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  1. the 'todays job' thread

    Chainsaw winching some pines down a hillside, love that machine!
  2. Tip Of The Day

    Superglue is great to stop holes and rips getting worse in chainsaw pants, fights the fraying and tearing fast
  3. Tip Of The Day

    Standardize. try to run the same bar chain combos with as many saws, its much easier to keep spares and swap things around on the job should things go wrong. we run 22's on our 361, 44's,460's and 66/661's of which we have about a dozen of, one spare chain in truck covers them all. having a mix of 050 058 and 063 bars and chains is just to painful and mistakes worse. Use file guides if more than one guys sharpening the same saws. No 2 guys sharpen the same, guides mean no guessing and your chains will last longer as your not filing away the other guys method to get it how you like it. And it protects the file from damage in the toobox If mixing fuel on the job, put the oil in last, if you make a mistake and overfill or have a spillage, it wont affect the oil ratio and you can correct it. if you cant remember if you have put oil in fuel, dip paper in it and and another piece of paper in either fuel you know has oil in it or you know doesnt, once the fuel drys from the paper you should be able to tell by comparison if its got oil or not as oil tends to darken the paper A long zip tie of the right thickness can be great for checking your chippers blade clearance Long strong zip ties put on the side of your feed roller control bar and make good backing flags that you can see if your chippers a little hard to see out your side mirrors due to it being narrow, and they wont damage or catch on anything Get the biggest blower you can, it will save so much time in a year over a handheld and do a better job, and most backpacks can fit in a chipper hopper. (or modified to) Be nice to your competition. The Treeworld is a small and tough enough industry without us hurting each other. He might have gear you can rent, you might be able to team up on big jobs, you might be able to share dump sites, staff, storage and best of all, a beer and kind word at the end of a hard week.
  4. Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    We did have alot of Landrovers here, including a heap that the NZ army off loaded. But nobody aside from land rover hobbiests are going to pick them as a work vehicle when they have been so outclassed by the japanese vehicles. They seem to be a UK niche, part of the culture.
  5. Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    If you think Landcruisers are expensive, wait until you start dealing with 4wd trucks. With the manuka honey market booming, the bee keepers have been pushing up the prices of 4wd trucks. First, most of the older ones at LEAST up until 1999 dont have LSD, BUT you can get an LSD diff head for a Isuzu NPS250 for about $2500. Without LSD, they are not very helpful off road. You might find an ex spray or fert truck that has an LSD and the wheels and tires to do the work. Cost of running tends to be higher, between say an npr and nps your adding another 300-400 kgs and the resistance of that extra diff. Otherwise your costs are not much different. But, these trucks are over engineered. Knowing they were going to be abused they were made very tough. I read the nps300's rear ends are made to handle 6600kgs, way more than there legal payload. It boils down to how much you have to spend really
  6. Echo 360 thoughts

    what they said x3
  7. What top handle saw?

    We have been getting stellar work out of our 360T's. We have 3 of them and aside from a set of clutch springs and one av mount (the easiest and cheapest I have ever changed) there have been zero issues
  8. Stump grinders

    Go the carlton, built tougher than a bridge, big wheels that get over chip build up or up steps and are quite stable on rougher ground.
  9. Gobsmacked

    No guesses why the need more staff That suckers probably long dead. bright side, hes not worn out any ropes in his work,
  10. Greasing bearings on chipper and stump grinders.

    Spoke to soon! we had to do a bearing change last month, but 4 years of daily use I would put down to regular consumerable cycle for that kind of part.
  11. Best blower?

    Unless you only have to tidy very small areas of very light material, a backpack blower doesnt cost money, it makes it while increasing safety for staff and increasing the quality of clean up. The time saved on clean up is measured in man hours per week, less raking, less picking up, over a year it works out to days saved. With light material it used to take 6 sweeps with the bg85 blower to clear a 2 lane road, with the backpack it takes 2. Thats alot less time having to dodge traffic. You can clear out from under truck, chipper and nearby parked cars alot better and faster. They fit in the chipper hoppers pretty good. we have an echo and a shindaiwa, both about 80cc's. They operate flawlessly aside from a split fuel line in the last 7 or so years, wish I had got onto them sooner
  12. Hitachi and husky hedge heads the same?

    Awesome! Thanks for the info
  13. Hitachi and husky hedge heads the same?

    Anyone else notice that the head for the hitachi and husky hedge trimmers look remarkably simular? Im guessing the shafts are different but it seems like the heads are very very simular (and mine is shot) Hitachi Husky
  14. Need a heavy duty machine

    Your probably after a cheap but high quality, narrow but stable, powerful but economic, heavy duty but light weight, fast grinding with low run costs and high spec but simple. We will get right onto it, just need my sonic screwdriver and a flux capacitor I had around here somewhere
  15. She love Stump Grinding Direct

    about 50% of the population are women, so if you think this is value adding, you should get them to do the same with a guy in tight pants If that doesnt seem like a good idea, your probably thinking the same way most will think about that video and not want the perv to come look at their job. Great if your trying to be funny or hope everyone your advertising to is Donald Trump, otherwise your alienating potential clients


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