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  1. I don't know how much help it'll be. A quick google has these people listing a cylinder and piston plus many other parts... No idea if they are any good. https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mitox/machine/4116-chainsaw/ UK based...and I suspect you aren't? Bob
  2. Hi, This probably isn't the right section but I couldn't figure if woodworking or firewood was best and so opted for the general. I have a neighbour that builds musical instruments from scratch (as a hobby). He was after some lumps of Spruce or Maple...spruce would be preferred. 75cm long and between 20- 30 cm wide. There isn't a budget as such, exchange for a few beers? Very happy with green as he has the time/energy/skill to store/season etc. Happy to collect within reasonable distance I'm in the Dorking/Horsham area. Thanks Bob
  3. Is this it?? LT15CLASSIC WIDE Sawmill | Wide version of classic construction for bigger log capacity WOODMIZER.CO.UK <p>The widest sawmill in LT15 range. Designed to be an affordable entrance to cutting large logs up to 90 cm...
  4. My vented bags - not the mosquito mesh on two sides type but the perforated vertical strips - have lasted 4 years plus. I use them for Oak mainly. Start the oak off outdoors and cover it for the winter for the first year. In the spring it gets stacked in the drying shed. Another year and I'm close to 20%. Birch was no good. Grew too much fungus and rotted. Beech, Ash and Syc all ok but still needed the drying shed to finish.
  5. I've seen this part number quoted before but can't get any results on any of the parts sites I use. Thanks for the effort though. Cheers Bob
  6. Sorry for the delay. I've used this site and I've never seen those diagrams before. Cheers.
  7. Hi All, My parts list is for a regular carb machine and doesn't have any part numbers for the fuel solenoid. I don't seem to be able to find the part number anywhere. Can anyone help with an M-Tronic parts list or the part number I'm looking for please. Thanks Bob attached is the older parts list I have MS261_parts.pdf
  8. Bob_z_l

    Chain oil

    I bought the ET30 Gator Oil of eBay 25L for £40 delivered in Oct 19... It's still the same price now. Uk Manufactured they say. Put item No. 292157838161 in ebay search.... sorry I can't get the link to work
  9. There are probably better people to answer this...... but I replaced the whole engine in my 023 with a Farmertec pattern part 025 motor to get the uplift in power. I had heat siezed the 023 and ruined the little end bearing at the same time. Not that much of an improvement but for me, it was the cheapest way to save what was going to be a scrapper. And an occasional saw , not relied on to do loads of work.
  10. Every day a learning day...or re-learning. A Very Valid point, However I suspect this is an "over-charging" issue or a damaged cell. The newer intelligent chargers moderate charge rate as the voltage on the cells comes up. A quick google came up with.... http://support.rollsbattery.com/support/solutions/articles/816-hydrogen-off-gas-ventilation ************** Through calculations we can show that 1 AH of over charge will in fact produce 0.42L of hydrogen gas PER BATTERY CELL. Also for every volume of hydrogen a ½ volume of oxygen is produced (H2 O) ************** Nearly .5 litre per cell x 6 is no insignificant volume if not ventilated. The article does indicate gas production is because of overcharging... As the battery cell voltage reaches 2.35 VPC the majority of gassing begins. Probably with these older units a duff cell meant others were receiving more charge. Boom.
  11. Cheers @Rough Hewn So if I were looking at trying to chainsawmill more than my current 36" limit??? I've seen GB 48" Lo Pro narrow Kerf stuff.....is that my only option? Bob
  12. Any news on this???? I see @Jonesie has them as unavailable on the website.....
  13. Hi Rough, Just noticed ... you don't run a remote oiler on the big bar. I was wondering, is it not needed? or is there another reason? You still manage to produce some lovely pieces. Bob
  14. Vehicle Lighting Requirements: In-depth APP.CRONERI.CO.UK In order to reduce traffic accidents and deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents, road vehicles must meet... copied this... End-outline Marker Lamps Motor vehicles first used from 1 April 1991, exceeding 25mph maximum speed, and trailers manufactured from 1 October 1990 must be fitted with at least two white outline marker lamps at the front of the vehicle and two red ones at the rear in matched pairs and the lamps must be lit when the vehicle is used on the road between sunset and sunrise, or during daylight hours when visibility is seriously reduced. The white front lamp and red rear lamp on one side of the vehicle may be combined into a single lamp with a single light source. Exceptions End-outline marker lamps are not required to be fitted to: motor vehicles and trailers not exceeding 2100mm overall width incomplete vehicles and trailers going to a works for completion or to a place for storing or where they will be displayed for sale agricultural vehicles and works trailers (schedule 13). Side Retro Reflectors Side retro reflectors must be fitted to goods vehicles: first used before 1 April 1986 having an overall length exceeding 8m first used from 1 April 1986 having an overall length exceeding 6m, and trailers exceeding 5m in overall length (excluding any drawbar). Exceptions Side reflex reflectors are not required to be fitted on: incomplete vehicles (including trailers) going to a works for completion or to a place for storing or being displayed for sale vehicles having a maximum speed not exceeding 25mph vehicles (including trailers) primarily constructed for moving excavated material and being used under s.44 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 mobile cranes or engineering plant (schedule 17). Each reflector must be amber in colour (or if within 1m of the rear of the vehicle it may be red) and bear an approval mark. No triangular reflectors may be used. Looks like a yes...and yes
  15. It will be done remotely. as said you'll not know (as there is no visible indication) whether they have or haven't done it.


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