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  1. Find a decent accountant who can advise you on the best way to proceed. Lots of costs you don’t think about with paye You will need to draw up a contract of employment, stating the rules ie you will be employed monday to friday 8-4 with x amount of holidays per annum. Then stipulate overtime etc If you employ them then it’s your responsibility to make sure you have work for them as you are paying them regardless so snow/storm days you need to do maintenance or splitting to get your money’s worth or just suck up the cost. You can’t not pay them due to no work. Holidays unless you agree with them they can take legally as they please.
  2. But sitting next to an instructor for 5 hours to be coached through how to pass a test actually translates into being good at towing? I’ve not sat the test but have done easily 20k towing various trailers from plant to car both here and in France, so how does that work in your scheme of it not translating? i’ve not lost a trailer, not had a dodgy moment with snaking etc ive been pulled 4 times and they check the loads secured,everything as it should be and on your way, not once was my license checked. Accidents happen, quite often it seems something hits the towed trailer caravans quite often it seems. People don’t maintain things so tyres blow out much like happens with cars but they have that license too. If accidents suddenly jump up i will be surprised, i expect an increase but not a drastic one. Everyone will ge going abroad again next year so all these caravanners will be selling them when they realise they have £40k sat on the drive that they use 3 times a year to go sit on a cold wet beach, when for 2k a family can go to spain, be cooked for and burn themselves pink on a nice beach
  3. Levels the playing field to those who passed their tests before the rest of us. What difference was there between someone who passed pre 97 and post other than modern tests are harder Silly stealth tax Plenty of info out there on how to load a trailer and safely tow, plus anyone driving for their company can ask for some info and pointers, if towing a chipper you can’t load it wrong so there’s one big thing off the table anyway.
  4. Biggest problem is weight, something transit sized, then add transfer box, axle, etc etc and the already stupidly low carrying weight goes down by another 250kg Add the arb body and you can legally sit in it and possibly put your weekly shop in the back without going over the weight limit!
  5. Had one recently, clients neighbour wanted the trees removing as he got no sun… whilst we stood in full sun as the sun moved across the opposite side of the garden, wasn’t best pleased when i pointed that out! So you bought a house and now want the neighbours to remove their trees and replant something you want there? Good luck with that. Your house purchasing survey would have listed any issues potentially arising from the trees no? maybe buy a house without trees next to it that you don’t like next time?
  6. Looking at the video cross cutting and a normal splitter looks faster? especially if you take into account time to get a log on the deck?
  7. two routes, Get to know some subby climbers, and start your own business, booking climbers in as necessary, plenty of hedging, small tree prunes etc you can do alone to fill days. Buy a piece of plant, be it a digger - broad range of uses esp with a grab . stump grinder, Avant etc and hire yourself out.
  8. I use power barrows where ever possible on jobs as they carry far more so rather than a fleet of wheel barrows it’s far more buckets in one and no effort to get waste out and skipped. I like the multi attachment options of mower, flail etc making it a more useful tool. With the bucket a mini digger can dig it out and pile it while another user moves it out to a pile/skip this improving work speed (no waiting to load a power barrow whilst it’s dumping
  9. width is what led me to things like the worky quad over a Avant rear steer type machine as they all seem to start at 1m wide which rules out half the clients i’ve had this year. i’ve used mini diggers and tracked power barrows etc so used to the damage they cause.. so defo on wheels…
  10. Struggling to find half decent staff here in Derbyshire, so looking at ways to speed jobs up with less of us… We do a mix of tree work but slowly landscaping is taking over, garden rooms etc. Cast worky quads look like they could be very useful, bucket for waste out and stone in, forks for carrying materials, grab for tree work etc Anyone using such a thing?
  11. Rescheduled a handful of jobs, reductions in the rain on certain species are horrible, slow and just no fun. Moved another couple due to water logged gardens and the fact the clean up would be a nightmare (think needing to jet wash mud off paths and driveway) and a couple for silly high winds (turning a cut and chuck job into needing rigging) Customers don’t mind when you explain things. If they kick off they can happily go elsewhere as they will be the annoying ones during and after the job too
  12. Yup i’ve got the Dewalt Flexvolt one, with several demo and a rescue blade, it’s a great bit of kit but twice the size of a 4 1/2 disc cutter, slower through metal too. Yes it will cut through most materials but most of the thefts i hear about it’s a petrol stone saw,oxy or freezing the locks to smash them. A fabric layer will stop most saw blades so if you wanted to you can create something multilayered.
  13. Yup but how many criminals take that kit? most take oxy/acy bottles or a stone saw… that setup massively slows both of them. It’s only storing chainsaws not the crown jewels! Taking reasonable precautions keeps the insurers happy. Tick all their boxes in writing too and then you get a pay out. If someone wants it they will find a way to get it. Our security is to stop the chancers and semi prepared ones. Insurance stops the pros
  14. Weld mesh and some box section, weld up a storage cage, make a sandwich of weldmesh, ply, weldmesh (disc cutters hate wood) multiple protected lock points (make sure bolt croppers and discs can’t access the padlocks) Days work and a few hundred quid in materials, can be custom sized to your space, shelves hooks etc. Smokecloak or similar stops them from seeing too. Game keeper blank shotgun triggers as a back up. Keep it looking less posh, tidy and fence off logs and chip so it’s less obvious. Speak to your insurer and make sure you satisfy all their needs so if the worst happens they actually pay out
  15. Judging by the number of dodgy trailer on the road, blowouts, none working lights etc this will just accelerate the need for a trailer mot type test. Modern cars are heavier and fancier traction control will help with keeping trailer under control, i don’t think it will suddenly see loads more people towing, i know plenty who have been towing over the limits without the license inc myself who can put a trailer wherever you want backwards, load it safely etc. Much like the training means you can do it safely on the day, if you only then use that skill once a year you have probably forgotten it anyway!


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