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  1. Our First Swallows

    Saw loads on the farm today,just returning to the barn they use year after year.We are North Staafs on the Cheshire border.

    <p>Likewise,I am a rural and wildlife crime officer in Staffprdshire.Currently dealing with loads of thefts,mainly Ifor Williams trailers,choppers and chainsaws.Struggling to find where they are going.my work email is <a href="mailto:" rel="">jeremy.moore@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk</a> if you want to chat more secure.</p>



  3. I am looking to buy some Arb arisings / waste.I am in North Staffordshire on the border with Cheshire. I use about 30 tonnes a year as I chop for my father and brother as well. Collection is possible and will pay for it. My usual source has now dried up. Regards Jez
  4. Stolen!!!!!

    Could do with some kind of national register setting up,where you put make/ model in then lists serial numbers of all stolen equipment.would help returning equipment to legitimate owners. Jez
  5. 2014 husky 365- how much is it worth?

    How much are you looking for,I am after a 365 Jez
  6. Makita DCS 5030

    Where is Cheshire are you ? If not too far could collect one. Jez
  7. Firewood free nr Rhyl

    Bob Thanks for the timber,the old man appreciated it Jez
  8. Firewood free nr Rhyl

    My old man is nearby in Abergelle.Whats the address,sure he will pop round for a few trailer loads. Jez
  9. Yard clear Out .

    What quantity have you got and how much.can collect as only a mile or so away.need to restock my log stores ready for next year.can take up to 15 tonne. Jez
  10. Meteor Pot & Piston for Jonsered 2065 ?

    Mister Solutions is now trading from Wrexham as Tree and Grass ltd.web site is treeandgrass.co.uk
  11. Dolmar

    Andrew The modified studs,bar and chains arrived today,far quicker than I thought. Thanks for sorting that out for me.
  12. Dolmar 9010, Users Opinions Wanted

    What is the largest bar a 9010 will run ? Also I am struggling to locate sprocket nose bars for this saw,any one point me in the right direction,std solid 28" bar just about worn out now. Thanks Jez
  13. I am a private user and consume approx 30 tonnes firewood each year ( have to supply to elderly parents as well as my own use) I have a large self build hydraulic splitter set up and I am seeking regular supply of waste to process.not fussy about what type of wood it is.
  14. stolen concrete crusher

    Dan,can you PM me ASAP ref your crusher theft,need to speak to you about a simmilar incident over here in sunny staffordshire. Jez
  15. Bringing a chainsaw back from the usa

    Every time I visit the States I bring a new Stihl saw back.I fly with Virgin Airlines and checked with them prior to purchasing.No problem if the saw is new,ie no fule or oil.I tell the selling agent that I do not want it testing or assembling so no fuel ever put into it.I then remove bar and chain and bring home in checked in luggage,ie in hold of plane.Only problem I have ever had is with regards to warranty work recently,the coil pack on my Ms290 went down.Stihl US warranty is the same as UK,but local dealer said that as saw was not CE marked he could not touch it.After much ranting at him he eventualy agrred to fix it under warranty.


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