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  1. Hi all I have a customer who wants some hedge work done later in the year. Any one who is interested please pm me. Kind regards Dan
  2. Dan

    HS2 Train/Rail link, Good? or Bad?

    I do like the idea of big shiny whizzy trains tho.
  3. Dan

    HS2 Train/Rail link, Good? or Bad?

    The trouble is that it doesn't even do that as it doesn't go into the centre of either Birmingham or London! So by the time you travel from Central Birmingham to the hs2 station you will have lost that time anyway.
  4. Yeah, but not without any jam on it
  5. We had been asked to fell a small tree on one of the greens near the centre of Cambridge and someone hung up bits of toast in it to attract bat's so we couldn't fell it!
  6. Dan

    Tool thefts

    I was talking to a retired copper who said the police don't have a national database! So if your kit is nicked in Suffolk then moved to Cambridgeshire and recovered by plod they can only check it there. And need to send information requests to other forces if they think its come from outside the county.
  7. Dan

    Land Cruiser knowledge

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/367807694016565/ How about this?
  8. Dan

    Favourite film of all time

    The only film I keep going back to is the original wicker man
  9. Dan

    House heating that isn't wood fueled?

    I'll ask her later, but I'm not sure how involved she really is. I think she's lost interest in it over the years! But often when i go to visit it doesn't seem to be working due to low water levels.
  10. Dan

    House heating that isn't wood fueled?

    In New Mills, Derbyshire they have a community hydro plant. My Mum bought some shares at the start as it seamed a good idea. but I'm not sure how well it works to be honest. http://www.torrshydro.org/
  11. Dan

    Shortage Occupation List 2018 - Government Survey

    Its a strange survey, I don't think there is a skills shortage but it doesn't seem to allow for that opinion to be voiced.
  12. Thanks for the help everyone. Looks like its sorted now.
  13. Well it was worth an ask! The jobs in Onehouse
  14. Hi I'm taking down a couple of Poplars next week and don't really want the wood. Free to a good home, I'll happily deliver it locally too. Probably about 3 transit loads. It's you area isn't it @Steve Bullman? Let me know i can tip it on your drive if you like!!


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