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  2. another newbie checking in Google showed me this wonderful place when I was looking for info on wood chippers and I found plenty of it here so I have been doing lots of reading. And then I found some other interesting threads, and another, and another I don't do any professional arb work but me and my gf has a small farm with about 40 acres forrest and a few acres meadow where we used to raise horses but as of a few years we no longer has any animals.
  3. I’ve recently been using a 500i with a 25 inch bar and I can’t fault it anyway chain speed runs at approximately 100kmph. Way better than a 661 personally
  4. You're not making a single coherent point. Devon and Cornwall appears to have one of the highest road casualty rates in the UK*. So much of it would be quite avoidable with an improvement in the road transport network. It's not about increasing profits for "capitalists" like myself. It's about improving every aspect of life for everyone. Being able to get to emergency healthcare more quickly, being able to reduce journey times, reduce risk when driving, reduce fuel consumption and improve overall productivity - the list is endless. I have no personal aspirations to make a fortune, rather I see productivity as a means of reducing one's need to work. If you work smart, rather than hard, it allows you to enjoy more time off and for everyone to have a better standard of living. Devon and Cornwall are in places really rather deprived and much of that can be attributed to the isolation caused by 19th century roads. * Car crash hotspots UK - most dangerous areas for collisions revealed | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK THE UK's most dangerous accident hot spots have been revealed. Do you live near one of the most dangerous roads in Britain?
  5. These people walk amongst us.
  6. Lots can be done with hand tools, saws, brushcutters, chainsaws etc, if budget allows contractors with flail machines can be quicker if access is possible and terrain suitable
  7. Sounds like a good project, lots to do....Before you do anything try and develop a basic woodland management plan, establish short, medium and longer objectives for the woodland, garden etc. If necessary get help with this before you start any tasks. Can't beat a good plan...make a few notes... Decide what you can tackle and what requires a contractor. Allocate tasks and a budget for each year for first few years... Plenty of resources out their to help, forestry commission, small woods association etc https://smallwoods.org.uk/. Become aware of any likely legal requirements such as felling licences, specific requirements for larch , are you in a conservation area etc..plenty of info out their to help... https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tree-felling-licence-when-you-need-to-apply
  8. Can’t watch her anymore, enormous.
  9. Updates, more material removed. Any ideas on where to start cutting... or if to start cutting. Reminds me of the first Alien movie.
  10. Purrs well for a south korean motor! 🤠
  11. Today
  12. An god ! Hasn't Charlie Dimmock let herself go ! Never mind using Aspen.... K
  13. Just seperated my first root plate, exactly like I was taught to, thank Christ. The stump sat up slowly like an old boy in bed. Its a beech and I think it might be spalted nicely. Hoping to make tables. What do ye think?
  14. Definitely shredder blade. Also called a mulcher blade. Different to the regular blades for strimmers and brushcutters, more expensive, heavier, and much better for brambles etc. You'll need a strong machine to run one as well.
  15. What did you use has a detergent in the washing machine?
  16. No, it's your problem. Imagine this, someone moves on your patch thinking they are paying 'good' money that probably isn't getting paid back into the local economy and want to start changing things to suit their ridiculous way of thing, they want to change the road network around said patch to better themselves, no more a capitalist have I ever heard, hypocrite. Stick ya truck!
  17. My defra approved smokeless area ( nominally 5KW but punts out 8KW at full chat ) stove has a 6" flue . No problems with draw either . It pulls like a train .
  18. That’s what I thought but I’m told by the son of the chap who planted it that it isn’t.
  19. Actually - if yr moving large volumes of bio chip with its attendant mycelium fungal spores - smoking roll ups is good fr you as nicotine is a proven fungicide, mate n I were doing it fr 18 months ( I smoked n he did not ) his chest was terrible ! K
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