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Woodcutta & Splitta Combo #1 - Super Output, 20 years old and still going !

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4 hours ago, Bustergasket said:

Do you think it’s getting harder to source processor grade timber ? i have been pretty lucky this year but it did take some forward planning and early commitment to buy all my timber from one source, as you have suggested there is quite a bit of variation even in sorted loads, do you think this could be what is driving the need for ever bigger capacity machines ? have you seen the jappa 435 ? for me i was not a fan as it looked too slow splitting each bit 3 or 4 times, but the more i think about it i can see a few advantages, see if you had a 600 diameter machine that would be great but the hydraulic side of things starts to get out of hand, but with the same principle as that 435 i think you could run sensible size hydraulics but open the machine out so it would handle bendy 400 or straight ish 600, this would also give regular size logs i think if things continue as they are then bigger machines will be more common and if they make them automatic then even better, i to have always run tct, was apprehensive about chain but really it’s not that bad, only takes a few mins and the gain you get is huge over a dull chain just takes the stress out of everything on the machine.

The last 12 months have been the worst ever for sourcing the spec. you require.


Gdh was one of the 1st to invest in a  480P and does large volumes, splitting bent, twisty large Oak a lot of the time.


He plans to buy the same when he changes and that says it all. 👍





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Well we have been working on some more tweaks with the woodcutta and splitta, we first noticed that in the morning it was running a bit slow, initially i thought it was the oil, however after a chat with Fuelwood and a flying visit from Pete that same night, we found the voltage was a bit low at some of the solenoids, we think just a bit of corrosion in the terminals of a few connections, a quick reroute and the addition of another relay and the machine has stepped up a gear, been running it today and it’s noticeably quicker, i also adjusted the log length to an inch longer this amounts to about 12 % increase in timber going through the machine in the same time, i would also estimate that the new wiring had made it 5-10 % faster, we really are struggling to keep up with it now, every time we run this machine it gets better, i think it’s the relentless nature that we like, running it on oregon 404 semi chisel chains i can get a day out of them before swapping, starting to get ahead this year for the first time in years, keep on chopping IMG_3183.jpg

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