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  1. One of my lads did it in conjunction with us doing unit 309 (old CS41). I thought it was quite a nice little course, whilst the lad who did it is not a climber, it was good to give him some formal training of the rigging system and how best to assist the climber, other than what is done on the job. The only thing I would say is that during our discussions during our most recent AA recert it was mentioned that the refresher training has to be relevant to what you are refreshing I.e. There is no chainsaw use on this course so does it constitute refreshing the lower CS units? I'll leave that for others to discuss....
  2. Desperate need for a flail near Frome

    Hi Burgess if you don't have any luck getting a flail I've got a 6' rotary on a 90hp valtra. Would happily drive over and do it for yiu pm me if you need help Thanks
  3. Man fined £112k for illegally felling trees

    I think it's about right. I had a chat with a person this week who was looking to make some space for a developer and would have resulted in a similar situation to this and he as these people just could not appreciate the value, importance and benefits of the trees. I think it's good that situations like this are being taken as seriously as they should be. Its good for us as an industry as it highlights the importance of getting proper arboricultural advice and good for the wider public as they will get a better service from an industry that acts in a responsible manner it helps add weight to the increasing argument about the value and importance of trees which can only be a good thing in my opinion
  4. In this instance we were quoting to supply and erect the fence and were just given the specification to supply tree protection fencing to BS 5837, I haven't seen the AMS but would expect to see it if we are awarded the job. Thanks for the reply's everyone, it has been very useful
  5. Thanks Kevin that's very helpful
  6. Thanks Kevin Would they still have to be fixed to the ground to prevent movement, or would a stay and another block be sufficient?
  7. This might be a bit of a straightforward question, but i can't seem to find a definitive answer elsewhere. When erecting tree protection fencing around a tree that is adjacent to a car park, I assume the specifications of the fencing is exactly the same as anywhere else, and the installation would be achieved by breaking out of an area of the tarmac to install the posts? Additionally, how would this change if it the surface was concrete or a hard surface to be retained? I appreciate the ultimate aim is to protect the rooting area, so the surface is already going to be giving some protection, providing that it is preexisting, but surely the fencing is aimed to protect the tree as a whole during works? Thanks in advance
  8. Woodchip near J11 M4

    Hi all, I have a load of woodchip I need to move off a site near J11 of the M4, access for 8 wheeler or tractor, No artics unfortunately, and there is possibly 3 8 wheeler loads to move. Any interest or leads would be appreciated PM or email dominic@ridleaves.co.uk
  9. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    Thanks Steve, Will look into it
  10. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    Steve Had two occurrences where a pop up has come on whilst using Arbtalk on my PC, see photo. I shut everything down and ran a virus scan which came back clear. Don't know if it's relevant to others or just me, Thanks
  11. Excavator driver needed next week

    Thanks that's very helpful Any leads would be appreciated
  12. Hi all, In need of an operator for a couple of days next week. Straightforward job separating some log piles, may be some feeding of chipper and scraping off a track. Must have a ticket, site is near Chertsey, we are travelling up from Salisbury so could jump in with us if you are our way. Either reply to this, pm or call Dom 07733231010 Many thanks
  13. Nissan cabstar or mitsubishi canter

    Simon, That looks smart, can Ii ask who did the body work on it? Many thanks
  14. Ridleaves Ltd is a small and growing Arb Association Approved Contractor, and due to an increasing work load we are looking to hear from individuals to work either in the arboricultural or landscaping sectors We carry out a varied and interesting work load within a company with a good team environment and a value of providing high quality work. We are looking for climber(s) with a minimum requirement of CS39 (or equivalent) We are also looking for landscape operatives to carry out brushcutting works and machine operating (mostly tractor work) Interested individuals should pm or email dominic@ridleaves.co.uk


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