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  1. I bought a gh1054, it looks well built, ideal for the small excavator.
  2. A colleague of me has a brian James and I m not convinced of the better build quality. Is the GH better build than the gx?
  3. I'm looking to buy a new trailer to transport my smal 2,6t excavator. Is there a big difference between the GH or gx series from ifor besides the looks?
  4. Are there any land rovers here who use a pto hydraulic pump for a log splitter, small forestry crane,...? Which make/type do you use? What size hydraulic tank do you use? Where is it mounted? I'm located in Belgium and here no one uses hydraulic on pto. Thank you in advance.
  5. I have superwinch talon 12.5 with synthetic rope on a heavy loaded defender 130 (about 3tonne with all arb equipment in it) I often get stuck witch a loaded ifor trailer behind it and my winch has never let me down, it always pulled te whole thing out. The defender is equipped with two deep cycle batteries and I'm able to use the battery on the tipping trailer as an extra powersource when winching.
  6. How does the agt 835 with forestry cab perform in terms of extracting wood with a forest winch or a skidding grapple? Does anyone here use it also with a mulcher or flail mower? Is it possible for taller persons to work with it or is it really small? I'm currently looking for a small tractor for extracting wood from gardens and small forestry work, and in a few uears perhaps use it also for flail mowing small forest tracks. Is it suitable for this work?
  7. Has anyone an idea of the weight of the hm130 trekker xl? Does it come with homologation certificate?
  8. I have an 880 with 36" mill and 42" bar, and it works great, but i was wondering why the new panther mills were only made in 3/8 lowpro
  9. Hello, Has anyone tried yet wich setup will cut faster, 660 with 3/8 low pro or 880 with .404?
  10. The waiting list on the hedge cutters is due to a recall of the hsa, they say it's a safety issues, certain hedge cutters have problems that the 2 hand safety doesn't work always. Mine was recalled in may, went yesterday to the shop to get it back because they still have no new hedge cutters. I never had any issues with it, great bit of Kit!
  11. Hello, I cut a few trunks of American red oak in 3 inch slabs. There is someone who is interested in these slabs, but I have no idea what they are worth. Length is about 9feet, average width 25 inch and thickness 3 inch.
  12. I bought a stihl ms880 last summer and used it to cut some firewood before using it on the alaskan mill. I wanted to mount it on the mill yesterday and wanted to demount the felling teeth (don't know the word in english) when I noticed that the chain catcher is a roller type, mounted on those, is it possible to mount a normal chain catcher?
  13. Wich shocks do you guys prefer on your defenders? Mine's a 130 and original shocks are worn.
  14. Ok, it'll be .404 then, when I get the saw and guide, I'll order the .404 chains at chainsawbars since stihl doesn't sell them anymore on Belgian market. Thanks for the advice
  15. On a stihl 880 wich chain would be best for ripping? 3/8 ripping chain or .404?


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