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  1. I am in a similar position buddy, different current job ( sales rep or was till last week when my redundancy ended lol) Got into tree climbing via nature programmes used my petzl climbing harness, bought a rope and prussic, watched some videos and off i went, slowly added tree specific kit when i knew i wanted to go in that direction. Started doing some part time tree work at weekends and using holiday time. This progressed to a silky in the tree then a chainsaw. Have now done 30/31 and 38. Really enjoying it and can now transition into semi full time tree work (also do some handyman stuff fitting kitchens, laying wood flooring etc) variety is the spice of life. Try and find some local tree climbers and go rec climbing, can learn a lot by example
  2. Bought a husky 445 as a small saw for my cs31, kept stalling from day one. idle was way out and top end was too low.
  3. Forgive me as i’m newly qualified (did my CS38 6wks ago) Wouldn’t we be using something like a petzl Asap for the 2nd system not a friction hitch /ZZ etc? They self tend up and down until a heavy load locks them off. so self rescue could be done? For aerial rescue going up on one line and using their climb line (remove their backup once on your system?) as the 2nd if not damaged would keep you on 2 systems? If i’m on 2 climbing systems and need to self rescue one handed just cut the 2nd (backup) or unclip if possible? Touch with a silky and it’s gone.
  4. i just did mine with ETC in Stafford (live in Willington, Derbyshire) Can’t recommend them enough. Great new centre and Martin who taught us was brilliant.
  5. They will teach you on the course, that’s why you do 5 days on the course before the test. i know the basics of bridge to bridge connection, plus a second connection onto my climbing system but nothing about a pole rescue before the course. If you know the very basics of how to climb a tree using the rope and how to use your lanyard, you will be fine to learn everything on the course.
  6. oh yeah 2 limb walks over 5m from the trunk. 2 rescues - that are up to 3m from the trunk from memory ( you have to show safely using a second system to stop you swinging in with the casualty) i did a limb walk rescue, using a long lanyard to swing in then down. Then a pole rescue as a 3 man talking the instructor through setting up the ground belay whilst setting up the false anchor on the pole.
  7. You have to hand throw into the tree ( no throw bags) demonstrating changing over as you climb so mainline up, then lanyard into the next branch, move your mainline and so on) prob 45-50ft i guess.
  8. Yeah our instructor got us to use a prussic, 3 knot system then whatever we wanted, i could have used my ZZ even but i’d only just got it so went VT hitchclimber. The examiner asked why i body thrusted up with my ankle and knee ascender on the back of my harness rather than using them ( thought i had to show bodythrusting lol) actual wording was Ascend the tree and then perform... no stipulation on which climbing system.
  9. Just done my 38 course. You will want one cord to climb on, plus another for the aerial rescue part. It’s worth experimenting with length too, i found 70cm eye2eye using the VT knot and hitchclimber was good for me but for bodythrusting it was too short so moved to a 1m version.
  10. Have been gaining kit and doing part time weekend tree work for 18mnths or so as a side to a cycle industry sales job that i’ve now been made redundant from. Was given 2 months paid leave where i couldn’t work so gained: CS38 CS30/31 (test this Fri) Booking EFAW +f in Oct Looking to join a firm who will progress staff and someone i can learn from. Have own saws (top handle,445 and a 562) Full climbing kit and basic rigging own PPE Also have a Hilux pickup and a CS100 chipper. Not lead climber standard at all but have done a few take downs and prunes, could second to give the lead a break. full license (3points for speeding) have towed plenty but don’t have the 750kg+bit yet mechanically minded and can weld. What’s about? Happy with self employed and full/part time David
  11. Dbikeguy


    I’ve been around haulage for most of my life, dad owned a firm when i was a kid and my brother and now his son are HGV drivers inc hazchem etc i’ve never known it to be ‘cool’ to regularly boast about how overloaded you are. Truck guys pride themselves on loading a truck and getting axle weights etc correct. Arb guys: i’ve got a crew cab tranny and a 2.7t trailer, of course i can get everything on at once and overload my kit... You can only kill someone once. a hitch failure, tyre blowout and you won’t stop in time even at 30 with your hazards on (well done on that btw - shouting look at me to every cop) If you run overloaded a lot it’s time for a bigger truck or take 2!
  12. I bought a CS100 after doing a handful of jobs stuffing brash into the back of the van, never again! CS100 ebay buy £2400 mint condition fresh belts n service, private owner who wasn’t using it enough so traded it in and the company put it up too cheap haha.. Pair of ramps and a £100 Rhino winch and i can load it onto my Hilux pickup on my own. One truck and leaves enough space for logs ( only doing smaller jobs as part time currently) idea is rent/buy a 3.5t trailer for bigger jobs and put the chipper in the pickup and chip/logs in the trailer. smaller jobs i’m making a simple trailer for the chipper (A frame basically that it bolts onto) very impressed with the CS100 so far, ate wet conifer well and even old dry holly.
  13. Air bag rear assist i think svtech were about £480+vat then £200ish + vat to update GVW
  14. 480+vat for air bags 380+vat for the uprate/paperwork etc mines not done yet but pricing it all. I will be building my own tipping bed etc as i can weld and have some ideas as it’s not just an arb truck it needs to remain useable as a family fun truck too. Plus i don’t see the point of a huge box that puts you 1.5t overweight when you fill it!


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