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  1. No, one is much newer but the seem the same overall.
  2. we have both, I havent seen a difference between them
  3. do you hang yours on your harness? Id love to see how others do theres. I have tried a half dozen methods with at least a dozen different models.
  4. Over the years I have gone through a lot of pairs of secateurs, its hard to find pairs that work well, have a good locking mechanism, can carry in your pocket easy, lightweight, can be clipped into a harness and that dont cost to much. I have modified all sorts of pairs but recently found a pair that fit the bill I brought a set of bahco pg12's for 20 bucks and an R clip for another dollar. Bent and cut the R clip a bit and drilled a hole in the handle, inserted the clip and taped it in place. 8 months of use later they have held out well. (and I have killed 100 dollar pairs in months) And they are not hard to find with there colour either should you drop em.
  5. Whatever you do, dont mention brand or model to help with diagnosing the issue
  6. Best story I heard as about a guy who worked for the railway in Louisiana post ww2. He had a buddy who worked in a foundry that made the 16 inch barrels for guns for battleships, who was involved in dismantling it all as the carrier era meant no need for the battleships. The foundry included a bunch of barrels made for ships that were not to be built. They were all destined for scrap. The railroad had a deal with its staff that they could take anything they wanted destined for scrap providing the either paid the scrap value or exchanged it for the same weight in other scrap. And scrap value post war was low, they were moving half build tanks, new artillery pieces, aircraft, everything you can imagine. They were even scrapping the rail wagons because there were to many for foreseeable demand that were meant to end up in the war in europe. So the railroad worker acquired several dozen of these barrels, (each about 20m long) and was able to secure storage for them and he waited. The Korean war came up, and the outdated 16 inch guns were used to great effect against ground tagets, to the point of wearing out barrels so the Navy tender went out for replacement barrels. (and they aint cheap) And his very competitive tender was how he never had to work a day in his life again. So years went by, the remaining barrels stayed in storage, the family had all the money it needed and it seemed there was never going to be a use for the rest of the barrels Vietnam meant the next 2 generations never had to work again.
  7. And on the fourth day, God brought forth zip ties, and Lo! Never did a petzl caritool fall to his good earth to be lost for all time to the arborist who doth get right wankered about it.
  8. There reputation is known in NZ to, I have had 2 guys work for me from the UK that had worked for them
  9. jezz you boring robotic HR hack, here is how your write a want ad (yes it mine BTW) First rule, no wankers You know the deal, you should know your sh**, or at least have a good chunk of it and be prepared to learn. Assuming your a physically and mentally functioning adult (for a tree climber) Be great if you can drive. Best you live relatively near us in xxxxxxx, no point having to work more just to pay to get to work, you kill trees for a living, least we can do is drive a bit less but run over possums when we do. If your the type that sucks the life out of a room, a general screw up, need mothering or thinks other people will do all the work, you should have done better at school because we get sh** done, being a consultant is a different category. Everyone works hard, everyone gets along, we have great clients and we do a wide variety of work from camelias to big ass macs. We slay giants, save specimens, our work can be seen from google earth, and little kids think we are super heroes. We have fun. We have the usual tree toys you know and probably a few you dont. I like good kit. We find joy and coffee in what we do, we watch each others backs and nobody gets hurt, nothing gets broken. Now that bits damn important, nobody gets hurt, nothing gets broken. If you dont fit, you dont stay. Days can be to long with whiners and lifes to short and it can be a hell of a lot shorter for a dumbass in this job. Must love dogs, because only strange strange strange people dont. And you picked climbing trees for a living, your already stranger than your mum would have liked. Me? Im the older semi broken climber/business owner who will be your chainsaw carrying ghost of xmas future if you dont come up with a better plan than climbing until your to broken to climb anymore. But until then, lets do some treework, because it might be a insane career choice but its the freaking best job most days. Blah blah inspirational bs blah blah blah
  10. The GRCS, no more smoking ropes or shock loading, positive rigging made the job, smoother, faster and safer for climbers and ground crew alike.
  11. There is a saw company called stihl Whose first run of new saws can be dismal With warranty denile They will cost you a pile Those build after are much harder to kill
  12. Grab it with 2 winch lines throwlined into the canopy , if its leaning at 12 oclock, winches should be about 7 and 5, give it a little pull to make sure its not rested on the other tree. climb it and bomb it down carefully to where winch lines are set. Set 2 more points lower, get out of tree and change winch to lower points, tighten them again and bomb down to those points. By then you can probably either climb it without the lines or winch and fell it.
  13. In 1966, upon being told that Charles de Gaulle had taken France out of NATO and that all U.S. troops must be evacuated from French soil, President Lyndon Johnson told Secretary of State Dean Rusk: 'Ask him about the cemeteries, Dean!' So, at end of the meeting, Dean asked de Gaulle if his order to remove all U.S. troops from French soil also included the 60,000 plus soldiers buried in France from World War I and World War II. De Gaulle never answered.


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