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  1. 25 degrees along with BBQ and cider. Tired now.
  2. I thought the Aliens had your spaniel.
  3. Come along Stubby, time for your nap. I must get your doctor to up the dosage of your medicine, the present stuff obviously isn't working.
  4. It's the only car that has had this problem. Daughter has the same engine in her Renault Espace, only does short trips, no problems at all. My Peugeot Boxer never has had it, granted my journeys are upto 3 hours each way, but occasionally I end up doing short trips when working locally. The only other car I've heard has problems is the Nissan Qushquai, same engine as the Koleos. My French mate bought one brand new, after 12 months he sold it because of the constant problems with the filter. Again he only did very short journeys. My wife never uses 6th gear even on the motorway, impossible to use it on normal roads over here when you're driving at just over 50mph equivalent , maximum speed allowed.
  5. Excellent explanation, Ratty. I've had this problem for the last three years with my wife's Renault Koleos. Pain in the arse. Garage has said to run it once a week on the motorway for half an hour to let the regen work itself out, luckily were only 5 kms from a motorway. Costs a fortune in diesel, thinking seriously in buying a small petrol car. Problem also is with this ridiculous 80kms speed limit on single carriageway roads, the car isn't working hard enough to burn off the soot.
  6. Well, that refusal lasted all of 5 seconds. When the temperature plunges below zero, the fatter the better. If you get snowed in for a long time and food gets scarce, you could always eat her. Just a thought. Apologies to any fat bird on here.
  7. Get yourself a fat bird to cuddle up to Eggs. That'll keep you warm.
  8. Corbyn really does take twattism to the extreme. A bigger clown than Coco.
  9. I could have said missive rather than blurb. Don't be precious Eggs! You ain't George Bernard Shaw.


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