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  1. We had "A" Squadron in Cyprus the same time as B Squadron were in Libya, supposed to be 2 years but after 9 months Gadaffi happened. They returned to Omagh leaving A Squadron in Cyprus until the Regiment got together in Wolfenbuttal, November 71.
  2. No, that was probably the 9th/12th Royal Lancers who, I think had a semi permanent squadron out there.
  3. Just had a visitor on the Welcome mat.
  4. No, I learnt to drive on Saladins and Saracens. Crewed in Mark 1 and 2 Ferrets in Ulster. Bleeding froze to death on night patrols! That's why I became a dog handler!
  5. Yes Bob, you are correct! I joined the Regiment in 1969 through to 86.
  6. Hmmm. I feel the need to offer, yet again my dear boy, my advice.
  7. Nice to see her back on form, Gary.
  8. This is slightly off topic, but as you like horses, I found this on my Regimental FB page. Taken at the Lancashire Show in 1927. And no, contrary to what some on here think, I wasn't there, I ain't that old.
  9. It's a manorhouse built in two stages, Khriss, one section before the Revolution, then the second afterwards. Not a big parcel of ground, maybe 7000 sq mts. Tree surgeon, like a lot of French, will be using a cherry picker, I get the idea that the owner of the house just likes watching a traditional method of extraction. Good for him.
  10. I've just been to a manor house in the next village from me to quote for grinding out 12 large pines. My French mate is the tree surgeon who's doing the felling, met up with him then another chap who will be coming in to remove the wood by horse. I've only ever seen horse logging once in my previous village, looking down at the River Charente from my garden where they were skidding the trunks out. Absolutely mesmerising watching these beautiful creatures working. I'm really looking forward to working on the same ground as this chap. I've attached his business card, easy enough to Google translate, to show his horse. Hopefully I can get some photos in February whilst they work.
  11. Is this some hidden message ? Maybe Beating of meat? Or am I totally off the mark?
  12. I only really offer advice that won't cause injury to the recipients of my wisdom. Maybe trade her in for a Jock bird, they're pretty frugal as to spending habits, but can be violent if cornered or corrected. Also as to the constant babbling, it doesn't really matter, learn to tune out, whatever you do, do not argue back. You will be injured. Also, never, ever go over my head and ask Eggs for relationship advice.
  13. Do you need any of my relationship booklets sending?
  14. Thanks Stubby! I've just spent 20 minutes trying to work out how to not receive them.
  15. Ratty, he's a lost cause. My other booklet I was going to send him is called "Fat birds, their part in my downfall". I like big birds.


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