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  1. I have a McCulloch saw that forever loosened on the bar nuts and every time I pulled them up tight enough to stop it slipping and chucking the chain I snapped the studs off. They were 6mm and as soft as you like. Got fed up with that so took out the studs, drilled and tapped to 8mm, fitted hi tensile studs, drilled out other holes to suit and then spent quite a long time filing out the holes on the spur - drills wouldn't touch it. Anyway apart from the fact that it stopped recently when the fuel pipe disintegrated it all works okay and because it's fairly light, has a 20" bar and cuts well I quite like using it. I have bigger and smaller Stihl saws as well but this one has a place.
  2. aquatoo

    Cube substitute

    Just what the industry needs. Innovative thinking!
  3. Access on a single rope with the ZIGZAG From the Petzl site just now. Access on a single rope with the ZIGZAG - Petzl
  4. And whatever happened to Hydrogen cells as a fuel source? As for taxing wood, Hollande has been trying to find ways to excessively tax people with second homes in France, one of which has just been ruled illegal by the EU. Hooray for the EU and hurry up the next French Elections. At least Sarkozy was amusing! Basically the only problem the world has is that there are too many people on it.
  5. Don't have a big shot, I live in England. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk What? Explain please:thumbup:
  6. How high do you reckon to be able to throw a bag, and what sort of height is achievable with a big shot?
  7. Good luck with that. Maritime pines are like a 20-30m stick with loads of residual dead branch stems up the stick and an umbrella at the top with the cones on. Fell it and pick the cones up afterwards. Over the last year I have felled 26 Maritime Pines on my property in France. The soil is sandy and the wind blows really hard so they either lean over after the gale or, if they don't snap off in the wind, they fall over and drag up a huge root mat which is a real pain to get rid of.
  8. When I was at school in the fifties we used to have an adder in an aquarium tank at the back of the classroom. If you put a ruler in it would take no notice but if you put your hand anywhere near it would strike. We were pretty good at moving fast then! There wasn't any HSE to interfere with our fun in those days. Adders were fairly common on Hackney Marshes at that time and pretty easy to catch. We also had a form member who came to school quite often with his pet Python wrapped around his waist under his shirt. Happy days.
  9. Smiles go a long way to making the day more pleasant, for you as well as them.
  10. I listened to a gardening programme some months ago and the expert was asked about odd trees dying in a Leylandii hedge. His advice was that unless you left the width and height both to a minimum of 7 feet Leylandii will die back. Any truth in that?
  11. When Spud's predictions come to reality he can slide down the rope at the back of the tree. The damage to the dumper might be more than the job is worth - that's his real problem
  12. Or use the Stihl tool made for the purpose.
  13. There is a very old adage in business that says " If you get all that you quote for, you are too cheap!"
  14. aquatoo

    Sticky Biner

    Ultra-sonic cleaners with suitable fluid are wonderful. I used to service Scuba regulators that are often encrusted with all sorts of crud. They come out clean as a whistle. Quick blast with an air line and Bob's your uncle.


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