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  1. i have a husky 445 think they are 340ish, lightweight none pro construction so wouldn’t recommend for an arb firm! 15” bar on it normally, have an 18 and it pulls that fine too. great inbetween saw i use when my 540top handle isn’t enough but i don’t need to lug a heavy 550/562 up a tree!
  2. Can’t believe no one has jumped at this. Too far north for me and no chance of relocating as the other half is very settled into her nurse role locally. Aspirational setup you have there!
  3. What does that sort of back do to the carrying weight? I need to convert my Hilux extra cab and trying to sort a setup that doesn’t add loads of weight cutting down its (legal) carrying ability
  4. Our 2yr old welsh border collie is amazing, very clever, very loyal (to me, less so my partner) great off the lead and easy to train. Awful on lead as pulls no matter what we do, doesn’t like smaller dogs, will bowl them over and pin then to show who is in charge. ( got set on by two little black things when a pup, still see the owner and after many attempts she admits she has no control over them and puts them on a lead!) Runs with bigger dogs without issue, very very fast!
  5. The one above, put some either ally or composite on the inside. leave a log in and it slides about it will dent the heck out of the nice outer panels and make it look crap in a couple of weeks. could even use plastic to keep the weight down
  6. I have one as my first chipper after setting up at the start of the year. Great machine, keep the blades sharp and it will produce a mountain of chip, a decent pair of long handled loppers next to it helps with the flow. You learn to cut stuff so that 95% can be thrown straight through without reworking by the chipper. throws chip from my plant trailer over my hilux if you want it to. We do a lot of chip stays on site jobs, rural derbyshire so perfect for those days. If i get a bigger clearance job i hire in a 8-10” tracked unit for the day
  7. mewp and a polesaw? far less entertaining! How about a group shoot? 15 of us all having a pop should do it
  8. Towing my cs100 to a job literally 500m from my house and the pin holding the wheel on fails, wheel comes off, just about kept the chipper upright by swinging the truck hard over. Bent axle, and support. Managed to cobble it together to still move whilst i order replacement parts. Yes it’s not a road tow unit but it can be estate road towed according to Greenmech. Bit annoyed at it failing. Couldn’t be arsed with faffing with a trailer for such a short distance, chip stays on site at that job too so it’s perfect for the little CS100
  9. Tried the twin battery rear handle makita the other week, thought it cut ok, but it gobbled through batteries ringing up 12” timber..
  10. Ladder next to the trunk, cut thin rings and pass down, will be quicker and lighter than carrying all sorts of random stuff into and out of the garden.
  11. I started at 33 part time, 35 full time and it’s fine, learn to climb with modern kit ascenders, SRT to access and it’s not that hard on the body. Dragging and lifting the stuff you cut off is the hard work. Read lots, do the basic courses, 30/31 and 38 as they make you employable quickly. CSCS card is worth having too i lost out on some jobs through not having that when Covid started. Rec climb plenty and find a good company to learn from. or be brave/stupid/ignorant and setup on your own like i have and be sensible about the jobs you take on, know when to get a experienced climber in or to walk away from a quote as it’s beyond you, i always recommend another company at that point who has far more kit than me and the customer appreciates it
  12. Yeah bang on, i had the idea as i put my CS100 in the Hilux then tow a trailer for the chip as allows way more space. Ideal would be a custom 3 wheeled 6-8” chipper at 750kg winched in and out to allow best position to drag to. stays sensible weight and then a 3.5t tipping trailer
  13. I’m amazed no one has built a truck that holds the chipper and then tow a trailer for the chip, easier to stay legal
  14. I’d guesstimate at 125-150m maybe more. car and a half wide at its narrowest.
  15. i found the dewalt 4.5” blows through batteries really quickly! So use it for smaller jobs, or remote work. have a corded 4.5 and 9 for bigger jobs


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