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  1. the 'todays job' thread

    Today’s job - not strictly tree surgery but wood related.... Charcoal burn of mixed hardwood species.
  2. Alpine tractor talk

    Hi Jim, I know how great tracked machines are - I have an Irus Deltrak..... But the the Mach4 is a lot of money, especially when you can pick up a used Reform Mounty 80 fully equipped front & rear for about £30K on the aggrifaires website.
  3. Alpine tractor talk

    Have you seen how much a Mach 4 is? Thick end of £70K!
  4. Recovery winch for tree work.

    My Defender 130 is equipped with a Superwinch Husky10, with a plasma rope & competition hook - slow speed but bombproof and never lets me down.
  5. Charcoal bags

    It’s not worth the hassle as most suppliers of bags have the right printers to handle a variety of bag sizes. As a guide, 1000 bags printed mono both sides (6kg) is £540 delivered.
  6. Drying Firewood when RHI payments stop.

    It’s a thought difflock, something to consider.
  7. Alpine tractor talk

    I paid £8500 (+VAT) for my 2008 Antonio Cararro TTR4400 non-cab, 5 yrs ago
  8. Drying Firewood when RHI payments stop.

    Nick at Four Seasons has a workable design, using a container approx 20ft, for under £10k installed & commissioned.
  9. Drying Firewood when RHI payments stop.

    That’s basically what we’re looking at doing. Using a similar design to one currently in use by Four Seasons Fuels. In theory, using the heat that goes up the chimney...
  10. Drying Firewood when RHI payments stop.

    Yes, I’m looking at a design to compliment my Pressvess retort. Make 2 products from one heat source
  11. Drying Firewood when RHI payments stop.

    Other ways to dry firewood without resorting to rhi route, which are still cost effective..
  12. Cord Wood Needed In Grimsby

    Try contacting Treewood Harvesting - they work all over the UK and maybe able to help. Speak to John Fish.
  13. Back pain, work and the gym

    Technically with my knee and pacemaker - I’m the bionic man. Just can’t go near induction hobs, microwaves, arc welders, airport security metal detectors or use petrol hedge cutters
  14. Back pain, work and the gym

    My back problem was made worse by the fact I had rheumatoid arthritis in my right knee, with the joint collapsing. However, I had a partial knee replacement last December & now my back is the best it’s been. With monthly “tune-ups” at the Physio. TENS has to be carefully used in my case as I also have a pacemaker (at 48)
  15. Back pain, work and the gym

    3x yrs ago, I suffered a crushed L1 and a spinal tear at S5, through an unexpected fall into a hidden and open inspection chamber on a site. Hospital treatment consisted of 3x spinal nerve blocks, with the first one causing damage to nerves in my right leg - to the point where I can now, no longer feel my right foot (unerving when driving the defender 130!). Pain meds prescribed included 200mg of Tramadol a day and 1200mg of Gabapentin - I only came off these drugs last November. The best treatment I have had is with a local Physio who has used a combination of TENS, deep tissue massage and acupuncture, the back is looser, pain is liveable and I accept that the arthritis in the back is as managed as it can be.


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