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  1. Thats very kind of them, I now have my reference material thankyou.
  2. Does anyone have a copy of BS 8545:2014 from nursery to independance in the Landscape. Recommendations. I could do with borrowing a copy for reference if possible. Bob 01902 892652
  3. It's at the talardy hotel at St Asaph
  4. We are taking down a mature Horse Chestnut if anyone is interested in the timber please let me know, Bob 01902 892652 It's free of charge if you collect from site over the next three days. We are also looking for a chip tip in that area if anyone knows of somewhere.
  5. Chip tip required Swansea for 19th & 20th April 2016 for approx two transit loads please, Bob 01902 892652
  6. Does this mean you have one or you want one?.
  7. We have 6no mature Macrocarpa in Nailsea this week 25th - 29th Jan if anyone is interested, I could deliver them in lengths if that's any help and if you are local. There is approx 20 tonnes' The wood is free of charge if you collect. Bob 01902 892652
  8. Can anyone help please. If you had a clump of self set Sycamores and just say you took the ones away from the perimeter and left the ones in the centre it's quite possible there would be a few spindly branches which had grown out through the canopy searching and reaching for light and these branches would have very little strength to support themselves and sway profoundly even in slightest breeze does anyone have a pic of this scenario. I am trying to explain to a disbeliever that this can happen.
  9. I have some Yew branches around 3"-5" dia, in fact I have quite a bit of Yew and a lad who works for me lives in Bristol. If this is any good to you I am sure he would bring a few lengths back with him at the weekend and perhaps you could collect or meet up. Bob

    <p>Hi Bob</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I phoned the office number in response to the small job that requires pricing in carlisle. </p>

    <p>If you are still needing someone to price work we can carry that out for you.</p>

    <p>We are 15 mins from Carlisle and regularly carry out tree work in the area.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Andy Smith</p>

    <p>AGS Tree Services </p>



  11. I have a small job in Carlisle to price, is there any who would be interested in looking at it and giving me a quotation. Bob 01902 892652 or message me.
  12. We have used a log splitter on our EC25 and it worked fine.
  13. There is approx twice what you see in the pics below
  14. We have approx 40 tonnes of soft wood and most of it will be processer friendly. Bob 01902 892652.
  15. We are taking down a row of 150 Leylandii and the timber is straight lengths approx 30cms dia, the timber would be ideal for for milling if it's any use to someone?. Bob 01902 892652


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