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  1. Afternoon, The “Air Assist” springs were installed by Paul Foley at Foley Land Rovers, if you give them a call I’m sure Paul will be able to help. I’ve very please with the system, as the compressor supplied also has an airline facility which is invaluable all year round. FoleySV: 01279-793500, Paul Foley Email: paul@foleysv.com
  2. Actually making charcoal with a retort is a lot easier and more efficient than using a ring kiln. A burn takes 8 - 10 hrs and a day to cool, but you can be doing other things while a burn is underway..for example I’m processing Apple today.
  3. Alder is worth more as charcoal than it as as a firewood!
  4. I’ve set a Shopify website to promote the British charcoal that I’m now producing, using a Pressvess Single Barrel retort. Along with a a new Instagram account. Have a look and tell me what you all think! www.stagbritishcharcoal.co.uk @stagbritishcharcoal
  5. I used to only sell firewood/WoodFuel in Hertfordshire, now as a result of my accreditation’s, I sell my woodfuel to customers in Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and into London.
  6. I had a RED PTO hydraulic pump from FirstFour fitted to my Defender 130 with a single circuit to the front and back. Perfect for running a log splitter or even a chipper since the flow rate was up to 54litres per min. It’s for sale now as I had a new transfer box and it had to come off for the new one to be fitted. The hydraulic tank and hoses are still on the defender. Make an offer if you’re interested.
  7. Hi Bob, GiB is all about promoting British timber / British woodlands and encouraging woodland owners to bring them into management. As a result, the majority of the timber I source has to come from managed woodlands with approved management plans and felling licences in place.
  8. Hi Dumper, It’s not just about stickers. There is Biomass standard to adhere to, which covers everything thing from where the timber comes from, to how it’s processed, seasoned, packaged, checked for moisture content etc. The GiB Certification for HWF is £120 / yr and the annual audit is £60. There are random audits throughout the year as well to ensure standards are met. You allowed up to 15% timber from tree surgery operations,the rest coming from woodlands with approved management plans and FC felling licences. The HETAS schemes cost a combined £378 per year. This includes the audits, listing in the HETAS handbook of all accredited suppliers/installers, as well as massive regional and national marketing support. I’m proud to be accredited by both HETAS & GiB for my woodfuel and with the Clean Air Initiatives announced in January which will bring in further regulation where WoodFuel producers will need to be accredited, it’s a no brainer.
  9. I’m accredited by HETAS for both the WoodSure & Ready 2 Burn Scheme, for me it’s about demonstrating an audit process to customers, for those that live in London where Ready to Burn standard is seen as the minimum standard with regard to firewood quality. I’m also Grown in Britain Assured for WoodFuel (Firewood, WoodFuel pellets), including being one of a handful of charcoal producers in Britain with the accreditation. For me it works and business has increased because of it, with customers across Essex, Herts, Bucks, Northants, Cambridgeshire & London.
  10. After a conversation with Paul Foley at FoleySV, I fancy turning my Defender 130 into a 6x6.....
  11. I realised that after I’d posted it Justin. Too much caffeine when I stopped at Starbucks at Droitwich to dry out....
  12. Justin Kingswell put on a good display with his range of site clearance machines - including the mighty Morbark whole tree chipper.
  13. The Zulu is pretty unique. If you’ve got $500K you could get FoleySV to build you a 6x6 Defcon (true 6x6), with a 6zpd auto and the stonking LS3 engine from the corvette zr1.... I’m happy with the stage 2 upgrade on the td5 - got just over 195bhp & 430NM which is great for towing and motorway cruising. Scares the hell out of golf gti’s....
  14. Alder makes one of the best British charcoal on the planet! It’s one of my best sellers.


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