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  1. Go onto "Army mates, where are they now" on Facebook. Post a thread on there. Good luck.
  2. The first time my wife and I went to Oradour sur Glane near Limoges, its a famous site of an SS tank battalion massacre, there was a photographic exhibition of the camps. I managed 5 minutes and had to leave, too harrowing. My wife had visited Belsen twice when she lived in Germany and took holidaying relatives with her, not my thing I'm afraid. If any of you get to the Limoges area I urge you to pay a visit to Oradour sur Glane. Look it up on Google. Eye opener to say the least.
  3. Gary, he's a horrible sod, has anything that moves. He's killed about 40 odd ragodin on their lake.
  4. He had this ragodin, European coypu, today. Swam out and had it by a reed bed. He's bleeding mustard!
  5. I've taken a shine to him recently, good responses well thought out and debated. This is almost back to the old Andy, not pleasant to witness I'm afraid. Must be on the blob this week.
  6. Chin up Stubby. Won't be long now before you're hobbling around.
  7. He's coming on fine Wayne. Lovely little lad.
  8. My mate was a 30 year man in the RN and told me a tale of one of his shipmates who had a particularly nasty party piece. He'd had one of his nuts bitten off in a fight and had it replaced by a prostestic one. His party piece whilst pissed was to wallop his sac onto a convient bar table and announce that for a pint, he would hit his nuts with the bottom of a pint pot. Of course he didn't explain he only had one real one. Grown men apparently vomited after his performance, hitting the false one and showing no discomfort at all. However, one time he was so pissed, he started the trick, sac on table, hit his nut but unfortunately he hit the real one. He vomited. A true story. Matelots are very peculiar people.
  9. Oh Christ! This thread now will run and run. Possibly a new low has been plumbed, just to keep the Naval theme going. I await Mr Johnson's reply with bated breath.
  10. TV? Isn't that shorthand for Transvestite? That would explain things. Unless I'm confused again.
  11. Don't own a tv? Do you live in a bleeding cave Eggs?


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