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  1. 54gka

    Today's milling

    I would have three or four logs out ready take off the first cut from them all in one go set the mill to 2'' and just keep cutting amazing how much you can mill like this. No tea breaks or lunch hour quick slurp and a bite when sharpening and a saw refuel. It helped keeping most @ 2'' thick so not wasting to much time adjusting the mill as still have the older style Alaskan. Running the 660 with the 36'' low pro setup. Not all days are like it and when it's not i do say to myself why.
  2. 54gka

    Today's milling

    Just pleased that i re fitted the winch kit the night before. Just a quick tickle with the file from time to time. A few choc bars and fizzy drinks works fine for this 52 year old boy.
  3. 54gka

    Today's milling

    Been flat out over the last three days milling Oak up to 16 ft long and 28'' wide max x 2'' t for a client. There are some more boards and some mantles the other side of the stack. All done with the Alaskan. One very very happy customer.
  4. 54gka

    Today's milling

    I have the older model and love it. I would like the 3 phase electric one to use on mine one day. Enjoy.
  5. 54gka

    tree weight

    Yeah that's the one. Used to be free but still worth it.
  6. 54gka

    tree weight

    I use the Norwood app for a rough idea. Free to download.
  7. 54gka

    Chainsaw bars.

    Sorted bloody kids or er in doors to stop me shopping.
  8. 54gka

    Chainsaw bars.

    Am i doing something wrong as trying to order on the panther site and it's got all these funny words i don't understand. Not in English anyone else got this.
  9. 54gka

    Saw milling directory

    I might be in if it works out better than the directory I'm on that seems to have a lot of old adverts and won't let me update it. I like the idea of us passing on each others details say if I'm to busy or the jobs to far etc.
  10. 54gka

    Saw milling directory

    WOW ALL THAT WOOD On site milling in Hampshire Alaskan mill 36'' and 48'' Logosol farmers mill www.facebook.com/wowallthatwood/
  11. 54gka

    Logosol f2

    I've been using the farmers mill f1 for almost a year fab bit of kit. Running ms660 with a 20'' low pro setup. I had a deal on an ex demo one and brought the log steps saw carridge extra log clamp. I also would love a bandsaw mill but don't have the storage space and this system suits my needs for now. Also run three Alaskan mills for the bigger slabs.
  12. 54gka

    Pics of your milled products

    Made a start on some Ash today. To think it was going to be ringed up.
  13. 54gka

    Pics of your milled products

    Nice looking boards. I to have some Olive Ash to mill for some table tops.
  14. 54gka

    Pics of your milled products

    Finished these for a client. Oak dining table and benches made from their own tree i was called in to mill and a Oak memorial bench.
  15. 54gka

    Advice wanted on Poplar species

    Finally got to mill the Black Pop. Did 12 slabs to put straight in the kiln to see how they dry out before milling anymore.


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