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  1. You are joking! He wouldn't let that out on loan. Anyway, there's always the ever present aroma of Cabinboy.
  2. I may be an arse, but I don't gob off at the slightest thing, thinking I'm a bleeding comedian. You certainly aren't.
  3. I did the same, we had a terrace built, sharp sand left over put on the patch for my carrots. Never had any luck with carrots in the three years we bought the house. The sand has made all the difference. I planted a slack handful of pumpkin and cucumber seedlings in the base of the compost heap, gone absolutely crazy.
  4. Had my first new potatoes (Allouette) Sunday, 78 days after planting. I've seven rows of those and Clairette, reds from Brittany. Not one flower at all this year, hence why I turned over one of the plants to see what was happening. About the usual number of spuds but definately had an earthy taste to them. Last year's were delicious, that's why I bought them again. Weather has been incredibly wet until 10 days ago with temperatures for the last few days in the 30s, 32 degrees today. Maybe that's messed up the growing cycle. Although I've got about 5 growing in the compost heap that are budding up now. Onions are very tall but no real sign of the bulbs filling out, again planted around 80 days ago. For the second year I've planted slices of tomatoes in compost then transplanted into trays then out in the garden. Last year I had better results with them than the few plants I bought at the market.
  5. He has. He got it from me. Sorry K.
  6. I had to think about that and I live in France!
  7. David Cropper


    Thank Christ for that! You'd only be compounding the felony with racist undertones. Native American mincers, whatever next?
  8. Excellent bit of news! Big relief for you mate.
  9. So sorry to hear this J. Doesn't matter how old they are, its bloody heartbreaking when something like this happens. I just hope all turns out well.


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