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  1. David Cropper

    the 'todays job' thread

    Where's the monkey come into it? You living in a zoo Mr Johnson?
  2. David Cropper

    Stump grinding question

    If it was yellow in colour it's probably false acacia, it's horrible if it's not fresh cut. I've had it smoking when the grinder teeth loose their edge. It blunts teeth quickly. Smells a bit of something dead.
  3. David Cropper

    Making the news today....

    Try being married to one.
  4. David Cropper

    Making the news today....

    You're quite obviously a gentleman, Mr Johnson, asking first..
  5. David Cropper

    Longest Day /Shortest night

    Apparently there was an "earthquake" of 5 on the Richter scale this morning here. Lots on FB went on about it, didn't feel anything, but friends 15 kms reported feeling some tremors. Bleeding Brexit!
  6. David Cropper

    Longest Day /Shortest night

    The wife seems to have forgotten her Jockenese geography!
  7. David Cropper

    Longest Day /Shortest night

    Is that Ben Lomond?
  8. David Cropper

    YouTube and social media

    Subscribed. Good luck mate.
  9. David Cropper

    Making the news today....

    It seems to be a one way street. Criticise the left at your peril and you're shown the door. Imagine the stink if Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson were given free rein on mainstream tv, not my cup of tea these days, but I can remember both of them having folk rolling in the isles in the 60s and 70s, myself included. Times change, often for the better. In this case, I actually quite like Jo Brand, not a big fan of female comics effing and jeffing, but I realise it seems not to be a big deal these days. Acid throwing is too sensitive, in my opinion, to joke about in these violent times, there are some very strange people out there who believe what they hear in the media is tantamount to having an excuse to act on it. My brain is hurting now after this. I must lie down before Nursey comes in.
  10. David Cropper

    Making the news today....

    Eggs, if she'd have come out with a racist, homophobic, anti feminist joke, the media and the left would have been over her like a rash.Double standards again. I wonder if Katie Piper found it a rib tickler?
  11. David Cropper

    Electric Vehicles or EVs

    You were lucky you cancelled your trip at the last minute, Stubby.
  12. David Cropper

    Waste of time jobs

    They're called Terrasaur. Pretty good, I used one for small roots in stoney ground. When one side is blunt, all you do is reverse the disc.
  13. David Cropper

    Countryfile, time to knock it on the head.

    Bugger you lot, I like it.
  14. David Cropper

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Certainly seems to be a good bloke. Bring him back.
  15. David Cropper

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    I for one would love to see Jon return. First time I read one of his postings, I was completely lost. After getting used to his style, I enjoyed his views. Seems to not have a nasty bone in his body, something sadly lacking on Arbtalk recently.


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