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  1. I know a Bulgarian guy who buys knackered BMW, vw and audi cars for the parts and ships the parts back home. He says that he makes a couple of grand from each car
  2. Dan


    Man fined after driving car with a car on its roof WWW.BBC.CO.UK Glyndwr Wyn Richards is given three points on his licence for...
  3. The ‘gardening job’ that almost sparked a war WWW.BBC.CO.UK In 1976, North Koreans killed two US officers in the DMZ over a tree... You think that you have trouble sometimes with neighbours!
  4. Dan


    It's a great tool. I just stand on the stump, text stumpygrinder and along he comes with no problem finding it on a site.
  5. Dan

    Down rating trucks

    Before this truck I had a toyota dyna, it could carry 1.3 ton legally. That was great, but still often over loaded. When it was time to replace the dyna I decided I'd rather get a truck with the suspension and breaks to handle the work safely. I've got a 7.5t driver licence, but can't get an o licence for the yard and don't want to move yards. I also only do about couple of thousand miles in a busy year mostly around the little villages local to us. I haven't seen a copper for years so it doesn't seem to be such an issue.
  6. Dan

    Down rating trucks

    The truck is a perfect fit for the work I do. It's just the paperwork that doesn't fit.
  7. Dan

    Down rating trucks

    The 3.5 trucks only weigh about 150kg less.
  8. Dan

    Down rating trucks

    Well I did get a 5.2t truck down rated to 3.5. It weighs 3t empty. But really does the job well. The guy who sold it did all the paperwork so no stress at all!
  9. Silky hand saws. Certainly beats carrying a bowsaw round the tree on a piece string! Also static multi plat. Bye bye bouncy three strand.
  10. Alot of our waste end's up being sent to shithole places as you call it! But our own waste is getting into the sea too. There is an old landfill from the 60s along the Thames estuary that is being exposed by coastal erosion and the plastic and other toxic waste including asbestos is washing out to sea every high tide!
  11. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2195953-what-londons-police-can-learn-from-glasgows-approach-to-knife-crime/ To sum it up. If you exclude people and treat them like shit then they have nothing to loose and do desperate and stupid things.
  12. Hi all I have a customer who wants some hedge work done later in the year. Any one who is interested please pm me. Kind regards Dan
  13. I do like the idea of big shiny whizzy trains tho.
  14. The trouble is that it doesn't even do that as it doesn't go into the centre of either Birmingham or London! So by the time you travel from Central Birmingham to the hs2 station you will have lost that time anyway.


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