so single redundancy again
  12. And of course to follow it to its logical conclusion you need two bridges and two independant tie in points.


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