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  1. Anything above chest height or extended arm has its limitations for me too. I don't think you ever get the muscle strength back , but learn to adapt to what you have. I cant throw a ball overhand , and as Stubby commented about light bulbs, I have similar problems. I still get periods of neck pain where everything is pulling tight, it will be 15 years since I had mine repaired.
  2. Hope you recover well,...take care of yourself.
  3. Tbh it was probably the first time in my life I properly listened to consultants, Drs and physios, . The first 8 weeks post op it was strapped in a sling permanently to my chest, it is something I would never want to experience again, hence the listening . Got 90 odd % movement back .
  4. I severed both tendons in one shoulder many years ago. one of the most painful experiences of my life. 8 months post op. no driving,over 12 months post op. before light duties.
  5. You could try Wessex woodlands
  6. £2.50 at stump is more than he would get on the open market. Beech planking currently £55-58/t delivered, that equates to £2-£2.25 hoppus delivered.Ash slightly more. Summer felled Ash isn't every ones favourite.
  7. Robert Tweddle is working sites in the area, may be worth a call.
  8. Milling beech for UK market £57 delivered . ...but there is an export market and if someone has tapped into that £45 standing would be viable. £1 a hoppus .for fell and extract..which would make it roughly £70 roadside . That would leave an attractive margin for the export market.
  9. Failing that you could ask on Forest machine operators blog ,,good chance someone on there may know ? Have you tried Iain Wilson ?
  10. The sawmill at Newick ( Turners) ? had one that was parked up a few years ago,..may be worth a call.
  11. What size tree are they at 200 per day ? On 8 hours cutting that's a tree every 2 min mins, allowing for fuelling etc .
  12. Looks more like an Atlas to me than hiab ,...3006 I reckon.


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