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    Extreme heat

    ice cold drinks when going into heatstroke can be bad for you if you down say a bottle, sipping is fine. A bottle of it can shock your system and it thinks you are becoming hyperthermic so sends blood to the stomach from the extremities and most people pass out and throw up
  2. Husky 550 with an 18” bar, love how fast it cuts pref on the narrower kerf bar and chain, pick that up over the 562 unless i need a longer bar
  3. Ditto on R-tech, got down sold to a 180 as it will do what i need without paying for the higher power option. Fast delivery and a nice machine. Gonna add a spool gun for when my new hilux arrives and i convert it to Aussie style alloy back
  4. Unless he didn’t tell the guys about a old covered pond they drove it into then it’s operator error, would you charge the client for the day if you broke down on the way to the job? Maybe have a chat with your guys about starting to see an issue and stopping instead of carrying on and i assume beaching the machine needing a winch or crane out (£650 is a lot of recovery!) Day rate work leaves too much open unless you have an excellent relationship with the client (i do day rate for 3 regulars, agreeing a day plan at the start of each day) Suck it up i think for day 3, i wouldn’t be paying if you tried to charge me for your lads cock up working at my house.
  5. I found it felt quite small inside when i drove once small windows maybe? Went well and was comfy. Bought a Hilux though
  6. Dewalt coil battery nailer for feather boards, think it’s advertised as a roofing nailer over here, great for cladding too. Dewalt 1st fix fit 59-90mm nails. Keep a nail pouch on your belt with some spare racks in, super easy to reload then. Workmate just got the milwaukee 1st and by god it’s way heavier than my Dewalt
  7. Storm damaged willow. A old mates brother, had a limb snap out could i go deal with that and fell the rest. Looked at the picture (was a 40 min drive) looked to be about 12” that had snapped as the main leader, base looked to be about 24” max. Price agreed, rocked you a few days later, one guy with me to find at least 35” main stem had failed, they had ‘to help me’ started cutting it up and stacking it ( i nearly set fire to it and left) No easy garden access without a 150m walk each way to get to the chipper. Neighbour wanted the chip in ton bags, though that might speed things up. Planned an easy day. 3 days, 4 chains on the 562, metal everywhere - why always willows?! 18 full bags of chip, 7 trailer and pickup loads of logs Have never quoted off a picture since!
  8. Restrictions lifting so people are thinking of going to the pub/holidays/friends etc Weddings catching up from the last year - takes peoples money Crap wet weather of late, less people in their gardens deciding said tree is blocking their sun. Huge influx of new companies plus firms doing more full landscaping jobs and bigger ones, i’ve gone from getting decking and pergola enquiries to garden rooms (£2k to £20k job jump!) Tree enquiries have quietened off but i’ve not chased them, more money in landscaping and less extra work (one quote not 5 for a week or mores work) diary fills faster doing 1-2wk long jobs Less people on Furlough so less at home staring at the overgrown back garden...
  9. Volume, the transits etc of this world will always beat a pickup. I looked at defenders and bought a mk6 extra cab Hilux. At 6ft the def just wasn’t comfy. Not worried about the maintenance etc at the start but now i’m busy i’m kinda glad my jap motor just works. The thought of getting home and having to fix stuff all the time would wear you down. It holds enough for the work i do, tip sites are mostly local. Upgrading to a tipper trailer next so i can carry more chip/logs legally. Will be tipper converting my mk9 when it finally arrives, for now it’s greedy boards and a fork to unload!
  10. Polesaw and stay stood up, could even bend the shaft on one of the new electric models (only cables inside the fixed length model) to get horizontal cuts?
  11. You won’t win all the quotes but by building a reputation in your area you will win on that, i’ve won several bids where they just don’t trust the low ball quote to do a good job, several others where i’ve been the most expensive but could talk to the client and explain/answer questions. So many tree guys rock up, Hi, That one over there? £400 that leave You have to sell what you do ( im and ex sales rep so easy for me) We do prob 35% tree work as we also do garden timber builds and garden rooms are filling a good chunk of the diary, the chippy i use gets £200 a day, comparable tool kit to me. Tree guys, i have a climber i use at £130 but regularly over pay as he is good (he set his rate not me) Basic grounds guy if they can use a saw at least to feed to chipper and undo a knot for rigging £100+ If matey boy the author went teamed up with a climber mate he could easily start his own setup so worth holding onto him. It’s hard to move up the pay ranks and stay at the same firm, move companies, then you can jump pay groups not crawl by £1 an hour her £10 a day there.
  12. VW amarok is coming back as a ford colab i am told. mitsubishi has left the uk market completely. New Navarra is 2023 Ford rangers are having engine issues (look on a fB group for them) two mates now regret buying them.. Hilux has a min new order delivery date of Feb 22 now DMax felt a bit plasticky but seems to review well. I have a Hilux arriving in Oct to replace a mk6 hilux after much research
  13. Show willing, maybe try and do some rec climbing in your free time. Watch and learn when you can. Read/watch videos to grasp the basics and ask when on the less time pressured jobs to try setting rigging etc
  14. Hilux is so popular as the new ranger has ALL of the engine issues, merc X class, Navarra, Amarok all discontinued with no new models till 2023 i was told. Amarok is coming back as a ford colam?! Using the junk Ford engine not the V6. i ordered an extra cab in March with delivery earliest Oct using NGO discounts was told the basc ngo etc ended on the 1st april...
  15. I love mine, super comfy ideal for pruning jobs, hedge cutting etc why wear big clumpy chainsaw boots if you don’t need to? Lovely for SRT climbs


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