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  1. Painting a saw is the easiest way to improve it's sideways balance
  2. Ford Tractor Grey is a pretty good match and Kubota Orange for the rest. This is lifted from a certain American site: the old white: RAL 7035 the old red: RAL 3000 "fire red" orange: RAL 2004 new white: RAL 9010 However lots of reasons for not painting a saw have already been listed.
  3. +1 on the above. He really knows his stuff.
  4. Maico490


    Hi Hill-Billy, From the symptoms you describe I would almost guarantee it is the gauze in the carb. I've had a few like this that start up and run OK then fade out over several minutes although you would expect the problem to be there straight away. I would be wary of using the strimmer until you fix it as running lean could ruin the piston and cylinder. The carb comes off really easily and you only need to take the two covers off and the lever arm and needle. Full instructions here if you aren't too sure: USA Zama : Service Tips While you are in there a new fuel line and tank filter would only be about a tenner.
  5. Maico490


    Hi Hill-Billy The carb you have is fixed jet so there is not a lot you can do. The one adjustment you have is actually an air screw rather than a fuel screw. By being reverse threaded it behaves the same as a conventional one by making the idle mixture weaker when you turn it clockwise and richer anti-clockwise. About all you can do is make sure the screen under the needle is clean but don't go blasting the whole carb with compressed air or you will ruin the check valves. As regards adjusting wind the screw in and the tick over should increase then back it out until you get good response to snapping the throttle open. It is also worth checking that the carb butterfly is actually fully open when you have the throttle fully pressed. If it isn't you lose a lot of power and the choke doesn't operate properly in the start position. Adjusting the cable varies with which cable/hand grip set up you have.
  6. Another vote for Rowena motors he really knows his stuff but best to ring.
  7. Probably transported with the fuel tap turned on.The float bounces up and down with the vibration and slowly lets the fuel into the carb and then on down into the sump. We've had it with several Hondas that have emptied the whole tank into the oil.Before you delve too deep drain it out and refill with oil and then try it.
  8. I have one of those and have found it to be very good and it agrees with the gauge on the compressor.A while back I hadn't used it for several months and as in the picture I had stored the bigger adaptor on the end.Managed to convince myself I had lost the adaptor for "standard" sized plugs and wasted three hours looking for it and searching the internet for a replacement.Bit of a DOH moment when I realised what had happened !!!!!!!!!
  9. Some of the 088/880 carbs have weird settings like only 1/4 turn out on the H. Hopefully they didn't use the airbox sticker to set the carb off the different saw. PS Hats off to anyone who can use an 880 up a tree.
  10. For £28 it would probably consist of a new carb in the States. Rather than upsetting sponsors Google this: authorised dealer zama walbro uk Brilliant bloke who knows carbs inside out and cheap.First thing I would check is the screen in the carb but after that if it is the Zama with only the idle adjust then test the main check valve before spending any more money. You can replace them but not simple: http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/maintenance-help/31033-stihl-fs-400-cant-get-idle.html#post504292
  11. Mister-Solutions Ltd-We are a on line supplier of Spares & Accessories. Good bloke to deal with
  12. A group of us went around the Shell Research Centre years ago and the work that goes into making a quality oil is truely mind boggling. However as the bloke showing us around said a good oil looks just the same as a crap one. He encouraged us to use their oil but admitted that the other main manufacturers made good stuff. His parting word were "Cheap oil is the most expensive thing you will ever buy" I'm using up Motorex fully synthetic from my MX days but it isn't cheap. At work we use the ordinary Stihl stuff and haven't had any problems.
  13. As others have said greasing sprocket tips is at best a waste of time and at worst will wear them out more quickly. However those little guns are absolutely perfect for greasing hard to get at muffler bearings.
  14. A chainsaw tank should pressurise.The vent is only there to let air in. There are two reasons for this: one is to stop fuel leaking out when the saw is used on it's side and the second is to satisfy enviromental rules which rule out venting petrol vapour. As regards value of the saw most spares/repair saws sold on ebay don't have any money left in them by the time they are fixed.
  15. You will have lots of new places to look next time


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