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  1. Fiddler on the roof.
  2. Thank you Craig, you've made an old man happy. God bless you Sir.
  3. That's what I like about the Jocks, no buggering about.
  4. Thumb in mouth, dribbling and sobbing I expect. Get a grip man!
  5. Thanks Gary. He's still no further on with the frightened of everything situation. There's a mate of mine who's son has qualified in animal behaviour problems. He a good lad who adores dogs, I'm going to get in touch and see what he thinks. I'm a bit out of my depth I'm not too proud to admit. It doesn't matter to us what Charlie is or isn't but he gets terrified if anyone comes in the house.
  6. Just had Charlie out at lunchtime in our village park. You can see where the boar have been grubbing , this is in the last two days. In the last photo at 10 o'clock you can see the kids play area, a yellow slide. The river is in between there and where we are plus a road behind us. Good old Charlie, if the pigs put in an appearance he'd probably try and play with them!
  7. Sorry Eggs. The Bosun of the Barrel says I'm too old now.
  8. No mate, I'm a bit too old and chewy! It's actually the photo imposed on a plastic cut out. I was really impressed, cake quality and taste was superb.
  9. This is the birthday cake my wife bought for my 70th last month. Self evident what my job is! She sent a photo in to the baker of me stump grinding for a client two months before, hence the handsome brute on the cake.
  10. I I have Craig and this one is a beauty! I suspect it could be a Matelot out for some fun.
  11. That's why you've got a double hernia, God's paying you back, you nasty man.
  12. My mate had one years ago when I lived in Dorset, horrible little git! Frightened of nothing, a lot of southern gamekeepers and the like thought they were too hard. I liked them.
  13. Good boy. I can see you being a willing disciple in the pursuit of wobbling flesh. Now we only need to convert the Philistine known as Eggs. If he gets a couple of chubbies in his van, he'll forget about Bentleys.
  14. Eggs, he's winding you up son.
  15. The other FB, not Facebook. Sorry Moose, lost again with this one. Ah! The penny's dropped. Could it be one of my pet subjects? Fat birds?
  16. Oh dear me. Here we go again, a peaceful Sunday out of the window.


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