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What's your at work protocol?

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Yeah so I'm turning 40 in 2 months and oddly enough I'm feeling as fit and healthy as ever. Mrs is 26 though so... well... I feel 26 too haha


Anyhow, I've developed a new routine. Basically, I get up and do my thing, sit there half comatosed for about half hour while I drink my morning coffee.  I then make myself a large bowl of porridge with manuka honey, cinemon and milk. Hard to get it down as I am not hungry in the morning unless I'm hungover but I force it down. 


Well... shit.. stuff works! 


I basically work flat out from 08.30- 15.30 or the job is finished, whichever comes first. No lunch. 


If I have guys working with me I ask them if they want to do that and so far everyone has said yes. You beat the rush hour traffic. No sluggish downtime post lunch break. 


I find the day is faster, I get more done and I'm back early to the Mrs.


OFC I stop for water of coffee from my thermos but that's minutes out of day. I have some snack bars in the van if I start to fatigue, usually 2 ish if it happens. 


Works great for me this new routine. 3 months so far and I think I'll be keeping it. 

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Usually get up.  Knock up a three egg omletter with chilli sauce to kick start the day with a coffee.


usually leave about 6 -630.

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Oooh, now I could eat an ommellete for breakfast and actually not have to force it. Especially with cheese and bacon.


porridge though really is the shit for long term energy. I may need to snack around 2 ish but only if I've busted my ass more than usual. 

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Greens drink (just powdered brocolli,kale,seaweed etc) with a banana when i get up at 6:00,take dog out,make a coffee and eat porridge with honey and blueberries.get into work for 7.30 dont stop till 11.30 then lunch,usually brown rice/pasta with some sort of homemade tomato sauce ,veg and lean meat. Thats see's me through till knockin off at 4pm

If i get peckish i keep cashew nuts and mixed raisins in a freezer bag in my large side pocket on my trousers,usually only crack into those if im on a big climb though...

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13 minutes ago, forestboy1978 said:

It's illegal to be making a racket before 8am isn't it?


And it's dark?

We in the yard for 7.30 but rarely get out before 8 as were getting out kit/equipment setup for the days work.

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Wake up, make a lot of noises trying to get my socks and clothes on.
Go to cafe, eat food, drink coffee, that washes down the brufen, nurofen and glucosamol.
Try and work out what I'm doing that day.
Go and get a heat patch for my back and hobble about most of the day!

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Hmm seem to have had a second wind after Xmas, don’t know whether that’s down to having a new girlfriend or knowing the day are now getting longer. Can’t eat breakfast tho, been like that for the last 6 months, maybe I’m just getting old

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