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  1. Dbikeguy

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    I’m going defender route mainly because what i want doesn’t exist and the simplicity of the defender allows me to make it. 110 single cab but extended by 1ft for tool storage. custom back poss tipping, but not the huge things you see out there that will be overweight if half full. Easy to fix (i can weld and have the kit) 300tdi till i can afford something fancier to chuck in there. Depending on diesels taxation i may go petrol/lpg
  2. Dbikeguy

    Work abroad

    France is great to live in,did 3 years in the Alps working on fancy ski chalets ( not tree work) The French girls out that way are not shy! French speaking is ok to pick up but from experience they tend to look after their own.
  3. Dbikeguy

    Mechanical Devices for SRT

    After playing with a zigzag and chicane at the weekends arb show the ZZ is now on my shopping list to try with my ropewrench, very little sit back and way less friction than a hitch climber setup. mk3/4 are both SRT approved
  4. Dbikeguy

    Closing down

    Is it not worth hiring someone in to split it and dry this summer to sell on? Gotta be a youngster after work locally or isn’t there the profit to do this ( never sold firewood)
  5. i have done similar over the last 12mnths rec climbing. find someone you can go try it with or at the arb show. if you then feel happy to learn more buy a decent harness ( try a few on at the arb show maybe) i went tree motion lite 31” waist and 78kg so thin. buy a shorter rope for drt as when you move to SRT you will only use DRT in small trees. a handful of 3 way krabs, couple of friction cords of differing lengths suitable for the rope dia you buy. You can then find what you prefer. i settled on the VT or Distel. a pulley. i always climb with a lanyard invase which you can make from a 3-4m chunk of your main rope. a friction cord and 2 krabs going basic. All of the above will be useful going forwards. add a ankle ascender to give your arms an easier life. if feeling posh buy a new Petzl zigzag and forget the pulley and friction cord! for SRT you will want a different rope, a rope wrench and a knee ascender. start low and play about
  6. Dbikeguy

    Land Cruiser knowledge

    Yank pickup? F250 or even 350 series stuff, big v8 and will tow silly weights in America so down weighted to 3.5t in the uk. i have a old Ford Explorer 4x4 sat on the drive 4.0 v6 petrol, need to check its towing limits, sounds ace,full leather. air con etc paid £300 as a mot fail.
  7. Dbikeguy

    Fallers Rucksack

    i’ve got an Evoc trailbuilder, has spaces for a saw and axe. plus about 25ltrs storage space for the other bits you will want on you. used for mountain bike track building. holds a 562 with an 18” bar on it and is comfy
  8. if it’s dry it will burn... there is no bad firewood if it’s free especially!
  9. Dbikeguy

    Homemade BigShot

    i have done welding and fabrication in the past and happened to have the right sized rod in the workshop so knocked one up in 10 mins. i enjoy making things so was worth saving the £50
  10. Dbikeguy

    Homemade BigShot

    bought the pole and rubber, made my own head (welding kit needed to do this) easy enough and saved £50. metal is same diameter
  11. Hi, currently rec climb and help my brother on bigger jobs around my main job in sales. have all my own kit ( been climbing for 2years on DRT and 8mnths on SRT) PPE husky 562 and 540t climbing kit inc spikes, basic light rigging etc Need to get my tickets done to be able to gain more experience with other companies to get out of the stressful sales world (selling to retailers isn’t in a good place and i can’t see it improving!) So ideally somewhere i can commute to from the southern edge of Derby/Burton what’s about? Going further afield is an option but means hotels so adds to the costs which i would rather spend on the training and certs. current job gives me free fuel ( taxed) so travelling is easier. who’s good? Also can i use my 562 for the CS30/31 as it’s 60cc and auto tune? can i even put a short enough bar on it? cheers in advance!
  12. Dbikeguy

    Foreman / Climber Role Leicestershire

    Not qualified or at level yet but would be keen to come see the horse logging and take pictures ( happy to share any images you would want for business use too) sounds ace! Amazed this jobs not been taken yet!
  13. Dbikeguy

    Uk holly is this a shrub or tree

    Was actually reducing a 100ft long hedge/tree holly today at the gf’s dads. TPO covers the big beast in the middle - prob 24” ish at waist height and taller than the oaks and syc’s also on TPO’s and old. tree officer was fine for me to knock 20ft out of the rest of it to let some light in (did a crown raise and thin last year) Anything i need a chainsaw to cut is tree in my book!
  14. Dbikeguy

    The Sheep gets its revenge

    With all due respect what’s carbon foot print got to do with the lad talking about toxic fish farming? i get people need jobs but not at the extent of killing off native fish stocks and feeding people potentially health damaging food. this is a forum for tree cutters, let’s face it none of us can say we are carbon neutral, unless you live off grid, cut trees with an axe and long saw and never touch man made items/burn anything!
  15. Dbikeguy

    Rescue from a single line

    in theory anyone suffering a saw cut whilst up a tree will be tied in twice so unless they have the ability and calm sense to unclip their lanyard you will need someone to go up...


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