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  1. Just a point on stacking. I found by making a front and back wall and filling the middle loosely, that over time as the wood dried it pushed the walls out. I now stack in rows.
  2. avio

    Copper spots

    Chopping some up today for next year. Will be put under cover then. Nothing to worry about then I assume?
  3. avio

    Copper spots

    Anyone any idea what this is on my firewood?
  4. Picked up some free firewood the other day but not sure what type it is. Over to the more experienced professionals. Thanks
  5. Had the same problem with a lawn mower. The insulation was breaking down on the coil when hot so very weak spark. Changed the coil and starts first time now hot or cold.
  6. Windows 10 with classic shell every time.
  7. Single doors show off the flames better as well.
  8. Got a similar size stone wall cottage with spiral staicase and an 8KW Woodwarm Enigma. It's very rare that the fire is on full heat and most of the time is on low. I do light the fire every day in winter usually late afternoon but find the 32" solid walls act as a storage heater to some degree.
  9. Had exactly the same on a lawnmower. Cleaned carb, changed plug and filter but still the same. Replaced the ignition coil and it now starts and runs as new. Think the insulation was breaking down with the heat.
  10. Just noticed another come up with 0 feedback but different location; Husqvarna 550 XP Professional Chainsaw 20" Bar Authorized Dealer New In Box! | eBay
  11. If it's too good to be true. Anyone risking it. Husqvarna 562 XP Pro Forestry Chainsaw 24" Bar Authorized Dealer New In Box! | eBay
  12. avio

    Our website

    Seems quite impressive and professional.
  13. Engine oil normally from ASDA when it's on offer.
  14. avio

    Horse chestnut

    I've found it very light once seasoned, so burns fast with not too much heat. Apart from that if it's free I'll burn it.


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