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  1. Perry forestry in Devon - highly recommended or if you want something a little smaller there is CP tree services in Devon
  2. Ford only suggest fitting winches to the rear of a ranger is the front chassis is not strengthened and not man enough for a decent size winch
  3. I currently have an L200 Trojan and although it's comfy , has nice leather seats , air con and goes like stink I can't help but feel cheated , the sterio is a bog standard sterio, the seats at not heated,there is no build in crap nav , and all in all ita just a bog standard L200 with a bigger turbo and leather seats . I have had a look at the new 5series and I certainly will not be bothering
  4. Here is a system used by a housing association that we contract to -http://www.loneworkersolutions.com hope it's of some use
  5. Great advice from Paul , all I would add is that you need to be aware that there are specific endorsements for a MEWP ( City &Guilds - vehicle mounted , self propelled , trailed and vertical personal. I believe that this is the same sort of system with IPAF . Make sure that your training and proof of competence is correct for the machine you intend to use
  6. How often do you replace the AV mounts in the saws/machines ? Gloves are no match for working AV mounts , a company I once worked for tried to substitute decent AV mounts and decent kit with pairs of AV gloves - safe to say it didn't work
  7. Work for what you require financially, surely your capable of working out how long each tree will take then equate the time to days and equate that to your daily rate ? If that is a bit much then I would suggest your out of your depth. Only a fool will work on another mans day rate - you need to do submit a quote based on what it will cost you + x% profit
  8. Have a look in the fuel filter and look for metal swarf , it's usually a good indicator if the pump is the issue , if not then rather than taking it to Nissan I would be inclined to take it to a diesel specialist
  9. It depends on the job requirement but in standard speed-line set up we use righting slings attached to a rigging plate with three way rigging carabiners
  10. Unfortunately 80,000 is more than enough miles to be seeing signs of deterioration within the injection system , what was the service history like from the previous owner ?
  11. Yeah it's all going for chip as the DF was cut previously , we were only brought in to extract the timber and dare I say it " get it sold " .
  12. Personally I don't believe that real life examples are overly useful - having a poorly organised site,poorly trained team , lack of climbing experience, lack of rescue refresher/practice etc . You could have a groundsman with the required proof of training however if he doesn't climb and has a limited/unfamiliar kit then the chances of him managing to change the outcome are most likely to be limited. I personally feel that the industry needs to change it's current stance on the seriousness of rescue requirements - it should not be a " tick box" requirement that is considered and optional . Sadly it seems that the bigger the company the more common it is for climbers to be sent out with teams that lack what ought to be smile and every day skills such as site planning and organisation , dedicated rescue climbers on every site and a mandatory requirement to rehearse rescues every six months and be able to provide proof of all rehearsals.
  13. Haha this is rather true ! We are currently extracting a load of DF from a site that was felled some time ago and for one reason or another I don't see that selling any time soon either - often there is a belief that ones timber is worth more that it is !!
  14. To be fair cornwall is a funny county like that , this timber is right down in the west , unless you have a local market for the timber your on to a looser as the haulage kills it , biomass is not widely used down here yet with very very few reputable avenues to sell to
  15. I have a 170 ton clear fell to do and all that is holding it up is finding a market for it , the majority \ 75%is processor size and the rest being decent saw log. It seems the firewood guys in cornwall are not at all keen on the stuff


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