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  1. Wrong name Mr Johnson. Mr Faisal tried to help and witnessed the attack. The bloke who attacked is called Mohammed Rodwan.
  2. A few surprises in today's work. Half way through this stump, when the client suddenly spotted a baby hedgehog hiding behind the stump up against the wall. Moved him to safety by a woodchip pile, went back to the stump to see mum moving about. Moved her to the baby who was very young, eyes still closed, went back to the stump and uncovered two more. How the Hell the mother managed to dig in is beyond me. Rocks, building stones and flints in the stump and underneath. Photo showing how much I had to dig out with a pick, plus careful grinding.
  3. My old Corporal used to say, "You're a bigger bum than ten arseholes."
  4. Here endeth the lesson. Thank you to the Rt Reverend Stubbs. Excellent sermon as usual.
  5. That's easy for you to say!
  6. Christ! I bet Stalin's Nanny was a handful!
  7. Erudite? I thought that was an adhesive.
  8. Because you are a very wise man.
  9. Das verdammte Englisch und Brexit!
  10. Try living here mate. Great packs of the buggers riding three abreast, especially on a Wednesdays. Christ knows why.
  11. Watch out, the Jocks are getting violent!
  12. More Naval terminology? First sign of you bellowing Avast, scuppers etc that's me done with this.


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