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  1. I wasn't knocking the can, it'll be good, but you'll probably be buying a new fuel spout for it regularly. I had one (as many others have) and the seals in the spout don't seem to last long. In my experience people get the kits that carry on a belt, then ditch the contents and put into it a trauma dressing, cat tourniquet, maybe clotting granules. By all means have a normal first aid kit with you but consider how ineffective it would be if you have a significant injury.
  2. Hope you don't regret getting the husqvarna combi can! I'd say definitely have first aid kit with you, whether you are in the woods or at home. Not necessarily a first aid "kit" off the shelf, but the advice is to carry some kind of trauma dressing (like an Israeli Bandage), maybe a CAT Tourniquet too.
  3. Shipwright sounds interesting. I didn't know it was difficult to get courses in Ireland. There are arbtalkers based in Ireland who may be able to suggest something, seems a bit much you'd have to travel over here to find a place! I'm sure you'll get some good advice about it on here.
  4. Welcome Tim, I think you're fine to do only ground based courses without having to consider the aerial aspect if you've no intention of climbing. Cross cut and small fell, then depending on what your likely to be working with maybe medium/large fell and assisted would seem to cover it. There's a lot of helpful people around here who can give good advice about it though. Out of interest, what is your current industry using saws?
  5. I'm prepared to up the chocolate stakes too, but I'm playing it cool just now so don't tell Gary
  6. Thanks Will, that was my worry about them. Gary, you're a terrible salesman but I'll throw a firework into the bidding. 10 of your finest English pounds (+postage)... That'll weed out the tyre kickers
  7. Have you ever used one before Gary? I like the idea but wondering if working with them might be a bit awkward. Anyone used them?
  8. What was it about the kit not being suitable?
  9. We have them in farmi chipper used daily, never a problem. As someone already said, care is taken so the mating faces are clean and bolts properly tightened when fitting.
  10. There were big piles of stuff left on either side of the hedge, I'd assumed that was due to the height of the hedge to start with, maybe 14ft. A long run had been planted for the competition and each year they do the next section. This year they did the last section that had been untouched since planting.
  11. Just wondering what will be done with them?
  12. Always been a Makita man myself but my mates mostly have Dewalt stuff and we're all equally happy I think. No horror stories to tell about either of them. Not much help I know, but I reckon they're pretty equal and it's more about brand preference. So, do you like washed out blue or yellow best?
  13. That's ridiculous, the bloody root would still be in the way of the new patio!
  14. You're an expert Andy, I'm confident in your ability to keep arguing using the mobile site!
  15. Went to the Scottish Hedgelaying Competition today which is held near to me, seemingly in complete secrecy. It's not advertised at all and I only knew it was happening as my mate from work was in the novice comp. Very interesting (but wet) day, met some nice folk, and agreed to enter next year as a novice! This is my mate's section, South of England style The Open competition winner was a professional, Peter Gibson from Cumbria who I think said he'd done Westmorland Style. Anyone know what this Style is called, using an actual fence rail along the top?


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