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  1. Aerial rescue gets bought up a lot, the risk and chance of needing is very low, as long as no one has symptoms (coughing, sneezing etc) then it’s only being passed if you transfer it to your own nasal system, so if your climber has symptoms, he should have been kicked off site to isolate. Whoever does the rescue needs to wash as soon as is reasonably possible ( prob wants to anyway as most rescues involve claret liberally doused everywhere) The rescue climber then isolated for 14days to ensure they are clear. It’s like finding a car crash and staying 2m away in case you catch something!
  2. I handle a few custom knives so bench sander in the garage, mostly wear a mask but forgot the once, felt like my sinus’ were on fire and tight chest for 2-3 days. Now have a Makita dust extract unit and always wear a FFP3 mask. Gf’s a respiratory nurse and had a tree guy come in with shot lungs from breathing saw dust all the time. Can’t remember what got him but 35yrs + in the trade is a lot of dust to breathe in
  3. There prob was people dieing from it but not being tested, if it was vulnerable or respiratory compromised it could have been seen as a flu aggravating their existing condition. 39k die from flu a year in the uk i think i saw...
  4. I think he meant a tipping trailer, not putting a tracked chipper onto the back of say a transit ripper
  5. That’s like saying how many engines do BP or Shell produce...
  6. Need to be IRATA or similar trained in rescue technique to deal with falls onto a cammed device. You need more kit as you have to unweight it to release or disconnect so ascender above, pulley etc So my initial thought was petzl asap but means doing another course... and your rescue climber doing it, plus more kit in the rescue bag
  7. I’d be hiring a machine in or a guy with a CS100 a couple of times a year, no service costs, no blade changes etc just like the branches until needed, ive done a couple of jobs for people like that with mine
  8. I do like a good knife chat. Made a few and handled a bunch now, first is a custom cut damascus commission, friends husbands 60th pressie, made the sheath too. my fav Opinal second with Olive wood handle, love these cheapish, holds a good edge and can be made shaving sharp. Finally my latest project, mini blade etched black. just need to find time to finish the handle! [attachment bc=420053:IMG_5222.jpg]
  9. No issues with my CT just un-weight the rope and it clips off easy enough
  10. Most companies now want a trained operative cscs card, so it’s a 1 day ROLO course, then the usual CsCS computer based test. Budget about £150 for both and your covered.
  11. Keep hearing Jobber being pushed by ‘climbing arborist’ amongst others. sounds perfect so might be worth a look
  12. I use my ipad pro with a add on keyboard. Bought it for photography editing as easier to carry than a laptop and since being made redundant from the sales job i lost my work supplied laptops. Perfect for basic needs, invoicing,quotes etc. added bonus of being able to take pics, map spaces ( i do house maintenance to so the floor measuring app is brilliant) easy to send stuff over from my iphone to it etc. Get the pencil tool and it’s great for my needs.
  13. First on my handyman side was a electric underfloor fit, screed then lay 33sqm of wooden flooring, skirting boards etc. Still go back to them for other bits now so i guess they were happy! Tree wise just a couple of mates houses as subby otherwise. First subby job was a 60ft euc removal


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