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  1. on the front of a mini loader it would be pushed not pulled anyway, taking the drive system off the self propelled, mounting it to the front of the loader, so the engine on the flail powers the flail
  2. That’s kinda my point, a mini loader if possible can do multi roles with one machine, clear then move material or auger ground screws in, storing, transporting another machine takes up space (loader will go onto my pick up leaving my trailer empty. The flailing is maybe 10 days work a year and i don’t have any plans to do more grounds maintenance. Kinda like the self powered flail option, easy enough to fab up some mounts
  3. Flails and mini loaders… I’m looking at ways of mechanising a few yearly jobs mostly clearing long grass, nettles etc currently using hand held strimmers. Looking at a mini loader for the landscaping side of things, either a cast or sherpa (needs to go below 80cm to deal with domestic side gates to be able to maximise its use) Has anyone found a flail they will run? i’ve found some that sit in the middle of the required flow rates but can’t find any videos
  4. Run a dedicated 16 or better still 32amp feed direct from its own breaker on the board. You then have a decent supply for welding or cutting. plasma cutters are great but are air hungry, 50l won’t cut it unless it’s got a fast recovery. The bigger 3phase stuff doesn’t care about rust and paint, we had one in a boat yard i worked in, could cut 40mm plus and you could move as fast as you want on thinner stuff.
  5. If grabbing over the wall for timber, chip into a pile and grab that away using the same grab? no drag = win
  6. I’ve a couple of Yeti coolers, expensive but stay cold for bloody ages, bigger ones means others can chuck drinks etc in it on hot days
  7. Look at a power barrow to take the work off your legs
  8. If you are climbing on it daily or say 3 times a week a year out of something that’s 11mm thick and responsible for holding you up 60ft off the floor isn’t bad! Ascenders are tough on ropes, anything metal vs your hands on double rope… 95kg plus what min 15kg of kit, ppe etc is a reasonable weight and force on the ascenders too. Do you use both ends of the rope?
  9. It’s factually correct, bar how chilled that collie was, if i took mine on a job like that she would disappear for a few hours exploring, coming back filthy and knackered having caused god knows what havoc. Who doesn’t have beers in a hot tub with two sheila’s after work?
  10. If going suspended floor, you will need bigger than 2x4’s bud, how will you lift it clear of the floor?
  11. Done to death. Hit search. No one works to hourly rate or day rate with clients. Subbies should have a set day rate for x work period ie £200 for a 0800 - 1630 This needs agreeing before taking on said subby. They also need in writing if they plan to charge for staying longer etc etc
  12. Our ropes still end up wet then in the dirt so will get covered in grit and dirt then pulled through pulleys or rings…
  13. They don’t they just steal another..
  14. Anything on a belt won’t work for climbing unless it’s small enough to go on the harness, but tough enough to deal with banging into the tree etc. If it’s on the back of your harness it’s not much use, same as if on the ground, you will struggle to access it if it’s behind you. I have a peli case with a full kit inc eye wash etc that can be bought out the truck on jobs further from it, then keep a cat tourniquet and a trauma bandage in my thigh side pockets so easy access one handed for me or others. Decent shears are worth having as chainsaw kit is tough if you need to remove anything to access the wound.
  15. Had it with the 520he3 hedge trimmer,was running and cutting then the battery fell out mid use and smashed the casing.
  16. Interesting with the post knocker, does it work well?
  17. Really comfy on the ground and climbing,enough support for short times on spikes, found after a while something stiffer would be preferable, but they are the nicest by far for everything else. I do find they need wearing then tightening so i drive to the job in them, retighten then they are grand for the day. The liner does make them stinky if your getting a sweat on!
  18. It’s more efficient from an emissions standpoint point which is all the gov care about, the fact it uses more fuel and add blue to do this they don’t care about, as they make more money due to the taxes on those products
  19. Cheers, i go off-road working for some local fishing clubs and work some running/cycling events for a mate (peak district and local estates, useful for rescuing the medics 4 wheeler buggy in mud or when they snap a wheel off!) so needed a 4x4. Happily it carries legally more than a transit crewcab Slowly making it my ideal setup, being able to weld and wield spanner’s has made it cost effective too. will arrange a trip up to the importers and see the bucket etc options. Thanks again for the info!
  20. I’m building an Aussie style tray/dropside back for it as the standard tub isn’t great for the work i do. Will go steel platform with alloy sides so i can trust my welding! plus have steel tie down points, can’t beat one from each corner. Payload will be fine, it’s an extra cab so 6ft long bed which will be slightly longer on my custom one and wider than the standard too. Is it 500kg with a bucket your one? thinking a bucket and a grab is probably the best starting point with an auger/ground screw adapter planned too
  21. Cheers for the info, 76cm will still go through most gates, worst case case it’s take the timber off the wall. At ten litres a day it’s still cheaper than a labourer factoring in purchase cost. Was hopeful it would go on the back of my Hilux, i have a tipping trailer but that would be full of something to need to loader… Decent ramps and it should go on fine? has a 1t payload allowance as no silly chip body Think i need to go shopping!
  22. Which model did you go for? looking at these and Cast, This looks slightly more agricultural compared to the cast which looks fancier but more fragile. Wanting to go narrow for domestic garden use, looks perfect for replacing useless labourers who would rather be on their phones, mini digger to dig out, loader to move it then bring stone/slabs/soil etc in?
  23. People generally leave jobs because of their management. Do you have a decent manager/team leader structure that trains and has a route for guys to progress? Offer a package that shows a route for people to progress and as such earn more. 22-45k is a silly range. Do separate ads for what you need ie if someone sees a ad for a green groundie on 22k then another add for a lead climber on 40k it shows what can be achieved. so they can see a career not just a wage paying thing to do for the week.
  24. Not at all, they are tuned to deal with crap fuel that we generally don’t get over here so a mild tweak not chasing high hp numbers is like tweaking the carb on a saw to get the best from it vs a generic tune. Would be a rolling road live map not a generic code flash. A new 2.0 truck with 260bhp sounds ace but will be under far more stress than it needs to be just chasing a number. i’d rather a bigger diesel (prob american) to get those numbers with added bonus of double the torque nm but it’s not an option in the uk.
  25. Remapping and a uprated clutch solve the lag issues it’s no race car but 170k with no more than a injector refurb so i’m happy


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