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  1. Yes, I know the bar is upside down for some but it screws with their OCD.
  2. Looking at buying a new saw, 50-55cc and not from the Husky or Stihl stables. Will get moderate use as a smaller ground/bucking/felling saw and I have the choice of Makita (not Dolmar), Echo and Shindaiwa. Have had the Makita 5600 on trial and its actually really nice but am aware it's not a fully commercial saw. Suggestions, real world experiences etc. please and thanks.
  3. Unfortunately, over here in NZ the vehicles fetch silly money. The diesels, by the time you factor in our “road user charges” become almost as expensive as the petrols.
  4. OK guys, I have sold my business and am in the market for either a RR, RRS or LR3, all around the 2005-06 Mark. Don't need to tow anything heavy and it's not a work vehicle, it will definitely be a V8 and it's all about the ride. No kids so 5 or 7 seats, doesn't matter. Thoughts?
  5. Spring in Turangi against the back drop of a leaden sky. This is actually a Willow I worked on a year or two ago. Absolutely chocca with deadwood and rot. So thick you couldn't see through it so we dead wooded it, very minor reduction, weight reduction and general tidy up.
  6. Summer Willow, Loughborough Grand Union Canal.
  7. Well, it's on a Nothifagus. I've been asked by one of my NZ friends for close up shots so I'll pop back maybe Monday and get some more photos. Nice to see the epiphytes colonising the fungi.
  8. Thanks for the advice mate. Think I learnt my lesson from carpal tunnel but always worth a timely reminder.
  9. Well, update; turns out the tear was irreparable so the surgeon carried out a biceps tenodesis instead. The sling is off and the rehab begins. Stiff and sore now I'm trying to stretch it and use it.
  10. We had one do the same. Kept replacing needle bearings but the crank still wore. Came to an agreement with Stihl, they paid parts and we paid labour and it was rebuilt. Now it's doing the same thing again. Good saw and piece of junk in the same sentence. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  11. Problem with eBay is knowing what's good and what isn't. Also, who's reputable and who isn't. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk


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