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  1. Looking for a good climber (quality work) to join our team on a self employed basis (2-ish days per week). Good rates of pay with tight knit and well looked after team. Location Ipswich/ Woodbridge in Suffolk. Please email [email protected] for more info. Happy New Year to all.
  2. What engine did you go for with the Navara? A lot of farmers around here (Suffolk) have them so they must be up for some decent work...
  3. Looking for a chip site around the a12/m25 junction or Romford area. Can anyone advise? Willing to pay if necessary? It's for next week. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone find an official page saying that VAT on firewood to end user can be charged at 5%? My accountant doesn't know!
  5. Farmi WP36 seems like an awesome bit of kit but is there anything around that does a similar job for a little less? Say between 8-10k?
  6. Great response for a Friday night, thanks all. Will look at the WP36. If anybody knows one I can purchase for cash please do let me know. Email address is: [email protected]
  7. Hi all, Have a large pile of logs at the yard now and firewood is fairly busy in the winter months. This however is very labour intensive with our small splitter. From experience only can somebody recommend a processor that is reliable and good quality. I want a portable/ towable one as it can then be hired out. Diameter of wood is anything from 5" to large rounds. No PTO as I don't own a tractor. Advice or tips all welcome. Thanks,
  8. Hi, I have a position available at SPC Trees and Landscapes for a climber on either a 3 or 5 day week. Location is just North of Ipswich in Clopton, Suffolk. Needs to be a good climber capable of running a chipper, tipper and groundsman. Ideally will be over 25 due to insurance but if you fit the bill I will consider anyway. Good rates of pay available, please send all interest to [email protected] Thanks,
  9. I've got a special, its immense, loads of power, cuts like a dream. Favourite saw. Get it.
  10. Yes, if you could that would be grand...
  11. Hi, I have a large job coming up near the postcode CO8 5EW. Does anybody know of any places close by I can drop the woodchip. Its leylandii so not too nice but im willing to pay if necessary. My email is [email protected] Please drop me a line. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Dan, will drop Charles a line tomorrow.
  13. Hi all, The rollers on my Jensen are running fine one second and then they jump and go slowly. The no stress then kicks in on really small stuff that normally it doesnt. Has anybody experienced this? Thinking the fault must be electrical as the engine is working well... Your views are appreciated.
  14. All, I have a position for a groundsman open. Would be 3-4 days per week and increasing. Good pay rates. Majority of work conducted around Ipswich and Woodbridge. Need to have your basic chainsaw tickets, experience is not essential, teaching can be given. Please send a cv to [email protected] Thanks.
  15. Had a subcontractor climber let me down on a large job in Felixstowe Suffolk so looking for somebody to come and complete the job. Reasonable rates paid, 4-5 weeks work remaining. Must have experience of heavy rigging and MEWP's, alongside this. rigging kit and climbing kit. Send me an email as soon as possible to [email protected]


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