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  1. Someone called me while my wife was giving birth, It was worth it, I got the job.
  2. Oh god the magnet bullcrap thing. One of my mates would go on about it and i would shut him up by saying "so the military, formula one, the aircraft industry and the entire combustion engine industry in the last 100 years has never thought to stick a few magnets on fuels lines?" Yeah and they just took the world gullible out of the dictionary
  3. Amarok, brought to you by the cheating company that shortcutted making a 4wd work ute transfer box. What could go wrong? (I have had to help recover 2 from situations any other ute would drive out of)
  4. Its got a pretty heavy presence in organized crime and features in everything from ransomware attacks on whole nations infrustructure to the white slave trade and terrorism, I doubt govts are going to let it ride in the long term.
  5. They might have fed it, to make it less interested in hunting them but kinda interested in what else they had
  6. I bottom cut and leave when it will work. But when there is a lot of it, bottom cutting can be hit and miss (while still requiring some herbicide to kill the stump) and require much more in fuel, oil, diesel and time due to revisits. At the end of the day, we could just walk barefoot to jobs and use handsaws, and the client could watch the debris slowly rot in their back yard, but we are paid for results, not good intentions. I dont like using herbicides, but I like failing at certain tasks and wasting time less.
  7. I hate ivy! Not good for use if its on trees but Escort herbicide at 5g for 10L kicks its nasty ass so bad I could nearly feel sorry for it. It takes a month to start to work but I have never seen something kill it so effectively. (and works like a charm on gorse to)
  8. This is not uncommon in many industries People in general can have a lot of insecurity and various issues from previous relationships. I doubt the husbands own behavior has anything to do with it As you should have, you probably came across as bright, eager, energetic and wanting to impress And rightly or wrongly it set off alarms bells with the wife. Your all better out of it, he should have known better
  9. Some big aluminum angle along those gaps and sealant would probably help a lot, even if you do put in a tray
  10. And if you work hard enough, you might get promoted to Hermit
  11. 2l coke bottles full of hot water, lay trousers out on floor and insert them, I think 9 of them, 3 each let and 3 into top got them dry by morning. need a few more for the jacket etc.
  12. I read there were issues with them being used in the humidity of asia, the glues just didnt hold up, not sure if it was insect related
  13. As much as it may not look like it, John Smith, LOVED those birds and took good care of them for as long as he could. He was offered crazy money for them time and time again. But he would not part with them. I would think the condition would be better than it may appear. And he was an orchardist, killing wood boring bugs was in his DNA https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1257362311271625


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